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  1. That's what we do on here. Well some, not all.
  2. I do like getting punched in the face...
  3. Fotmob app gave Dele a 7.2 and Stockdale a 7.8 Bannan 6.9 The lowest was Patterson a 6.4
  4. Ok, I asked this after last weekend, Stockdale over Dawson...? I feel like I prefer Dawson... just me?
  5. The numbers confused me... I guess this template lets you put in names but not their correct kit number? Numbers are issued by position?
  6. I kinda felt the same way. But he did make his body bigger and I'm assuming that is what they were going by. Looking at his wiki page, Bullen played for a lot teams in Hong Kong didn't he?
  7. #2 and #66 went into the penalty area before he struck the ball...
  8. Wrexham away... please do... Reminds me of a swimming pool liner...
  9. Arsenal 3rd Macron did a much better job with our pink kits last season.
  10. Swansea City 3rd Away... and keep it away because it's hideous! New badge looks too much like Man City's badge.
  11. Napoli home Away I usually really like their, Napoli, kits. EA7 dropped the ball.
  12. Which badge of ours is the "proper badge"? Hibs 3rd
  13. **Irish accent** There is nay lad what can take the place of our beloved JJ... but I reckon wee Fizzy is close. **/Irish accent**
  14. So does Moore go with Dawson (he's not injured is he?) or stick with Stockdale next match?
  15. I keep forgetting we're in League One...
  16. the home kit is almost nice... They just had to add the bit at the bottom didn't they?
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