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  1. Don't post often here and wanted to write an essay on the over reaction, of some, to Fessi not starting. Then I remembered how some love being overly negative after a loss, so thought I'd just say how much more I'm enjoying this season compared to the previous 15 years. In no small part thanks to DC, CC and the squad as a whole. Disappointed in the loss, but we can't win every game!
  2. That one on the right, looks like Big Dave a bit?
  3. Crowd issues aside, and a much improved performance as a team since I last watched us play against Bolton, what did you think about the ref? Personally, I believe he appeared to be off the pace from the game. The few instances that he was right on top of incidents he seemingly misinterpreted what was happening in front of him. It is very frustrating at this level of football to see, consistently, under performing match officials. The handball, the scissor kick and Diouf's falling over completely passed without retribution. But bizarrely the most frustrating thing for me was seeing a Leeds player holding up an imaginary card at the ref and not being spoken too. Last time I saw this happen Rhys McCabe got a yellow! Maybe it's time the higher tiers of football employed full time officials? One thing, hopefully, that would be solved is the lack of consistency that endures from week to week?
  4. I say let other teams think we play a particular style, will be their undoing at the end of the day!
  5. Channel 908 for Virgin Media customers.
  6. It's very rare to win 'luckily' by two clear goals. Fortunate is the word, and most MASSIVE teams are often fortunate to gain results. :)
  7. I reckon if we get another in the second half and they don't get any at all, we stand a good chance of winng too!
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