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  1. Once remember coming home from Barnsley on the service bus to Rotherham, must have been early 80's the bus station had been the usual battle ground - might have been a night match and for some reason Sammy was on it! lot of Wednesday on there and some of the Barnsley lot were getting mardy - Sammy stood at the back swinging on the pole swirling over the seats singing about Cowdenbeath - funny as fizz - you had to be there to appreciate it.
  2. Weren't it 'then along came David Hirst, Roland Nilson, Paul Warhurst, we're all going on a European tour, a European tour, a European tour.' ?
  3. Taking my two kids. Last time they went was Norwich at home. We lost 0-4... Can't you take em to Alton Towers instead then?
  4. Mine was fine too to be honest via IPTV, to be fair its a bit off blaming ifollow cos your nicked streams crap
  5. I like how he jumped in to help DC when the reporters had him on the ropes
  6. Why has it been unpinned - get it pinned again keep it at the top!
  7. Memories fading - but if i remember correctly it was the 82/83 season - didnt we beat em at Hillsborough and draw the away one?
  8. Nar - way before the semi that - be early 80's
  9. with great difficulty! took me ages as a 16 year old to climb up on the fence only to be knocked back by a copper, had to do it all again at FT
  10. whey hey - I used to make them in donny! good tatty diggers
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