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  1. nah. we can wait till midseason ...
  2. last 5 vs HCAFC: 1-3-1 all time: 21-19-12
  3. pachyderm

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    yes, his lineage is questionable...
  4. pachyderm

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    I have, had, both of the Wednesday coffee mugs... One was broken, under suspicious circumstances, by my youngest who is an Arsenal fan...
  5. pachyderm

    Anyone up for this one?

    TL;DR I'm going to keep a stiff uppe lip even though we go through rough patches this season. I do wish there was a charity run I cold participate in.
  6. +1 for initiative. somethings got to be done. hate to see FF go though. we are,imho, keeper rich. so letting one go wouldn't hurt us.
  7. If something had happened to Westwood I'd have thought Wildsmith would have been in there before Dawson. No?
  8. pachyderm

    Great game to watch

    We would've won if Atdhe tucks his undershirt in... prolly the real reason he got the red card.
  9. pachyderm

    How long for Jos

  10. wow they have even less faith in us than we do!
  11. wow a little aggravated that i'm just now seeing these posts. i thought i had clicked subscribe... :(
  12. pachyderm

    Nixon comments