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  1. Did you not pay attention at all while he was out?
  2. pfft. Most people don't care what our shirt looks like. If they did there would be about 30 threads on here about that...
  3. pachyderm

    The Arctic Monkeys

    So they're blades and their music sucks!!??!!
  4. pachyderm

    New shirt thread

    It's not boring! There are already 20 threads about it so everyone is curious... To bad there isn't a way to combine them all....
  5. pachyderm

    New Kit

    That was your design? That was beautiful. Well done.
  6. pachyderm

    New Kit

    I like that though. The problem with fans making kits is that they never get used.
  7. pachyderm

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    I'm sure he did feel unloved. Hope he stays.
  8. pachyderm

    Ross wallace

    he's been my favorite for a while now.
  9. pachyderm

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    cannot wiat for the highlights...
  10. pachyderm

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Same reason I'm glad the USA didn't make it... he he he he...
  11. pachyderm

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    right beside the rest of shi.t stuffed shirts in blue and white.
  12. pachyderm

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    espn has him at 11 but that can't be right... 14 as of today?
  13. pachyderm

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    How was he not voted POTY !?