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  1. Sorry of this has already been mentioned but there's a lot of posts "skim" through already. Doest this just smack as a hostile takeover of a business to anyone else? Top clubs using the current economic climate & their wealth to effectively buy the premier League at a hugely discounted rate of £250m The cash to be made available for something this proposterous should easily be in the billions. Just my humble opinion.
  2. Out of interest, what category of employment would a footballer fall under? Ferlough was for employees There was government assistance for self employed/freelance, which was capped at 80% up to £50k in the first phase. If there was to be government support should it be in the same guise? 80% of £50k with employer left to pay the rest, if footballers are paying themselves as employees of their own business, it would make for some interesting financial adjustments to their lifestyles All just a thought.
  3. Further lockdown measures may help us, I've spoken to a few players (not ours) they've all said how much more they prefer playing without the crowds, as they can play a system and implement tactics without pressure to score with 1st kick of the ball. Obviously a raucous crowd will be amazing when you score with the 1st kick and you're winning games.
  4. Must depend on the manager, Pochettino did this at Southampton, all the players sat in a box with their WAG's. From the Megson days I used to get a seat in a box though my old man's company (not him paying, were not loaded), non selected 1st teamers were all milling about the place in their trackies.
  5. Aside from Coventry, all finished above us and more importantly, I assume a bit more organised behind the scenes. This is, at the end of the day, still a job for these people, and an easier life may be preferred.
  6. Obviously one for the stattos not the "realists", personally, I like looking at things like this, stats always require a number of assumptions, but shows we can create the chances, just can't hit a barn door. Which many will also say is obvious.
  7. Anyone else wondering if EFL are waiting for us to "hopefully" get more than 9 points clear without danger of falling into relegation so they can give us a 9pts deduction to put this whole thing to bed without really impacting our season and them saving face? Only problem they've had the past 3 weeks is we haven't been able to buy a win. Step taken in the right direction today though. That's my conspiracy theory anyway.
  8. With Bruce's comments pre Leeds about him being versatile and happy to play anywhere, I think he'll be on the retain list. We've got many great players who spend too much time in the medical room, these are the ones i feel will be shown the door, even if just to free up wages.
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