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  1. I've Come To The Conclusion

    ...that we are bobbar.
  2. Smyrna, TN, USA. Ah! We also have the Wednesday 60's shirt. ;)
  3. yeah. we've got a Wednesday training jacket from there, an Athletic Bilboa* throw back top, Coventry City**, and the Hereford United** kit I posted a pic of somewhere on here of the other day. oh, and 2 Man U throwbacks because my oldest son is evil. :P * Bilboa is my fave Spanish side. ** I like the badges on those kits.
  4. i'm quite enjoying it, are you?
  5. anyone else getting the Toff's advent calendar email?
  6. Hutch is not injured

    yeah man. enough Misinformation on the web as it is. And I hope not. As wild as Hutch can be he is a force to reckoned with when on form .
  7. Man of match poll

    Thank God for Gary Hooper?
  8. I love the guy but I'm beginning to think he doesn't actually know...
  9. Sam Hutchinson

    hmmp. I hadn't noticed our lack of red cards... i guess that explains it.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Badge

  11. Post a positive!

    WE'RE NOT 12TH !!
  12. How do you feel right now?

    Or maybe do that every season, every game?
  13. How do you feel right now?

    like 1 point is better than no points...
  14. Missing Forestieri

    i think we miss him too. fingers crossed he'll be back soon.
  15. in other news Leon Clarke had a hat trick today....