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  1. I think DC has already said he does not like the colour red. Especially red shirts.
  2. Gutted i cant make it but money is too tight at the moment. Not missed a big game like this since i have been supporting them, over 35 years.
  3. Someone i know is flying back from Thailand for a few days approx 6000 miles each way. He did the same for the play off final and was on calendar IIRC.
  4. Distance and money for me, now if i could cadge a lift with DC then i would be there.
  5. Does his son still attend the matches. I never seem to him anymore and i thought he was the reason his Dad bought the club. Hope hasnt got bored of us already.
  6. Is the Reading owner not involved with TUF as well ?
  7. He used to knock a few bums of seats that were sitting in row Z
  8. I was there too at Plough Lane Is it still the lowest attendance for a top flight game ? Nice record to go with our low numbers against Arsenal in the FA Cup replay
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