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  1. He is clearly uninterested. His body language speaks volumes
  2. He just walked away as everyone else celebrated. Must be an indication of his allegiance to the club, I feel he let himself down and all the supporters who are desperate for him to do well...only Jordan can answer this.
  3. Did anyone else notice that Hooper had some sort of support on his foot today?
  4. Going old school tomorrow and taking some toilet rolls for when the team comes out. To throw onto the pitch,before any wise cracks.
  5. Happy birthday Gary, all the best. You will return
  6. I thought we played in Blue and White? Question overheard in Directors Box at Rotherhan today.
  7. MOM with a mighty display - he can tackle and pass, let's hope he keeps it going for the rest of the season and beyond.
  8. John Kirkby was a ref in the 90's mad Wednedsayite
  9. Simple Yes or No if you think we should keep them. Do they add to the atmosphere or detract from it?
  10. Was on the north today and I love all Wednesday fans but hardly heard anything from the west certainly not the vocal from the utube upload. Is it down to perspective I.e from where you are inthe ground ? I'm sure all the fans on the west stand thought they were loud and magnificent throughout the game but it just did not come over as that to the rest of us .... Thoughts ... Did you hear them?...
  11. Batth blocked his view and should have been tighter but it was a big mistake by our goalkeeper. He will learn from this and if he does not then he will be replaced, such is all football.
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