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  1. Ilikebeevers

    Away kit 2018/19

    Lovely shirt. Hopefully be available before I go on holiday #doubtit
  2. Ilikebeevers

    Joao’s contract

    Bannan and Joao
  3. Ilikebeevers


    Does anybody know which players are out of contract at the end of the season?
  4. Ilikebeevers

    Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Blades at home
  5. One hundred percent agree with this but will he have enough time in this window to assess the players and set up transfers out?
  6. Ilikebeevers


    I agree but when it's the team you support and are passionate about, decisions can go with heart instead head.
  7. Ilikebeevers

    New manager - who will it be?

    Brian laws....
  8. Ilikebeevers

    Next Manager - It’s now so obvious

  9. Ilikebeevers

    Next Manager - It’s now so obvious

    I think we need Megson in on a short term contract to weed out the dead wood that are taking a big wage each week but are either regularly underperforming or more significantly for me after today's game (as well as many others) not playing with any heart or testicles. The season is a failure already. Let's have damage limitation and get the squad in a position that a new manager can work with. Emerson will be straight to the point and clear the half hearted players out
  10. Ilikebeevers

    Will it be the usaual suspects?

    I'm not saying he would be my choice but wonder if Pulis is an option?
  11. Really like that shirt!
  12. Ilikebeevers


    I can't make it today does anybody know of a stream please?
  13. Ilikebeevers

    SWFC Team For Barnsley

    Not sure on hutch's fitness but I'd like to see him at CH westwood hunt lees hutch pudil wallace lee bannan reach hooper fketcher
  14. Ilikebeevers

    Positives from today

    Yes definitely- naive by Carlos- feels like no homework done on blades