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  1. Which they would have got eventually once cash flow issues were sorted. Communication from the club was clear that it would take time to process. Yes they hid behind system issues which were clearly cash flow issues imo but we were all in it together as you said to help the club out at that difficult time.
  2. Agreed we were in the poo financially with no income and yet not everyone was in it together, some wanted there money back quicker than others. Cant pick and choose when you want to be in it together.
  3. People kick off when Chansiri call them customers, then they act like customers and kick off. Too right id do the same if it was a shop but this is meant to be our club which we are Supporters of.
  4. Agreed. Why would you take your own club to court? Just pettiness
  5. 2 now available - unrestricted view. Covid restrictions apply etc etc PM if interested
  6. Agreed, bloke asking questions moves things on nicely. Other one just interrupts and makes it about himself. Still an enjoyable listen and some good guests.
  7. 100% proof. A team that clearly plays through Bannan by those stats,currently destined for relegation. well pointed out!
  8. Agreed, however my point was that we have already submitted the numbers to EFL for 18/19 P&S based on a projection of the 18/19 year. The actual accounts will now only affect our submission for 19/20 P&S submission. Therefore the excitement of the release of the accounts means nothing really for 18/19 apart from letting people guess what our submission was for adjustments from very limited disclosures. As the EFL have said they are reviewing our submission for 18/19 but the release of the accounts will have no impact on our submission for that year and if we have breached, the EFL will already know this. Unless we totally fudged our projection and then i do take it all back.
  9. 2018/19 P&S submission has already been submitted to the EFL. See their November 19 statement, so if your waiting for the accounts it must be because you’re thinking of the 19/20 submissions. Correct.
  10. Not actually correct though. The £20.7m is now gone it would be; £35.4m + 2018/19 accounts + 2019/20 projection.
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