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  1. Meowl

    Not good enough

    Jos wasn't given the budget to cause any lasting damage. The players he rightly or wrongly sidelined - identified by many as 'must picks' at the time - are still here. He realised the need to reshape the squad. Perhaps he did things in the wrong way, but let's be fair, he didn't set back the club 18 months, surely.
  2. Meowl

    Not good enough

    After ten games - two places from the play-off places when trying to build for future by blooding youngsters - just how did Jos do it!!
  3. Meowl

    Chelsea Presser

    Jos - an honourable and decent human being. So, so easy to kick a man when he's down and defenceless.
  4. Meowl

    Team v Luton

    Can't believe this is what supporting your football club has come to - the third round of the FA Cup a nothing game. Might as well not bother in the first place.
  5. Absolute monstrosity of a subs' bench. First four on the bench are numbers 6, 12, 18 and 24. You can't select your subs by choosing every sixth player, it's a disgrace! Diabolical team selection. Shreeves out!
  6. Meowl

    Jo’s - not very good

    Here we go, Jos bashers crawling out of the woodwork to vent their fury against a decent man who's been handed a pile of poo . Give the guy a break - deserves a full season to show what he can do.
  7. Meowl

    Letter sent to the FA

    We're talking about cold facts here, not a subjective, one-eyed view in blue tinted specs. First hour of the game 100% of the fouls were committed by Wednesday, 94% in whole game. FACT! Seems barely possible?
  8. Meowl

    The Referee

    Is that stat right, Villa just one foul the whole game?
  9. Meowl

    Caption competition

    Yes, you two at number 151, yes you two in Vere Road, close those curtains quick, oh my god I can see exactly what yer doing!!!!!
  10. Meowl

    Sean Clare

    Seems to have his head screwed on the right way http://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/sport/sean-clare-gillingham-charlton-return-157705/
  11. Sean Clare making the most of his opportunity at Gillingham http://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/sport/sean-clare-gillingham-sheffield-wed-134223/
  12. Meowl

    The positive thread

    Listening to the game on 5 Live, expert summariser and former Brighton player Matthew Upson (before they got their second goal) generously said we'd been the better team - our passing was better. Described us as a 'very well-oiled machine'. That really put the mockers on us - ten minutes later, two gaskets have blown.
  13. Would have been Dack's 12th League goal of the season - not bad for a midfielder
  14. Meowl

    Player ratings

    Think a 4 for Bannan is a bit harsh. At least he was trying. Perhaps that's sometimes a problem, pressing too much, trying too hard - ALL of the time. He was chasing down everything near him - sometimes right the way across the pitch and then back the other side. Great player to have in your side, though, even if everything doesn't always come off. He was injured in the final minutes - hope it's nothing serious.
  15. Meowl

    disappointing but we move on

    Charlton did deserve it - but perhaps we picked the wrong day to play them. They'd already reached rock bottom and we caught them on the rebound. Big demonstration in front of the main entrance at 2.30pm with chanting of 'We want our club back'. The players must have heard this - it galvanised them in some way - and they responded. They could easily have had another two goals in the second half, and Jackson hit the bar. Had to endure sitting behind a group of Charlton fans in a sparsely populated stand and they were laughing in disbelief when their third goal went in, so unexpected was the fact that they were winning by such a margin.