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  1. SWFC Flag/Screensaver

    How long is long enough? been staring now for 3 hours! - all I can see is 2 eyes
  2. Statue

    TC on his knees in front of the lep - Boxing Day 1979!
  3. Top 12 finish is 7/4 on betfair! £180 available too!
  4. iFollow

    Does that mean QPR away wont be shown?
  5. Elev8

    I did know it - was just checking you did!
  6. Elev8

    I thought it was Latin?
  7. iFollow

    not tried yet - leaving it till 2:59 uk time on Saturday
  8. Kits Announced On Twitter

    Its a yes from me - like em!
  9. Its probably the mansfield site thats wrong - ours advertised the friendlies at first but have since removed them.. doubt it will be on.
  10. iFollow

    PC/Laptop - well anything with a web browser - not signed up yet so I dont know fully but think there is an APP for certain platforms. I set my Raspberry Pi with the rasbian browser and it worked on that for the interviews and hudds match - dont know how it will fair on the live games though.
  11. iFollow

    Yeah just seen the other thread - not on
  12. iFollow

    According to the website it is on Ifollow - will be interested to here how good it is before i take the plunge!
  13. Alfreton and Mansfield matches

    https://www.swfc.co.uk/ifollow/ should be right up your street that!
  14. Alfreton and Mansfield matches

    Yes they are all on Ifollow