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  1. Definitely Ryan Jones. He was a rare player in that he had a great eye for a pass and always looked like he had time on the ball but at the same time he was huge and had no problem barrelling his way through the midfield too. Weighed in with a good few goals as well. We lost so many good players to injury back in the early/mid nineties.
  2. My old fella is a scout and he ended up in a box with Bruce while he was at Hull a bit back. Said his knowledge of the game is unbelievable. He was firing off names of under-18s from Prem sides next to non-league players who have potential. If he's allowed to sign players on his own terms we're in good hands.
  3. manicowl

    The Magic of the FA Cup

    Remember the 3-3 against Derby in 93? Warhurst at the peak of his four-month relevance. Great goal from Gabbiadini. Carlton playing centre-half. One of the great Wednesday away strips. Terrible pitch. John Motson commentating on Sportsnight. THAT was the magic of the cup.
  4. manicowl

    Chairman’s statement

    Is this a long-winded way of saying we're selling Adam Reach?
  5. manicowl

    Hull pubs for saturday

    Yep. 36 years here and I can agree with you completely.
  6. manicowl

    Hull pubs for saturday

    Go in Green Dragon in the square. Real nice.
  7. manicowl

    Hull pubs for saturday

    Hull-based Owl here. Right, all the pubs near the ground are either poo or ban away fans. The best places to drink are out on the marina, Green Bricks or Minerva are the best, but it's a good two mile walk from the KC. Princes Ave is good for a bit of grub and an expensive European lager, and the old town is fantastic but again, a decent walk away. Ye Old White Hart in old town is a great pub, as is Lion and Key, but avoid new town. Rough as a paddy's ar5e.
  8. Loved how they snuck Hannon in there.
  9. manicowl

    deer Mr Chanseri

    I think this thread is lovely. Lovely.
  10. manicowl

    Name the Ex-Wednesday player

    He was a solid player, good left foot, but he always had a stigma attached to him. There was an incident against Man City towards the end of the 95-96 season where we were on the verge of going down and he was through on goal with Hirst square and instead of passing for a certain goal he tried to wrong foot the keeper and we ended up getting beat. He never really got the fans back onside after that despite being arguably the player of the season the following year.
  11. manicowl

    Name the Ex-Wednesday player

    Greatest thing I've ever heard anyone say at Hillsborough. In the North in about 96: BLOKE 1 "What's wrong with Pembridge today?" BLOKE 2 "Apart from being short, ginger and Welsh?"
  12. manicowl

    Roy Keane

    Get Keane in as manager, Di Canio as his assistant and see if we can pick up Balotelli to play up front. Then let a TV crew film a documentary while we're at it. We'd finish ten points off safety but at least it would be entertaining.
  13. manicowl

    Jos or Irvine

    This is an interesting point. The next appointment after Jos is very likely a "no win job". How anyone can turn this shipwreck round is beyond me.
  14. manicowl

    Our club is dying

    Best post on here for donkey's years.
  15. Exactly. Bearing in mind that England have picked, in the same position as Carlton: Jamie O'Hara, Tom Cleverly, Nigel Reo-Coker, Lee Bowyer, Kieran Richardson... It's because he played for an unfashionable club and was a bit odd-looking. If I'm naming a best Wednesday eleven of my life time he's number 4 every single time.