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  1. Right? Shouldn't we have expected this? Every time The Wednesday get going on a good run the other shoe always drops.
  2. He's in a band!?! Cool! What kind of music does they play?
  3. Dammit! Time edit kills me. Should have read, "when I do take..."
  4. Never heard of Pulp. Checking them out on iTunes...
  5. I look forward to this thread each and every match day. I don't always comment or upvote do I take a peek. Cheers @Lord Snooty !
  6. I've seen the image before the kick but I've not seen the play. Did he score the goal? I've gotta find the highlights...
  7. We'll bounce back. We are a play off team. UP THE OWLS!
  8. We do it opposite of you guys. And, once again, sorry about recreating an existing post. I searched our first two pages and didn't see another MOTM thread. I only saw an MOTD thread.
  9. o my! I searched the first two pages and still didn't see it so I made mine. My bad.
  10. Make your mark! Sorry if it is a repeat...
  11. He'll need to remove some of those pads... But Welcome aboard!
  12. This seems a pertinent question albeit in the wrong thread... https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49255880 well sh.It.t.
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