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  1. No conspiracy theories? - Chansiri and DM fallen out......
  2. Beating Southend in last game of the season which meant we would not be in division 4!
  3. Maybe they are sticking to the gambling industry catchphrase "when the fun stops, stop"
  4. Maybe they have all "done a Pulis" and phoned in sick cos they cannot have the new toys they wanted
  5. But to throw another light on it, how would you feel if your kids were abused for something you had done/said?
  6. Maybe bringing Sam Ellis back was all part of the plan........
  7. Straight swap deal for managers-another first by the innovative DC
  8. So we invented social distancing? SWFC simply decades ahead........
  9. is there any film footage of Dooley playing anywhere?
  10. Greg Fee What a sh*te player (BTW hope the picture is him-it was the only one i could find). One of my favourite shouts I heard was on the Kop, Wednesday defending a corner when someone shouted "Are you going to mark him you fat conker or just stand somewhere near him?"
  11. Relying on a Stato to help my fading memory-firts gamr was 1969 v Wolves-I know we lost 3-2 and Dougan and Eustace were sent off but cannot recall who scored-any help or links to a good source of data?
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