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  1. Best Sheffield Wednesday Kits Ever

    These three are my favourites. I still have the orange one. Loved the 03/04 Napoleon's Casino one for the design but obviously it's not a fondly remembered time.
  2. I know this is sour grapes, but ourselves included, there's a lot of glamorous teams in that league table that are nowhere now. Leeds, Villa, Forest... Even Derby and Blackburn. It's not the same sitting down for Super Sunday and it's Swansea vs Bournemouth.
  3. Now: Kieran Lee All Time: Waddle/Hirst/Sheridan
  4. Wednesday or England

    I lost interest in England at the 2006 World Cup, it was a dire tournament and we were awful. The 2010 World Cup was even worse, with the Algeria game being the worst football match I've seen in my life. We haven't had a decent side at a tournament since 98 and I haven't been genuinely into an England match since the Portugal game in 04. In contrast, when David Prutton scored that volley against Rochdale at the start of the promotion season I was jumping round the house because you saw how unified the players were and how this might be the start of something. Despite the fact that Wednesday have caused me to bang my head against the wall hundreds of times, at least we get a couple of moments a season to make you remember why you follow the game. Off the top of my head, the 93 semi, when we were top in 96, the win at Liverpool the same season, Drew Talbot's goal against Hartlepool, Megson hugging Rob Jones and slapping the badge, the win against Arsenal in the League Cup a couple of years ago. With England you wait four years to be served nothing but mediocrity.
  5. Don't understand why people have a problem with the question. For me, definitely Lees and Hooper. Got to worry about Kieran Lee though, he's clearly Prem class and he's at the age where if it doesn't happen now, it probably won't happen for him. If we don't go up this season I think we may lose him.
  6. Whittingham was a great player. Scored some vital goals and never gave anything less than 100% Booth was rubbish but he scored fourteen in his first season in the Prem. Orlando Trustfull was a great player but he was a creative type when Pleat wanted scrappers in midfield like Hyde, Atherton and Collins. He'd have done well under Francis or Atkinson. Simon Coleman was rubbish, as was that Sidibe we had on loan a bit back. Scott Oakes never really did owt. Rodri never lived up to the hype. But definitely Blondeau and Bothroyd for me. And Rhys McCabe was a waste of time.
  7. I've said this before but we're the first team he's stayed at for more than a season. I reckon he just runs out of ideas.
  8. Hull Owls

    Anyone know of a pub that will be showing the match tomorrow? I assume it'll be on in Haworth but it's a right hike from Anlaby.
  9. Nigel Worthington

    People of my age (35) when doing their all time greatest Wednesday XI are pretty much guaranteed to name the same back four. Nilsson, Walker, Pearson, Worthington. He was a brilliant player. Great crosser of the ball.
  10. AVFTEB/Spitting Feathers

    I found one the other day in my mam's loft mixed in with a load of Beano annuals. I had a flick through and found one letter about offloading out of favour players. This particular writer had decided that Gordon Watson was surplus to requirements and said, and I quote: "Sadly, a club like Southampton or Chelsea could be on the cards for Flash." My, how the tables have turned...
  11. Woods was at Wednesday til 1996. In the last three years he barely played a game because Pressman was miles better.
  12. He wasn't dropped for Turner or Woods. They were dropped because he was better. I have been going since 89 and he is by an absolute light year the best keeper we have had in that period. His performance at Anfield in '96 is the best I've ever seen from a Wednesday keeper. There was one double save from McAteer and Fowler that defied the laws of physics.
  13. Entitled is the word I'd use. Nine years ago we had to sell our keeper to pay a TAX BILL. This is the best nick our club has been in for twenty years. Jaysus.
  14. Same reason Carlos has right now. He had a huge resource of talent but he couldn't get them to work a system. I don't think it helped that he had an aging squad and had to by necessity replace players that were considered legends. Pearce in for Pearson, Nolan in for Worthington, Taylor in for Palmer... It killed all the momentum.