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  1. pachyderm


    ya know i can honestly say that I have no idea who he is... of course he's become my favorite now... :p
  2. pachyderm

    Man of Match & scores -V- West Brom

  3. "Real ale was a term coined by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) in the early 70s in response to a sweeping movement toward mass market beer production. The founders of CAMRA detested this industrialization and in an attempt to fight back needed to define the beer they loved so they could castigate the rest. They settled on the definition “beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide". Whether you like the definition or not Real Ale soon came to stand as the benchmark for great beer and CAMRA became a hugely successful campaigning organisation. This strict definition has come under pressure recently as newer brewing methods have developed that fall foul of the definition but the brewers claim are still really good beers. Whether it is right or wrong, “Real Ale” still stands as the most common definition of great beer used in everyday discussion." Is that what you mean? What brands qualify as a "Real Ale"?
  4. A. That does suck. B. What do you mean by "Real Ale"? Is that a brand in the UK, or Europe? It's a brand here in the US. They make it in TX.
  5. Seriously confused right now... 10 matches in and we are tied for 5th (9th). Never thought we'd be this close to the top this soon... Oh well... UP THE OWLS!
  6. pleasantly surprised to be in the top 10 ...
  7. I feel like somebody should mark Afobe...
  8. A. Good luck. Rooting for you guys. B. IMHO International friendly weeks suck.
  9. 3 in a row.. maybe we'll get used to it...?
  10. Welp, ya gotta admit we haven't had a lot of practice as of late...
  11. ok i would have sworn OS match centre was telling 17 minutes...
  12. how much stoppage time?