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  1. George Hirst

    Is it? Two yellow cards for nothing challenges and you are off. You are thinking of a bygone era mate.
  2. Somebody make this song work, please

    That is amazing. Not many stewards or SAG to ruin the fun.
  3. Barry Bannan

    Can't believe my first post has gone viral. Not got time now but I'll respond to everyone eventually, cheers
  4. Barry Bannan

    Didn't see the reg but it looked like that yes. Our lass is not convinced by the colour but Ive not made my mind up yet. Skoda do the Fabia in a similar shade I recall.
  5. Barry Bannan

    He seemed serious and didn't wave that enthusiastically is how I could tell
  6. Barry Bannan

    Sunday I mean.
  7. Barry Bannan

    Was driving in slow traffic past Tony Butterworths at about 9.45 this morning when a Porsche Cayenne in a matt grey colour caught my eye. I said to our lass "do you like the colour of that car?" Then I noticed it was Barry Bannan driving, my 4 year old daughter was thrilled as we sing his song quite often. We waved and he waved a bit but seemed quite focused on Saturday.
  8. Drink up Wednesday

    That's Pinot de Grigio you're thinking of fella
  9. Drink up Wednesday

    Nice bottle of red wine in the fridge for later, cheers