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  1. willowl

    iFollow match tonight/UK VPN

    Got the VPN installed but the “watch live now” icon is still blank. Any ideas?
  2. willowl

    Team For Tuesday

    Thorniley is also Cup tied having played in the first round for Accrington Stanley. Wildsmith Palmer Pudil Fred O’Grady Fox Boyd Buttercup Reach Rhodes Joao
  3. These have sold out already!
  4. we've got the first 18 rows of block T open.
  5. willowl

    Pre Match Presser

    I thought this, very clever by Carlos. The spotlight is on him, the team continue under the radar... Premier League here we come
  6. they only state "provisionally confirmed" in case there is somehow a 13 goal swing which allows Leeds in.
  7. willowl

    Fulham Ticket Sales

    2,000 or 10%. which ever is lowest
  8. willowl

    Fulham Ticket Sales

    West Lower now available to home fans too!
  9. willowl

    Fulham Ticket Sales

    Block AA now available on the South
  10. willowl

    Play offs

    EFL have also confirmed that Goal Line technology will be used in the Championship Play Off Semi Finals...
  11. willowl


    Allocated 2,531 On sale Monday to STH with 710+ TPP. £23 adults.
  12. willowl

    Rotherham Away - Sky game

    We recently played away to Bristol City on a Tuesday night then Wigan on Sky on the Friday. So highly possible.
  13. willowl

    Season Tickets 17/18

    Not even the under 21 category?
  14. willowl

    Season Tickets 17/18

    What are the various cut-off points for concessionary tickets? Juniors Children must be within the given age bracket (under 11 or under 17) on 5 August 2017. Concessions Senior citizens must have reached their 65th birthday by 5 August 2017. Supporters must be aged between 17 and 20 on 5 August 2017 to be eligible for the under 21 discount. Supporters must be aged between 21 and 24 on 5 August 2017 to be eligible for the under 25 discount. Read more at http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/201718-season-ticket-faqs-3551627.aspx#h6xf1X7AwvlwHesk.99