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  1. noddyowl

    Wednesday -V- Swansea OMDT

    Yesssssss! Gerrintheeeyur!!
  2. Sorry to hear that buddy
  3. noddyowl

    Tonight's matchday programme

    Trevor is the guy that sorted out my young lad leading us out against Charlton the other year when he was poorly. Top bloke
  4. Amazing what can happen when you attack teams!!! And Adam Reach needs to be this good consistantly!
  5. I know. Let's have a foooking whinge ffs
  6. Ermaguuuuurrrrrdddd!!!! Rerrrrrrcccchhhhh!!!
  7. noddyowl

    Who do we sell?

    Really? Rhodes, Forestieri and Bannan? Bannan was great today. Forestieri good first half. Rhodes hasn't even had a sniff, yet has the pedigree behind him. Plenty should go before those three!
  8. noddyowl

    Bye Bye Carlos

    Stop the clock, we've got a kn*bhead
  9. noddyowl

    Risk of postponement?

    Light drizzle in S64. Not raining in the pub, however
  10. noddyowl


    Bloody hell!!! Not posted on here for a while. Did not expect this. Not that you ever do, I suppose. RIP Wolfmanjack. Thoughts are with your friends and loved one's
  11. noddyowl

    Carlos Out

    Erm... whooooosh...
  12. 1: Still in the playoffs 2: FF looks like FF again 3: Hooper is fit S'all good
  13. noddyowl

    Carlos Out

    Yet your reasoning in an earlier post is that we've been overtaken by teams that have spent less than us... What's good for the goose...