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  1. Kibris

    Chelsea Away

    Memories fading - but if i remember correctly it was the 82/83 season - didnt we beat em at Hillsborough and draw the away one?
  2. Kibris

    Chelsea Away

    Nar - way before the semi that - be early 80's
  3. Kibris

    Chelsea Away

    Some good lads on there!
  4. Kibris

    SWFC graffiti

    Not my pic
  5. Kibris

    #OnThisDay in 1980

    with great difficulty! took me ages as a 16 year old to climb up on the fence only to be knocked back by a copper, had to do it all again at FT
  6. Kibris


    whey hey - I used to make them in donny! good tatty diggers
  7. Don't let up on this - if we go to sleep now we may be caught
  8. Kibris

    Neil called for

    Giz negs back
  9. 6? I must have done 600
  10. keep it going now - down hill after the last 2 days
  11. 28/29 now - com on we can do it
  12. Just had 10 mins on it - 22% now only 10% behind - we can do this! needs more on it though! - come on its Friday!
  13. We're gaining fast! this time yesterday Baz was 8% and the Brizzle was 38%
  14. We can do this - there's only been 2350ish votes so far - come on push on!
  15. Kibris

    Wales Online Poll

    In Chrome right click the link and select open in incognito made