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  1. Club León X Lucha Libre AAA 2021/22
  2. Atlas FC X Lucha Libre AAA 2021/22
  3. Gallos Blancos X Lucha Libre AAA 2021/22
  4. Club Santos X Lucha Libre AAA 2021/22 Charly Special Edition Jersey "This is the Club Santos X Lucha Libre AAA 2021-22 Special Edition shirt. The increasingly popular Mexican brand Charly has provided special edition “Lucha Libre” shirts for six sides it supplies. Each styled differently, but with shared features uniting the series, the releases celebrate Mexico’s famed professional wrestling culture, particularly the AAA promotion. The clubs - Léon, Atlas, Pachuca, Querétaro, Santos Laguna and Xolos - have shirts of the same basic template, with the same laced neck, and all feature a wrestler mask and stylings suggesting wrestling posters. Despite the Lucha Libre takeover, all the clubs’ crests appear in full colour, while the recognisable Charly C is designed to contrast." fsc.com
  5. how did any of them get any kind of good ranking? I didn't see it but that was poo.
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