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  1. Don't shoot he messenger but, someone at the training ground said he left the club at teatime along with 'arrogant poopydoo' Clemence saying , ' I have to do it ! '
  2. So called fan that watched my first game in 1964. Ok you made me bite. Fox is probably one of the worst players I have seen play for us, and I have seen a lot !
  3. word on the street is, McCabes gonna sue
  4. Tapton Lodge................. Thereby lies the answer. Could not run a bath, never mind a Football Club
  5. Brilliant ! First game I went to was in that North "Stand "
  6. That photo is as iconic as the Waddle goal at Wembley. I think that the Club ( or Owlstalk ) should commission someone to paint it and hang in in Hillsborough, it could be a gift from us to Milan. Classicimage that should be remembered.
  7. Can we disturb their sleep in anyway ? ( I am trying to be as PC as possible )
  8. As per title, how the hell can I go to bed when you lot are uploading videos and photo montages ? Give me a break !
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