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  1. 'Fox actually played ok in my opinion. we lacked any creativity for 80mins. Couldn’t get our wingers on the ball and Westwood was just having to hopelessly hoof it up front lacked ideas throughout. But we could see that midweek and nothing improved. odabajo imo has looked out of his depth in 3 of the last 4 games. Palmer and fox as full backs for me
  2. Does anybody know If the red button works in spain for these games?
  3. I dont know much about espanyol.is this their first team or have they rested a few?
  4. I have lived in Blackpool for almost 40 years. My grandad lived in Sheffield at the time I started supporting Wednesday, but the reasons I started supporting them was because: 1. I didn’t want to support Liverpool or man united like everyone else 2. The great Sir Chris Waddle like most on here, we will never forget that team of the early/mid 90’s. It still fills me with excitement when I see clips on the internet or recaps of premier league season highlights on sky the great thing is, even though my close friends don’t support them, when football is on tv in the pub for the past 20 years each one of them says WAWAW. As Good or as awful as we have been, you can’t help fall in love with the owls!
  5. Bannan but was pleased to see fletcher reach and Matias pressing high up the pitch
  6. Also in spain. If anyone has an idiot's guide of how to get the game, please share
  7. Will purchase on return from holiday. What are sizes like?
  8. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have an idea when the away shirt will be available?
  9. Lovely shirt. Hopefully be available before I go on holiday #doubtit
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