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  1. I've seen much worse. The keeper kit is growing on me...
  2. You guys know Bannan sucks, right? It's not even about the PK. He's not good.
  3. Providence City Home Yeah. lower division club from Rhode Island, USA. Away I kinda like both though...
  4. "Hold my beer" - SSC Naples 2021 home Keeper
  5. This thread has not aged well... Or come to its senses.
  6. I was going to say anyone that can chair a club, manage a club, and score goals... But that guys is cool too I guess... *Yes, I know who it is...
  7. Aldosivi 2021 Kappa Home Shirt
  8. Lithuania 2021-22 Hummel Home Kit
  9. Partick Thistle 1921 Anniversary Kit
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