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  1. Prem has been very odd. Its obviously strange as I am not sat in the stands...one of the best things about getting back there is seeing the best players in the flesh again....we arnt seeing that, just watching on telly. For me, Leeds are actually playing better football than the opposition in every game atm. Couple of points- 1- Penalties decide so many games....its mad. 2- VAR...what the fizz. It does absolutely nothing for football fans. 3- Something I had never considered before, in the championship you play Sat/Sun then Tues/weds most
  2. You are right 100%. Nothing ever was going to go well at Leeds until the ownership was sorted and in good hands. He employed Orta and Angus Kinnear to work closely with him and advise. Little tid bit but San Francisco 49ers area minor investor at Leeds. They came to a board meeting and advised Leeds to buy the very best coach money could buy and that was available to them. Bielsa is a legend, he has forever changed LUFC and its fanbase (ask any of Bielsas previous clubs, the fans would say the same, it sounds daft but is true. We have been absolutely taken to footb
  3. Id say our 'war' was a little more substantial, it went on over several years and I am honestly amazed fans just down the road have not read anything at all about some of the ridiculous 'goings on' related to it. It really was fans v owner.
  4. Honestly, not wishing to get into any kind of argument but you have no idea what happened over a prolonged period of time regards our fan base and our dodgy owners. It was indeed very ugly, people want to be talking about the great football they just watched, not being in a war with an owner. Whatever you say we were at war with Bates and he was at war with Leeds fans(or 'the Morons' as he literally called us in the programme notes on various occasions). The small snippets I posted above were a fraction of the ongoing varying protests and counter action by the terrib
  5. Agreed completely I noted they are very different but I just wanted to clarify we didn't just stand by with bates/cellino in charge. Chansiri wants to do well but for me he is very Bates esque in terms of my way or the highway. His was has you staring at league 1 and virtually nothing going right off the field eutger(ticket prices, scouting, recruitment, fan relations). I genuinely said about 2-3 years, ago you need him out if he will imo lead you down a very dangerous path. He is very different to Bates/celllino/GFH but he imo us very dangerous for SWFC
  6. Ridsdale, Bates, cellino and GFH were all very different to Chansiri. Leeds fan's mobilised against Bates and cellino. Thousands marched from town center to the ground (a march I was on) and many many other protests and actions designed to bleed them out or make them feel unwelcome. There is only so much you can do but I am quite surprised you think we stood for Bates as you put it Our supporters club was in a war with Bates, one which had Bates using PIs to try get the leaders of the supporters club locked up. He would stop at nothing. Ken hatedus, we
  7. It's a good question and it's hard to answer as somebody who used to go home and away pre c19 We as a club are playing football I couldn't dream of pre radrazzini and Bielsa so it is brilliant to watch... We are 6 games in and have had most possession in every game including city and Liverpool.... Brilliant...dreamlandcompared to the last 16 years. The football looks just a better standard....fans like us had almost forgot how exciting good football can be to watch. Cheating is a problem but so far it's not spoiling anything as we are playing too well to
  8. Leeds didn't clear anything with admin, it was a crooked, forced admin by bates who profited from the situation and as per his plan, landed the club with even more problems. You might be right re being better for SW though.
  9. Nobody is jealous of your owner. Most fans are amazed you are not standing up to him and driving him out. An owner is not the club. Golden Thai elephants at the entrance? Ffs it's Yorkshire... Get them in the bloody Don and stand up for your club.
  10. Yup, we didnt have a good side full stop, Wood aside having season of his life. We would just sit back if we scored from a rare chance...it was always inevitable we would concede. We wouldnt push for a second or try play to woods strength by getting players forward to help him score, just score a rare goal...sit back and lump it forward. Did Wood have a good season? Yes Must we have played to his strengths for him to have a good season? No. If we had avoided sitting back (with a poo defence and midfield) every time we had scored...he would have scored even more.
  11. What? My actual words were ' It was predictable and without a good defence and midfield setup' (I have already pointed this out once before for you for you again to state 'I said we had a good defence and midfield') I made it easier for you by increasing the text of the key word there and underlining for you. Do you undertsand saying 'without a good defence or midfield it meant the oppositions equaliser was predictable' is NOT saying we had a good defence and midfield? I can do the same for the part where I said we didnt play to Woods strengths
  12. Ok I am wrong. Monk is a quality manager and its your players who are too clueless to work complex formations. There do I fit the narrative now?
  13. The rest is just nonsense based on you ignoring what I said in the first place. Do you discuss football often?
  14. I agree it wouldnt be Bielsa...but somebody with knowhow. Your players are professional and play ever day, to suggest they cant learn other systems is a crazy notion. The man telling them how to play is at fault in that regard. Honestly, look at our history. Fell apart again? Look at our finishes prior to it? We didnt do a mythical Leeds 'falling apart again', we were in a false position ever getting close to the POs, dreadful football. Derby fall apart every season and nobody tags them with it Even Wednesdays had more close runs with promotion than Leeds back under Carlos
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