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  1. did mine at a vets. Helped cut of cats testicles, stop a cow from exploding, autopsied piglet, helped deliver a calf. Just a like a good night out
  2. We are not going to regain our title as worst financial club in Europe without splashing the cash
  3. Open the box. If the boss asks you heard it tickng.
  4. but they spat on their hand and shook. Bloody Hull, Even us in East Yorkshire dont want them.
  5. Yeah great singer and those splits man! Really should have had more hits Believe he's still singing but under his real name nowadays
  6. Dunno if hes ready to give up on singing but I really hope this fella gets the job
  7. Insurance management bears or mysterious dwarves are both good options
  8. Think ipswich are favourite aren't they despite where the finished which seems a bit wierd
  9. remember when Man Utd and the likes started having a new shirt every year and everyone complained about it. Now they complain if you dont get a new shirt each season
  10. Ive never had it but he looks the sort of bloke that pulls up in a van and offers children to see some puppies
  11. All that money between them and they couldnt afford any lighting
  12. Reminds me of the Michael Finegan nursery ryhme There once was a young lad named Ben Hanegahn, He joined Wednesday to make them good again The cross came in and he banged it in-again, Good ol Ben Henegahn. Begin-again.
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