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  1. To clarify. Takeover talks most certainly, the name told to me no.
  2. Further enquiries and I am 99% sure that this is not a true rumour.
  3. Mister Chansiri in takeover talks with a gentleman by the name of Della Valle I today am told.
  4. Mr Chansiri has turned down 2 good offers for the club previously. I maybe think another offer is soon to be made.
  5. My husband is not in a happy frame just now Simon.
  6. How do one know what advice is good or bad until much later ?
  7. Helicopter is his new passion Simon.
  8. Every one makes mistakes sometimes, remember the Mr Sheard saga ?
  9. We are over here on business, my husband is in meetings as we type.
  10. If you refer to Doyen then it is not so.
  11. Mr Chansiri is a good man but has been badly advised. He is trying desperately to rectify the situation. Changes will be soon apparent.
  12. Many of it is unsubstantiated so be very careful. The Arif connection are very powerful.
  13. Thai people are very loyal and also proud. Mr Chansiri may be difficult to business with.
  14. People need to read up on P&S or desist in posting misinformation. Money my friends talks. Aston Villa investment ratified in a matter of very quick time, how was this so ?
  15. There are many good things. People will always moan in this country.
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