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  1. If anyone else is still looking i possibly may have 2 spare also. DM if interested.
  2. Possibly got two spare Hull City tickets if anyone is interested. I think they are the £24 ones but will confirm. DM me if interested
  3. How is it an error? Without bring VAT into it we may not sell roughly 500 tickets at £42 = £21k of revenue. But managed to sell for the sake of argument 10,000 at a conservative £10 extra more than most would have wanted = £100k. An extra £79k for Chansiri's back pocket, i wish i made errors like that. All about supply and demand, there is obviously demand there to cover the extra prices.
  4. Once sat next to him on train back from a London away day. His match report was literally a copy and paste from the official website with a few tweaks. A complete and utter fraud.
  5. Same position, although i wouldn't be surprised if i still did purchase on release. I feel he would be nowhere near the cut if he wasn't currently assistant and he's just fresh in peoples minds.
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