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  1. It's a fair point but I'd argue we swapped keepers because BPF kept letting daft goals in and making mistakes.... and Burnley offered good money relatively speaking. He was a poor shot stopper....but that's a few years ago now I accept.
  2. When bielsa arrived, Leeds had what we all considered mid table championship players. From match day 1 he had the players who previously usually booted the ball up the pitch... Playing this mad confident out from the back swagger... Even with 4 or more pressing them in our own box. It's about making the players confident in havingthe ball imo. Key to it also is piling players forward to capitalise when you do break through the high press.
  3. Bamford scored more goals and works harder for the team. He's hardly somebody plucked from the lower divisions. GS obvioulsy wants a look and will go from there. But like Phillips, gets written off coz he's Leeds and got promoted from the championship. Look back at the Phillips comments when the euros squad was announced. Kane I am sure will be our main striker at the WC. other spots are up for grabs and GS will take whoever he thinks whatever plans he has
  4. He was quality in the last year of promotion too....prior to that he missed far too many but he has worked extremely hard and his all round game is very good It will be interesting to see if he operates for England like he does for Leeds..... Ie go run your arse off for the team. If he does, he will surprise a few I think and you will see he is nothing like kane. Depends what GS wants thim and the team to play tbh. If the others are all in front of him and we are using stats, a la Harrison.... Bamford scored more than the list above..... I'll bet my boots he covers more ground working for the team from the from the front too. England shoulda taken another CF to the euros, be it Bamford, Watkins or whoever.
  5. Just to add, didn't rashfird and Sterling play as a striker at times last season?
  6. Fair enough re Harrison, it was a sky presenter that said it. Bamford isn't like kane... He IS a different option and was the 2nd highest English scorer and works like a dog for the team, defends from the front too. We limited oursves in what we took to the euros.
  7. Of course and I agree. We did brilliantly to get to the finals and lose on pens. WC will be even tougher imo Work rate helps but of course we need more. Forgetting work rate for a minute, Bamford was 2nd highest English Goalscorer and also assisted more than DCL etc.
  8. I think we are light on strikers. Bamford deserves a call up I'd say based on stats abive(and then his huge work rate for team). Is Bamford best or even close to best striker in prem? Course not. I'd say similar with Harrison, as I say, more goals/assists than any other English wide man last season. Keep that up(who knows maybe he won't) and surely not unreasonable to suggest he might not be far off? Phillips and Bamford are the key for Leeds. those 2 out for long and we will struggle I reckon.
  9. He played over there for a while. He's becoming a very good player. Works like a machine. Think I read last season he had more assists and goals combined than any other English winger...... Thats on top of the defensive work he does(lad never stops running). Instead we took rashord to the euros...,
  10. He was 2nd highest English goal scorer last season. More assists than those below him and even his critics can't deny he absolutely runs and runs for the team, defending from the front. Why a step too far? Kane is best finisher we have..but you don't rely on just one.
  11. Bamford looking sharp as. He shoulda gone to the euros.... Offers goals and assists and works the defence for the good of the team so well. 3 years ago I woulda laughed at the prospect but he deserves it now. His running opens up so much room for others to exploit. Jack Harrison can't be far off a call up imo too. I'm prepared to say those that were satin Phillips shouldn't have gone the euros and changed thier opinion will do the same re Bamford if he gets a fair crack. He was the 2nd highest scoring English forward last season... More assists too than likes of that villa striker absolutely dies for the team
  12. The ball just seems to fly past him. Not taking the ******** at all, just never seemed up to it. Do a few good thing then ball goes past him when it shouldn't. Was poor for us.... But when he was with us they were all poor. Burnley first 2 keepers were injured when we played em near end of this last season... No surprise we stuck 3 past them and him. Be amazed if he's better than anything you already have.
  13. It's all about context. Sorry to sound like I'm taking the ******** but if you had bielsa and he had sent you up to the prem playing fearless footy... With 20 players all like Phillips who run and run for the cause and their team mates... You would be loving it.... modern football or not. You need to drive Chansiri out, start anew and get on a roll again.
  14. Tom Lees was a bit different imo. We wanted him gone because it was clear it want working for him at Leeds anymore(we were a mess). He needed a new start. BPF was just a poor keeper.
  15. He want unlucky at Leeds, we were glad to see him go. Far too many mistakes.
  16. I'm not whinging... Whatever is best to try win whoever they play for. Changing the midfield now..... Christ.
  17. Some proper no clue about football fans in here isn't there. Henderson given the ball away more in his short spells than either rice/Phillips... But he's experienced. Get him in. Do people have a clue about modern football? Some certainly don't seems to.
  18. Leeds United finally conplete Jack Harrison signing for a steal of 11million from man City after 3 years on loan. Proper player. 8 goals and 8 assists last season and endless tracking back /pressing.
  19. To say they were both on a yellow... Thought they did exceptionally well to say how they play.
  20. Agree 100%. Slight concern is Rice n Phillips have a yellow against them. Can they both play the game they do knowing another yellow means they are out of the semi. Really wish Phillips hadn't got that yellow.
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