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  1. Nuhiu

    So he can claim to have a 1 in 2 goal ratio.
  2. Does the product match the guide, that may be misleading people, I’ve always been M or L and the sizes quoted sizes seem ok. A reason son for the larger sizes been off may be cultural, having worked designing sportswear in the UK, it’s common practice to “vanity size” larger product, in other words, you will sell more XXXXL’s if they’re marked XXL.
  3. Did Loovens push him over?

    *blurry image…but. If we're assuming there was contact, this is the point Loovens arms move toward Vydra and Vydras body shape changes (contact begins). So again, assuming there was contact, then Loovens clearly wasn't trying to win the ball fairly and he was the last man, so a red card is no doubt, however, clearly not a penalty.
  4. Shows how few people on here actually play footy
  5. On Wednesday I was sat with a brum mate about half way (free ticket) and in the second half I was getting increasingly frustrated watching Lees and Van Aken casually jog 20yards with the ball to make a 10yard pass to Bannan, when he was in so much space the ball could have been pinged to his feet straight away. im not an advocate of Hollywood passes or long ball tactics, but I have always been schooled that the passed ball will travel faster than a ball carried by a player, there are still issues with movement but when a player is in space, just pass the ****ing ball! Second half Buttwrfield was going nuts several times as Lees was not releasing the ball to him (he also got a few cheeky elbows into Gardner, looks like a possible happy medium between Hutch & Jones)
  6. No I'm Colin Murray and so is my wife (sorry if already done)

    He had it done a month ago last Wednesday
  8. The OP has a point (in some sense or other) this is is a more complicated area than just handing a Portuguese document to a footballer and saying "re-write in English". That said, there are plenty of service providers for this and my guess would be Fulham paid for their documents to be expedited, where we saw the bill, DC shouted "Ah-Muuuuuuch" (in his best Yorkshire accent) and we then ticked the standard delivery box, where we'd undoubtedly popped to the shops only to return to a "sorry we missed you card" then had to draw straws to determine who was off to the collection depo with DC's driving licence to pick it up. Could be be wrong tho
  9. iFollow

    The one next to the "listen icon"? sorted, app needed updating.
  10. iFollow

    Nope just listen, can't watch from uk as far as I understand.
  11. iFollow

    Anyone else get this?
  12. iFollow

    How many types of subscription are available?
  13. iFollow

    Apparently I don't???
  14. iFollow

    So cup games are not available on ifollownif you live in the UK or is my ifollow ballsed up?