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  1. We are gonna win

    yes please!!
  2. Probably best to not bother her. Also, I work in education and I can safely say that parents like that are ruining their kids. At least she wasn't letting the iPad babysit them... of course it sounds like no one/thing else was either. In other words, ya just can't win can ya?
  3. put him on the big team. can't possibly hurt, other than a serious injury. becks, shrek(rooney), and a handful of others started younger than he is now... right? we some spark.
  4. Actor Fans

    Kelly Adams...?
  5. so either bad hair, a dislocated knee, or a hernia....
  6. ...my friends here in the states when they get to see us play on the telly. Most of them are fans of teams in the Prem (Man U, Man Shitty, 'Pool, Chelskie) and are shocked out how bad the level of play is in the Championship. I almost always chuckle and reply, "yea we're actually playing pretty well for us...". They usually comment on how good our keeper is though. ;) True story.
  7. oh. Morgan Fox. eh...
  8. Jordan Rhodes ruled out

    Yeah. Can't he get a few minutes and let us see what is up?
  9. She's really pretty but as an actress I'm not a fan of Megan Fox...
  10. it sure is. we've missed his brute force for sure. now keep the red cards down sammy...
  11. what was Hutch's injury?
  12. Jordan Rhodes ruled out

    DAMMIT! We needed someone who can miss open setters!! Oh... Yeah, we still have at least three more that can do that.