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  1. Reminds me of the sort of runs Hirsty used to go on if only he could be half as good
  2. How about the under 18 squad at least they try
  3. I went up in my car usually one of my sons went with me but for some reason neither could go that day. As I had 2 tickets I took my mate with me a blades supporter , longest drive home ever
  4. RIP Ron The great Wednesday English International of my time watching the owls
  5. Thanks Milan for putting us back on the right path back to the premiership, without your guidance where would we be ?
  6. Hi Jimbob Sorry to hear about your dad I knew him for over 50 years as I was one of his brother Steve best friends. I agree with the minutes applause/silence at the 1st home match of each season to remember the owls fans who passed away in the previous year as most of us can relate to someone. ww
  7. My Grandson was the owls mascot for that abandoned Coventry game . The only time my wife has ever been to a match. The weather then was much worse than tonight
  8. Service station in France on way there & in ground before game
  9. I remember going from work , one of our directors with the special handshake brigade knew I was a keen Wednesday supporter got me a ticket to be there. The queen must have been proud to in the Wednesday family she must have thought WAWAW
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