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  1. Mathematically safe now

    Hopefully he'll use these last few games as a bit of a jump start on pre-season and decide who he likes while there's no pressure on. Thank God that this abomination of a season is all but finished.
  2. Pressman features here. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2010/aug/06/joy-of-six-great-penalties
  3. 36. First match 1989. Pressman Nilsson Worthington Walker Pearson Waddle Palmer Sheridan Carbone Hirst Di Canio Subs Westwood Anderson Harkes Whittingham Warhurst Bright I would imagine that most people my age would all have at least eight of that starting eleven.
  4. I'm a devout atheist, my wife and I came very close to divorce over whether or not our children should be christened, I work in an operating theatre so I know without question that science, not Jesus, will save you. Yet this is the greatest Wednesday-related picture I've ever seen.
  5. I'm aware that Nuhiu gets pelters on here and he's probably our most divisive player since Mark Pembridge, but opposition managers seem terrified of him and Jos clearly fancies him. I'd rather have him in the side than Rhodes or Fletcher. I know it sounds ridiculous but certain strikers aren't necessarily in the side to score goals these days. Shinsuke Okazaki played thirty five games up front for the league champions two years ago and scored three times.
  6. I'm from Hull and the atmosphere around the football club is worse than it's been since the mid-nineties. Pretty much everyone I know is talking about boycotting next season and I think there's a genuine possibility they'll go into administration. Jared Bowen is their only player worth any money and the owners will be pocketing the parachute payments. They've had it.
  7. Either or both of the latter two can go as far as I'm concerned. It's a shame for Rhodes but sometimes things just don't work out.
  8. Remember when he was on the cover of FHM? A Wednesday player on the front cover of a best-selling national magazine. Can't imagine that happening again. Although Hutch is one handsome dude.
  9. West Brom: In a total mess, Evans, Rondon and any other decent players will be snapped up and they'll finish mid-table. Palace: Without Zaha who will 100% certainly leave if they go down they are crap, won't go back up. Southampton: They have loads of good players, none of whom will stick around but they are relatively well-run and have a good academy so they will be playoffs at least. Stoke: Nailed on to go straight back up, don't want them to be relegated. West Ham: I'd love them to be relegated as they're an awful club with appalling fans. Have hated them ever since a saw them at Hillsborough in 94 (1-0, Petrescu) and some of them had snuck into the South, sat behind me and my dad. I was 13 and it was the first time I'd really been aware of racism. The filth they were shouting at Chris Bart-Williams, who'll have been about twenty at the time, I have never forgotten. Could possibly do a Sunderland. Let's hope. Huddersfield: Will be playoffs at least if they go down unless the manager leaves, tough to beat. I think they'll stay up. Newcastle: Benitez won't stick around if they go down but regardless they'll be there or thereabouts next term if they do. Don't think they'll go down. Brighton: Hughton would probably stay and they don't really have any stars who would get snapped up. They'd be contenders for auto but they probably won't get relegated. Swansea: Well, that would be amusing...
  10. Hypothetically...

    I thought it was an error getting rid of Semedo for the same reason.
  11. Lost any brownie points he had when he laughed off missing the pen against Wolves.
  12. Saw the title of this thread and I thought Jos was the OP.
  13. three worst teams

    None of them are worse than us right now, we just have more points on the board than they do.
  14. Someone get hold of Nolan he could probably get a game.