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  1. If you take a look at Brightons finances it's enough to get you into the champions league theoretically , Tony Bloom since he took charge has ploughed £267 million pounds in to the club , if you look at it like that it seems almost Chelskiesk but look deeper and solely at their transfer dealings in realty he has spent roughly £25 million on players recouping around £15 million of that selling the odd player along the way , Ulloa for £8 million as a example replacing him with a £1 million striker Baldock who in today's market would be a 4-5 million pound player , Hughton also picked up Beram Kayal for £350 k and some ridiculous bargain free transfers , the purchase of Knockeart for 2.5 million turned out to be the icing on their cake and currently their club record spend is 4 million for shane Duffy who did not feature in the last 3 months of the season through injury but they had adequate cover all over the pitch with a fraction of the cost , i think the seasons total was just over 7 million in bringing in players on contracts with some very astute loan deals , one of the most important things a club like Wednesday must have is a quality scouting team that actually travel further than sunny spain to find the gem bargains , it's becoming harder and harder to compete with teams coming down with huge parachute payments but Brighton have done it and with foresight from their chairman have the infrastructure to become a established premier league club , obviously they will have to acclimatise to the workings of premier league transfers but if i could recommend one person to sign from Brightons set up it would be Paul Winstanley their recruitment head , stick with Carlos if he wants to stay but he must have the right tools to get the job done and yet again some of the tools he has are not the sharpest in the box .
  2. If you don't get angry and frustrated when your team loses then it's time to take up lawn boules or saturday afternoon scrabble matches , if my team play like absolute donkeys and yet still manage win i'm over the moon and care little of how unlucky the other team were in losing , every fan of every different club feels exactly the same about their team , it's easy to forget the against the run of play wins , the should of won defeats seem to stick in the mind longer , i actually thought it was a great game to watch with a cup tie sort of atmosphere.
  3. Can't think of any championship team that he wouldn't walk straight in to , and on current form plenty of top flight clubs must be sniffing , he won't leave Brighton this season for any club after the way they supported him after the death of his father , no matter what you may think of the man he really is a very fine player , a lot of very good defenders have been left in his wake this season so to brand Pudil as useless is slightly unfair , every now and then you come up against somebody better than yourself , that's just how it is .
  4. With March now fully fit and Knockaert on the other wing it will be a very long night for the Wednesday defenders . 2-0 Murray-Baldock .
  5. The pass Dunk played through to baldock for the goal was just outrageous , very good all round player suprised he signed a new 5 year deal a couple of weeks ago , a top flight CB with a passing range any midfield playmaker would be happy with .
  6. If Kayal and Stephens had played there would be a winner either way , Sidwell,and Norwood playing = 0-0
  7. Kayal came through a fitness test yesterday morning and a decision will be made on him tomorrow, he travelled with the squad so may yet play , Stephens is a big loss but Norwood looks up to speed now so will probably get the nod if any Kayal doubts , no point in risking him before a 2 week break , 0-0 and another £100 notes down the kazoo.
  8. Got away with a police caution , and aged 6 years overnight , good luck getting a assault charge against the stewards on that video evidence
  9. Only seen him the once didnt play in the other 2 games i saw , looks ok at holding the ball up for the midfield but looked a little isolated the way we set up , would benefit from a 4-4-2 formation but managers seem very reluctant to use that formation these days early days but if leicester were prepared to pay a crazy £10 million to us for Ulloa i would put a £1.5 million price tag on O'Grady in relative terms from what ive seen of him at Barnsley and here .
  10. It could be interesting pre kick off with 5 thousand new season ticket holders trying to bunk in due to the club not sending them out as yet , as for the game , heart says 1-1 , head says we are not quite a unit yet 1-2
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