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  1. Things are not good but light is at the end of the tunnel . Keep positive my fellow Owls. As Salamu Alaikum.
  2. To clarify. Takeover talks most certainly, the name told to me no.
  3. Further enquiries and I am 99% sure that this is not a true rumour.
  4. Mister Chansiri in takeover talks with a gentleman by the name of Della Valle I today am told.
  5. Mr Chansiri has turned down 2 good offers for the club previously. I maybe think another offer is soon to be made.
  6. My husband is not in a happy frame just now Simon.
  7. How do one know what advice is good or bad until much later ?
  8. Helicopter is his new passion Simon.
  9. Every one makes mistakes sometimes, remember the Mr Sheard saga ?
  10. We are over here on business, my husband is in meetings as we type.
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