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  1. My missus and I recently celebrated our 12th anniversary. She's a Forest fan, I'm a Wednesday fan. I can't imagine a more wretched household football-wise to be honest. The night we met she noticed my Wednesday shirt slung in the corner of my bedroom. She said "I remember that time in '95 when we beat your lot 7-1," and laughed. I said "So do I, I was there." She said "So was I!" and proceeded to name all the goal scorers. I knew she was a keeper from that moment. Congrats Hootie.
  2. A lot of comments saying there were quality keepers ahead of him in the England pecking order. Ian Walker was in the squad around this time, an awful keeper who was Venables's Golden boy at Tottenham. Pressman was third behind Seaman and Flowers at that point in my opinion. Behind only probably Steve Bruce and Paul Davis as the best uncapped English player.
  3. Is that not what white males have been getting for hundreds of years?
  4. This is a great point. Forty degree heat, artificial air... Why is this being allowed to happen?
  5. I loved 96/97 too. The first four games, the arrival of Carbone, the "Atherton Game" at Anfield, Mark Pembridge looking like an actual top-flight footballer, the excellent Tango away kit, only one home defeat all season... I'm off to look for my Oasis at Knebworth bootleg and pretend I'm fifteen again.
  6. It's a cliche to say that the game's gone but... The game's gone. I will carry on listening to Quickly Kevin and Nessun Dorma and watching YouTube videos of Liverpool from the late eighties when I'm full of wine on a Friday night. My team are about to be relegated due to horrific management by an idiotic businessman who wanted to buy a football team for a hobby. The "Big Six" are owned by Americans, Israelis and Arabs who do not give a poo that there's a nine year old kid from Ancoats or Moss Side who will never see Man Utd play live because his dad can't afford to take him. The enormous goodwill towards the game after years of apathy that Southgate generated during the last World Cup has been wasted. I really hope Kane, Henderson, Maguire etc are booting their chairman's doors down saying they want no part of this. I'm going to watch Liverpool vs Newcastle from 96 and pretend none of this is happening. testicles to football.
  7. Did we ever find out who "the mole" was? Was it Gordon Watson?
  8. I hated him as a player. He always scored against us. Then I saw that video of him meeting his old teacher and watched him develop as a pundit and came to love him. I heard him on desert island discs a bit back. It was a genuinely emotional episode. The man had a dog's life until he turned pro.
  9. Barry Davies' commentary to this match still gives me chills. "Chris Waddle, is he gonna have a crack? OH HE DOES AND HE SCORES!" "Bright! And in the end it was the easiest goal you could've wished for!" "And the man coming on is the man Manchester United wanted, and who England wanted, and Sheffield Wednesday want. David Hirst." Loved Davies.
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