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  1. I need more psn names to add please folks
  2. we have the best position of the 4
  3. Probably have a couple more seconds in me if i could be bothered! All licences gold
  4. As i say to my u14s girls goalie. There's 10 players before you with a chance to stop the ball.
  5. Gold on every licence except the last. Got it down to 1 second off. Is a bugger!!
  6. the super 7 on gold was tricky in the f1 car but good fun. Just s-9 and s-10 to gold now. Really not looking forward to s10
  7. Gold on all licences except super. Couple of excrutiating ones! The super s10 will take some doing though
  8. Audi and Porsche about to be confirmed for F1
  9. Merc looking to bring a new wing to the next race. And another US race in Vegas
  10. Getting gold on A -9 was horrendous
  11. What about a guest act each game. Next week, live from the Kop, Pulp, week after Tommy from Meadowhall aged 6 with his recorder
  12. done all the menu book. Im now flitting between missions, golding the licences (i hate doing the licence stuff) and getting results on all tracks, mainly the touring car 10 lap ones at present. (Fuji in the rain was a bugger)
  13. its pure 80's film but quite a polished one at that. Top soundtrack too.
  14. about 85 I think. I did drop 3.6m on a mcclaren though
  15. man that last test for the super licence was fun. Spa in the rain in a tail happy Porsche race car!
  16. Just finished it, was good
  17. That course should be scrapped. Good job money talks
  18. I love that max fans shout about that being a race he won
  19. ive just finished episode 4.the Ginger is the lass from Game of Thrones isnt it? The second season will be filmed in Scotland again but no idea if same cast
  20. Second series announced. 3 parter. All new cast set in female prison
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