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  1. Westwood hutchinson lees loovens Buckley bannan jones abdi reach hooper fletcher 3-5-2 simples
  2. Westwood hutchinson lees loovens Buckley bannan jones abdi reach hooper fletcher 3-5-2 simples
  3. He appears to be undropable and is never subbed. That should never be the case. What did Jones do wrong tonight? Tidy and kept the ball! I must say I'm a big kieren Lee fan but lately he has been massively under par and now we are in a posistion we don't have to rely on 1 player, players like abdi waiting on the bench, and the fact we push bannan or abdi out wide.
  4. Lee was poor tonight and was Saturday, for all the running he does he is our most least effective, and the penalty was his fault in the first place not mr hutchinsons
  5. He wants £2 million for a manager who has just relegated his team!, i would want double for jones! times have changed where we take a sofa change for anything with a bit of value so pi55 off Dave!
  6. Since when did harry grant go to Gillingham?? All the fuss over Howard and i must have missed it
  7. Anyone interested in buying signed shirts, just listed 2 in the selling section if anyone is interested
  8. With him due to return to man city on the 19th, that's if he goes back?? Could Daniel Jones fill in there? Not the best in defence but would offer alot of protection for reds and has pace to burn!! I honestly think that could be his ideal posistion?
  9. Problem with Gary is, he has a hell of a lot of potential but he loves the lifestyle to much and thinks he's untouchable but yet keeps getting arrested! Needs to knuckle down and get his head straight before getting any where near the number 9 we fans crave! And Dave jones knows this too. I'd except o'grady,sidibe and Rodri all gone by February, hopefully been replaced by 2 proven out and out championship goal scorers, 1 of which madine cand learn from
  10. What next?? Big on confidence at the moment coming from a top of the league side, worth giving him a run in our midfield now he's returning? Get him to sign a contract first is a priority! If he doesn't, let him rot in development football?? Thoughts??
  11. Would take pat McCourt and Andy driver!! Rest are g@sh
  12. Bo11ocks to the scoreboard, I want a 20 goal striker and full back and a winger!! Lets get priorities straight first!!!
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