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  1. Possibly got two spare Hull City tickets if anyone is interested. I think they are the £24 ones but will confirm. DM me if interested
  2. How is it an error? Without bring VAT into it we may not sell roughly 500 tickets at £42 = £21k of revenue. But managed to sell for the sake of argument 10,000 at a conservative £10 extra more than most would have wanted = £100k. An extra £79k for Chansiri's back pocket, i wish i made errors like that. All about supply and demand, there is obviously demand there to cover the extra prices.
  3. Once sat next to him on train back from a London away day. His match report was literally a copy and paste from the official website with a few tweaks. A complete and utter fraud.
  4. Same position, although i wouldn't be surprised if i still did purchase on release. I feel he would be nowhere near the cut if he wasn't currently assistant and he's just fresh in peoples minds.
  5. Passing the can to Bullen sat on the floor. Even looks like the same cans next to Bullen in the actual picture. Travesty if im right and he makes it onto the picture.
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