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  1. Blame Harkes

    Hector report

    I thought Hector was outstanding today and as others have said, really took a bit of a load off of Lees. It was a bit hard to tell watching on TV, but he looked like he was playing slightly more advanced in the 2nd half, and boy can he make a pass. I was very impressed.
  2. Thirded from Spurs fans I know. I’d guess he plays behind Fletch with Bazza and Hutch/Joey as the holding 2, but it sounds like we’ll have some flexibility either way.
  3. Blame Harkes

    FF Was dropped from the team

    None of us know what Jos asked of Fessi, so it's hard to judge his performance. I see a lot of people talking about how mush effort he was putting in, but if it's in the wrong places, then he's not helping. There was a lot of space behind him against Brentford- they had a lot of attacks down that side and Thorniley was on an island. Could be that Jos told him to let it go, but I doubt it. Regardless, I'm glad Jos is following through on his expectations and team standards- I liked Carlos, but his whole Laissez-faire attitude towards the players was his (and our) downfall.
  4. We will finish: 13 Who wins league: Some team I don’t like Relegated teams: Rovrum, QPR, Reading Top goal scorer: Joao Will Jos be in charge?: Yes Stand out player?:. Bazza Notable crazy moment of the season: Joao hat trick against L**ds by exploiting their high line. Also Pelupessy with a 35 yard strike reminiscent of Harkes at Derby. I think Fessi is moved in January, other wise he would be top scorer and player.
  5. Nice breakdown Snooty. The word on Jos has been that everywhere he's coached he uses a 4-2-3-1 and spreads it out. How does that one look? One of Hutch/Pelupessy with Bazza in front of the back 4? I could see that working nicely, but I don't know what the front looks like. Reach and Fessi for sure...if Lee is alive, maybe Reach between those two. Who up top? Perhaps this is a thread for the offseason. Edit: Here's a look at how he set up when Augsburg was promoted. I guess you could argue that's a 4-4-2...
  6. Blame Harkes

    Team (3-5-2) if fully fit Squad

    Also, this is probably a better discussion for the offseason, but Luhukay has always played with a 4-2-3-1 everywhere he has been. I'd be stunned if we don't look for that next season (as much as I like a 3-5-2 and its flexibility.)
  7. Blame Harkes

    Team (3-5-2) if fully fit Squad

    Were you there? I ask because I watched it on iFollow and it was tough to see. It looked like one of Hunt or Pudil was always advanced in attack. a 4-4-2 in defense and a 3-5-2 going forward (with Pelupessy back if both FB were up. But it was tough to see on TV.
  8. There was an attempt to get up to the PL in the first two years of FFP cycle and it almost worked. Sucks for us, but it didn't- it was a gamble that didn't pay off. We'll be fine in the long run, but we're now going to have a couple of years where we need to re-calibrate the squad. I see that as different than being poorly run, especially given the alternatives. What would you have had them do?
  9. Blame Harkes

    Ross Wallace

    I lept to my feet.
  10. Blame Harkes


    I'm livid.
  11. As my name says...it's his fault I'm in this lot the likes of this crew.
  12. @Bark1062- glad you got that right in the end. Ivana Trump: Ivanka Trump: I wasn't judging, but hey, to each their own..
  13. Blame Harkes

    This is exactly what we needed

    You know what would be a one-off out of the blue occurrence? Not finishing top six under Carvahal.
  14. Blame Harkes

    First half tactics

    The same midfield that took 7 of 9 points last week? i can see an argument that he could have done something different against the pigs and their midfield, but starting jones, lee, and Bannan has been working just fine.