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  1. Sorry mate, that's what you get for buying a Yaris in the first place.
  2. So that ground is till there and no one uses it? How current is the color pic?
  3. Nature of the beast but I do like him and wish w could find a way to keep him on.
  4. I won't argue with that. Especially when you consider all of my friends here in the US have teams in the prem.
  5. Cost differential for the fans? I've often wondered how it would affect our fan base if we were up in the Prem.
  6. We play an entire season like we did the second half and we ******** this league. Darren Moore is the man. UP THE OWLS! Next season for real.
  7. From another source: "At 32 and still under contract for another year, I wouldn't think so. He's been in the prem before. With Villa when he was quite young and with Palace seven or eight years back. I think he may have played a bit at Villa, but he struggled for games at Palace.* The third tier isn't where Prem clubs do their fishing, for the most part. It's a pretty big jump. Super-promising young talent, maybe, but not 30+ mids. And even if I could stretch my imagination enough to envision a prem club interested, it'd have to be as depth coverage and on a free. I can't imagine a first-tier club paying a fee for someone like Bannon, even if he might still be able to play at that level (which is frankly doubtful). *I saw Palace at Spurs while he was there and he didn't even make the bench. He may have been injured, I suppose, but I don't think so. They loaned him out a couple months later in the January window..."
  8. Thanks. Long thread and I didn't want to spend the day looking through the nonsense.
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