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  1. manicowl

    Jos or Irvine

    This is an interesting point. The next appointment after Jos is very likely a "no win job". How anyone can turn this shipwreck round is beyond me.
  2. manicowl

    Our club is dying

    Best post on here for donkey's years.
  3. Exactly. Bearing in mind that England have picked, in the same position as Carlton: Jamie O'Hara, Tom Cleverly, Nigel Reo-Coker, Lee Bowyer, Kieran Richardson... It's because he played for an unfashionable club and was a bit odd-looking. If I'm naming a best Wednesday eleven of my life time he's number 4 every single time.
  4. The problem for Carlton in the public eye was that he was associated with Graham Taylor's England debacle. Same happened to Tony Daley, Keith Curle etc. Players can be absolutely brilliant at club level but a few bad games for England and they get rubbished. Gareth Barry for example. Absolutely superb club player. Crap for England.
  5. "Life is just one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead." Homer Simpson
  6. Pembridge. Nothing like him on the pitch but he sure split the fanbase.
  7. manicowl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    For me it was Prutton's volley against Rochdale from the opening game of the Mind The Gap season. It was as if we'd finally got the bad times over with and we were on the way back.
  8. manicowl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    I remember listening to that game on Hallam FM and when it went in there was such a row you couldn't actually tell what had happened. I think the commentator eventually decided it was O'Neill Donaldson that had scored. We didn't get beaten very often that season. Solid, if unspectacular side.
  9. manicowl

    Gary Hooper injury update

    Think it's unfair to include Ryan Mason here. He was in a freak accident and nearly died. You can't really put that down to injury.
  10. manicowl

    20 players

    1. Pressman 2. Nilsson 3. Worthington 4. Palmer 5. Pearson 6. Walker 7. Sheridan 8. Waddle 9. Hirst 10. Di Canio 11. Carbone 12. Bright 13. Brunt 14. Bullen 15. Harkes 16. K Lee 17. Whelan 18. Whittingham 19. Forestieri 20. V Anderson
  11. They don't have experience of working under this manager.
  12. They're not going to win the league. They'll be knackered by Christmas if they carry on playing at such a high tempo.
  13. manicowl


    Make him captain. He's always shouting. That's what a captain should do.
  14. manicowl

    Leeds fan in peace

    Great. Super.