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  1. Thought Harris was clear MOM but Murphy to me wasn't as ineffective on the right as some have suggested. Quality of the crossing needs improving though.
  2. Would agree with this entirely. Although the second half was played almost completely in their half, there was so little space behind the full backs. Need the game to be stretched as it usually is when teams are attacking each other in the closing stages, to make full use of the pace of the wingers. When it's so condensed in one half, trickery alone is limited if you've got opposition doubling up you on the flanks and the box well covered when you do get a cross in. Any judgement on Bullen shouldn't be swayed by what happened today.
  3. Forty-five years ago, both clubs at the other end of the table. Lost 2-1.
  4. Just think what he had to put up with when he was here. Can't help but admire the dignity of the man.
  5. Just to think, he had us in a play-off position after 12 games with an injury hit squad!
  6. Seventh place after the first ten games with a squad still severely compromised by the injury list he inherited when he first took over suggests otherwise.
  7. Why oh why did you take on such a basket case of a job which was always going to leave yourself open to ridicule from the likes of me and other boorish numbskulls.
  8. Jos wasn't given the budget to cause any lasting damage. The players he rightly or wrongly sidelined - identified by many as 'must picks' at the time - are still here. He realised the need to reshape the squad. Perhaps he did things in the wrong way, but let's be fair, he didn't set back the club 18 months, surely.
  9. After ten games - two places from the play-off places when trying to build for future by blooding youngsters - just how did Jos do it!!
  10. Jos - an honourable and decent human being. So, so easy to kick a man when he's down and defenceless.
  11. Can't believe this is what supporting your football club has come to - the third round of the FA Cup a nothing game. Might as well not bother in the first place.
  12. Absolute monstrosity of a subs' bench. First four on the bench are numbers 6, 12, 18 and 24. You can't select your subs by choosing every sixth player, it's a disgrace! Diabolical team selection. Shreeves out!
  13. Here we go, Jos bashers crawling out of the woodwork to vent their fury against a decent man who's been handed a pile of poo . Give the guy a break - deserves a full season to show what he can do.
  14. We're talking about cold facts here, not a subjective, one-eyed view in blue tinted specs. First hour of the game 100% of the fouls were committed by Wednesday, 94% in whole game. FACT! Seems barely possible?
  15. Is that stat right, Villa just one foul the whole game?
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