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  1. Barry Davies' commentary to this match still gives me chills. "Chris Waddle, is he gonna have a crack? OH HE DOES AND HE SCORES!" "Bright! And in the end it was the easiest goal you could've wished for!" "And the man coming on is the man Manchester United wanted, and who England wanted, and Sheffield Wednesday want. David Hirst." Loved Davies.
  2. Waddle vs West Ham is the obvious one but I'm going for Peter Atherton against Liverpool at Anfield in late 96. He did not give McManaman a kick. They even analysed his performance on MOTD.
  3. He would if the right back we'd all choose wasn't one of the top five players we've ever had.
  4. And Andy Pearce, never forget Andy Pearce. There's a brilliant bit in the 93/94 season review, during the 5-0 against West Ham were the game is nearly over and we're just casually knocking about to "oles" from the crowd; every player in the team gets a touch then it gets back to Pearce and under absolutely no pressure he just shovels it about forty foot into the air.
  5. Up late watching old footage on YouTube because I'm fed up with tonight's misery. This team beat Liverpool at Anfield. In many ways it shows how erratic the Premier League was back then, but it was so much more fun.
  6. Jaysus. Just watched it. He's done. He looked like he was going to start crying. Looked like a supply teacher who can't control the kids.
  7. The two year plan thing is exactly correct. He thought by throwing enough money at it it would be easy. The signings of Rhodes and Abdi are probably the two most disastrous transfers in the club's history, and we're rapidly going the way of Charlton, Portsmouth, Sunderland etc. The attitude now sadly has to be to write the next three or four seasons off, ship out the high earners and has-beens and concentrate on building from a solid base. If we get relegated this season we're not coming back.
  8. Aww shucks. It came out in 2012 on an indie called Byker Books. I since signed with another house so it got taken on and bundled with a collection I did. It's called 18 Days and its now part of the compilation below. I pretty much crammed every name in it I could. All proceeds to charity. This Is How You Disappear https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00O293F84/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_zGTlEbTQ67XY1
  9. Shameless plug here but in the first book I had published every character and street name is named after a Wednesday player from the nineties.
  10. I've still got my original one! A few letters of the SANDERSON are hanging off though. Fortunately as the style back then was to wear them really baggy it still conceals my 37 year old midsection!
  11. I have to admit, I took a sharp intake of breath when he said that. The fact of the matter is, put us Leeds and Forest back in the Prem in the place of Bournemouth, Burnley and Brighton and it's a much more glamourous division. Part of the reason I no longer subscribe to Sky Sports. Super Sunday! Watford vs Burnley! No thanks.
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