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  1. Just now, Ethel The Tree said:


    Another of our Summer '12 arrivals

    For all his qualities, his time with us was ultimately wrecked by injury

    His second season was a write off - him needing a major achilles op in September - which led to his retirement from the game in 2014


    It's was okay though, Stuart Gray had a ready-made replacement lined up ...

    Dejan Kelhar


    A case of "Crock Family Trees"?

  2. My first Wednesday idol... skill to burn, he really did take the p*ss in that league... a right "lad" off the pitch too if stories are to be believed.

    That goal he scored at Piggy Lane was something else - in the corner, next to flag, going nowhere with defenders all over him, he turned, took a couple of strides out and let rip into the top far corner... don't think I'd ever been so excited before as I was seeing that.

    How we'd love a player like him now... legend!

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