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  1. manicowl


    I was thinking that too. I remember when someone genuinely suggested we should be trying to get Shinji Kagawa on loan.
  2. manicowl

    Waddle Art

    Excellent work!
  3. Amazed no-one has mentioned Gary Teale here. By a mile the worst player I've ever seen at S6. Sinton and Ingesson don't deserve to be here, they just weren't used properly. For a true disaster during the BFR/Tricky Trev/Pleat era you're looking at Simon Coleman.
  4. Ruud Gullit - For me this was the real start of the Premier League becoming a force in world football. I'd seen big name players like Ian Wright and John Barnes before but here was a genuine megastar fifty yards away from me playing against my team. He was so effortless in that game, he probably didn't even need to shower afterwards. Genuine class. Stan Collymore and Bryan Roy - The 1-7 game. Absolutely put us to the sword. The game was over after about fifteen minutes. It was a matter of keeping them under double figures.
  5. manicowl

    Jay Bothroyd

    Jaysus they were dark days.
  6. manicowl

    Blast from the past - Graham Hyde

    Blinker was rated because he had an absolute barnstormer of a debut. Apart from a decent couple of games at the start of the following season he never got close to it.
  7. manicowl

    Klas Ingesson

    I seem to remember him doing a Cruyff turn about four foot from his own goal in a league cup match once. Against Millwall maybe?
  8. manicowl

    Blast from the past - Graham Hyde

    I loved Graham Hyde. A solid 7/10 every week. Every team has a player to shield the back four and play the simple ball now. He was ahead of his time. It's a shame Ryan Jones got crocked, they'd have made a brilliant midfield partnership.
  9. manicowl

    The 1990's Forestieri

    Was certain that was going to be a picture of Paul Williams.
  10. manicowl

    Mathematically safe now

    Hopefully he'll use these last few games as a bit of a jump start on pre-season and decide who he likes while there's no pressure on. Thank God that this abomination of a season is all but finished.
  11. Pressman features here. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2010/aug/06/joy-of-six-great-penalties
  12. 36. First match 1989. Pressman Nilsson Worthington Walker Pearson Waddle Palmer Sheridan Carbone Hirst Di Canio Subs Westwood Anderson Harkes Whittingham Warhurst Bright I would imagine that most people my age would all have at least eight of that starting eleven.
  13. I'm a devout atheist, my wife and I came very close to divorce over whether or not our children should be christened, I work in an operating theatre so I know without question that science, not Jesus, will save you. Yet this is the greatest Wednesday-related picture I've ever seen.
  14. I'm aware that Nuhiu gets pelters on here and he's probably our most divisive player since Mark Pembridge, but opposition managers seem terrified of him and Jos clearly fancies him. I'd rather have him in the side than Rhodes or Fletcher. I know it sounds ridiculous but certain strikers aren't necessarily in the side to score goals these days. Shinsuke Okazaki played thirty five games up front for the league champions two years ago and scored three times.