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  1. Southend United home not bad. we've seen so much worse...
  2. Atletico Madrid away something something ASDA but Iike it...
  3. Newport County away I kinda like this one as well...
  4. 'Pool home One of Nike's better results so far...
  5. Aston Villa home Nice effort from Kappa, imho.
  6. West Brom away I bet Norwich is pretty envious...
  7. ugh good for the gooners? to bad they both couldn't lose.
  8. Sorry, late to the party on this one, they started back this weekend but the lower divisions will have to wait until OCT. Why?
  9. https://forzaitalianfootball.com/2014/11/juventus-to-bring-back-three-star-symbol-on-jersey/#:~:text=Juventus could add three gold,of Scudetto a team wins.
  10. Or maybe clean your own windows...?
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