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  1. king of kings

    You don't mess with Gerry

    yes it was massive on me
  2. king of kings

    You don't mess with Gerry

    i had that kit in the photo when i was a lad in the 60s
  3. king of kings

    Hutch injury

    he was at training ground this morning on crutches and wearing a knee brace
  4. king of kings

    johan djourou

    by people whose kids were training with academy
  5. king of kings

    johan djourou

    djourou seen down at training ground tonight
  6. thats a real shame sorry to hear about that we used to have some great games v springwood years ago can remember changing in pub then walking for ages to get to the pitch . when you saw nigel and geoff playing they used to strike the fear of god into you but off the pitch 2 great lads R.I.P NIGEL
  7. anybody know if this is the same nigel goodinson that used to play for springwood with his brother geoff about 40 years ago
  8. king of kings

    Leon Osman at Hillsborough

    richard osman would be a better bet he's 6 foot 7 inch but it would be pointless
  9. king of kings

    Ross Wallace and that note

    other way round wasnt it
  10. king of kings

    Leonel Bontempo

    known in argentina as wurlitzer
  11. king of kings

    Protest against the new home kit

    queued for 3 and half hours at shop didnt like kit when saw photos of it but when you actually see them they are quite good queue was still outside shop when i left at 3.15
  12. me too always thought it was best kit
  13. king of kings


    did we have a song for him