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  1. I have nothkng of the sort. It was on... then it was off. Then it came back ok just before they bloody scored
  2. They ******** and moan about streaming, yet Ifollow isn't working for me AGAIN
  3. Should have said Anyone got a stream for us tight flippers that don't have sky?
  4. Or is it that we are both two decent sides at this level that cancelled each other out for large parts of the game? We can't hammer everyone 4-0 every week you know
  5. Also. What exactly were the United players claiming for at 8:13??
  6. Stumbled across this AGAIN just now How many bloody headers did we score that season?! And big Mig had a want of a left foot, as seen in the assist around the 10 minute mark God I loved that season
  7. You should know better than researching things and using actual facts on here mate
  8. My opinion, for what it's worth. We've started ok. Hard league, and results can always be iffy at the start of the season. Somebody earlier said we'd been deservedly beat by the 2 established championship sides we've faced, yet we were the better side at millwall and lost, and played poorly against Luton and won. I agree if he's going to be given the job it needs to be clarified soon so he can do what he wants with the players. I just think we have an honest, decent bloke in charge who loves the club, and wouldn't it be great if he was given the opportunity
  9. I love football, but I hate how football has become. Shame on the rich elite getting richer while everyone else suffers. How can so few have so much while so many are expected to live off scraps?? Shame on the efl for their clearly incompetent fit and proper persons tests, therefore letting these charlatans run the club into the ground. Shame on the efl for their ridiculous profit and sustainability and FFP rules. Clearly not having losses of up to however many bloody millions has helped Bury hasn't it? Yet Sunderland are playing in the same division with ch
  10. Be a tight game today. First game of season and all that. Reading 0-17 The Wednesday. Nuhiu with all 20
  11. Trevor is the guy that sorted out my young lad leading us out against Charlton the other year when he was poorly. Top bloke
  12. Amazing what can happen when you attack teams!!! And Adam Reach needs to be this good consistantly!
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