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  1. I really liked Andy Pearce when I was young, I’ve no idea if he was any good or not though. Seem to remember he used take free kicks sometimes?
  2. Ok, ok....

    Those with young kids would miss them too much and become demoralised...maybe depressed
  3. Exactly, what is the point of even existing if you don’t try to progress in the only competition you have a chance in. Modern football is a joke.
  4. The FA could do two simple things to help football. 1 safe standing as opposed to unsafe standing we have now. 2 stop the nonsense of having semi finals at Wembley, we have loads of great stadiums of all different capacities to accommodate the sizes of the clubs. Why this is obvious to me but not the decision makers is a mystery.
  5. For me 87 quarter final v Coventry city, 48000 with 17000 away fans in the leppings lane end

    People will jeer Swansea’s football but not Carlos directly
  7. George Boyd out and about.

    Any true fan will want a front view of this.
  8. Fitness

    Exactly, because it’s totally unnatural for most people. Putting vanity before your career is a bit ridiculous.
  9. Jones

    Thought he played well too
  10. Big Adthe

    I was thinking that, I expect Atdhe would’ve been yellow carded minimum for disappearing into the crowd
  11. Bovver??

  12. Bovver??

    Not been in a fight since school so I had no idea what to do when faced with 30 elite bbc fighters. Anyway I ended up standing off dodging a few attacks then picked off a couple of their top boys with measured body shots. Mates texted me this morning and says one of them was Tommy Cowans himself.
  13. Or Johnny Sheffield (Boy in Tarzan)