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  1. And they way they came out. Bannan stood in our half, on his own, while the rest just strolled out. Rotherham all came out together stood in a group and then from the kick off scrored! Crap
  2. Called the club on Thursday to pay for disabled parking for the Rotherham match as my son is in wheelchair .. something we have done numerous times this season and past seasons. The very politie lady I spoke to said, “sorry I can’t sell you a ticket till December 6th”, when I asked why? I was told “away fans this season have priority”. So I explained that without parking we will be returning the tickets and the reply was, “that’s fine and you are allowed to do that”. On the club website it says they operate a first come first servered for disabled parking ... not away
  3. If you are poo at your job you get sacked FUCKINF SACING NOW. The bloke is a yes man talks gibberish poo ! Yes I’ve had drink, love SWFC but so fgfgfghtfntfftxrah right now :(
  4. We have disabled parking. The club called me yesterday to say that they have arranged alternative parking at the Wednesdayite car park if needed.
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