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  1. I bet if we have 68 shots on target rather than 68% possession in each match, we would win a hell of a lot of games
  2. Coopswfc76 keep clapping and negging anyone who dares to question the club or king Carlos. looks like your outnumbered mate
  3. Don't forget to sign up to get £5 off code, just ordered 12 bottles for £17.60
  4. It's pathetic how bad we are at corners and free kicks, but also we have no one with the desire to get their head on the the ball these days. reda Johnson would have Took the risk of having his head kicked off to get on the end of a corner or free kick
  5. Your talking testicles mate, it was a pathetic performance today, no matter who we were playing. But yes it makes it worse been Utd.
  6. Better keep him on the bench for the rest of the season then, I would hate him to get injured
  7. I wish the ref would get wiped more often, I thought it was great to see the little ponce hobble off
  8. Just thinking if I hate anyone enough to buy them one for christmas
  9. New away kit confirmed as Black with yellow trim http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/new-away-kit-out-885141.aspx Can not wait to see it
  10. Time for him to go as far as I am concern, awful season. Fresh ideas needed for next season what ever division we are in
  11. I have only taken into account league games, if you add cup games then the the average is 21,769. Ileft cup games out as they distort the figures as 2001 -2002 was a lc s
  12. Home League games since we fell out of the prem 2011-2012 Tramere 24,254 2007-2008 Preston 20,690 2006-2007 Hull 28600 2005-2006 Crewe 25,650 2001-2002 Grimsby 17,004 Average attendance 23,239 I agree with both arguments good attendance in respect of others in the league, but I can not help but feel disapointed that all the good feelings surrounding Wednesday seems to have been lost and would have been expecting around 28,000 for this game at the start of the season.
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