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  1. Agreed. A great result for us should never be in doubt but here we are... UP THE OWLS!
  2. Wow Funny spot on the table under them. Even if we win w'll still be 8th.
  3. Belgrano 2022 Erreà Home and Away Kits Blue = Home
  4. Honestly it's the best I've seen from Bannan in a while...
  5. Jesus. That Paps John's ad on iFollow was disturbing...
  6. 1 nothing good guys 30 minutes in and 58% possession !!
  7. Here's to hoping that Tango finds something new pretty fast...
  8. At the time I felt like he was just being modest. But I believe he knew what was what with the club and didn't want to bother with our mess anymore. I did, however, want him to stay at the helm.
  9. IF they are supposed to get paid for playing proper football I'd wait until I saw them play proper football too.
  10. After the last two results, would you pay them?
  11. Did not realize Wolf Blitzer was a Wednesday fan..
  12. of those three in the article it's '90-'92 for me.
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