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  1. I have to admit, I took a sharp intake of breath when he said that. The fact of the matter is, put us Leeds and Forest back in the Prem in the place of Bournemouth, Burnley and Brighton and it's a much more glamourous division. Part of the reason I no longer subscribe to Sky Sports. Super Sunday! Watford vs Burnley! No thanks.
  2. If the season was six games longer we'd have done it. Can't wait for next year. Three weak teams coming down. We'll be up there.
  3. Agreed. He inherited an absolute horror show at Hull and took them up in short order.
  4. Then may I clarify: Forestieri has been found innocent and therefore shouldn't be offloaded on the premise of these unfounded offences. I put up a hypothetical having just read Taylor's article which does in fairness make the whole thing sound like a very unpleasant, grubby situation which the club can do without. I wasn't looking for a reaction, I'm merely putting my two-pennoth in.
  5. How am I looking for a reaction?
  6. Why? I said "if". Are you happy for a Sheffield Wednesday player to be firing off n-words on the pitch?
  7. There are a lot of "allegedlies".
  8. I've just read this report and to be honest if he's said what they're saying he has there's no place for him at the club as far as I'm concerned. He cost £3 million and to be frank we've had £3 million's worth of football out of him. Hasn't been fit for two years and he just seems like more trouble than he's worth a lot of the time. Daniel Taylor is by a mile the best football journalist working in this country today, he's not going to make this sort of thing up just for clicks.
  9. Regi Blinker - spectacular debut at Villa then looked brilliant for those first four games in 96, then that Udinese transfer malarkey killed his momentum. Jim Magilton - Always liked him at Southampton, never cut it for us. Andy Hinchcliffe - over the moon when we signed him, genuine quality but was never fit. Giles Coke - Really wanted him to do well, had talent, maybe just wrong place, wrong time. Stevie May - See Giles Coke.
  10. FF last few times I've seen him looks like Rooney did at Everton. He's so desperate for the ball that he's coming way too deep to pick it up himself. The reason being that when Bannan is effectively marked as he was tonight, and Reach out wide, we don't really have a forward pass or runner in midfield. This is why we miss Kieran Lee so much. I'd be interested to see if Bruce maybe drops Joao a bit deeper when he's fit and tries to take advantage of his pace through the middle. On paper you'd think Matias could fill this role but Bruce clearly doesn't fancy him. Hector was superb tonight and signing him could be our first priority in the summer.
  11. Only saw it on the box but he offered nowt.
  12. Ian Taylor was brought in to replace Carlton. He was the great "lost" player of the nineties for me. Went on to have a stellar career with Villa. Sinton was an error, but it didn't feel like it at the time. In hindsight we could've got Trevor Sinclair for a quarter of the price.
  13. Definitely Ryan Jones. He was a rare player in that he had a great eye for a pass and always looked like he had time on the ball but at the same time he was huge and had no problem barrelling his way through the midfield too. Weighed in with a good few goals as well. We lost so many good players to injury back in the early/mid nineties.
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