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  1. I can see where you’re coming from but, of the clubs that are likely to be available for purchase, who would represent a more appealing option?
  2. I don’t think many dispute that Chansiri has good intentions but he’s shown no signs of reflection or learning during his time here. I’ve not seen any admissions of errors or recognition of bad advice. We’re in an embarrassing state with the EFL again and may only be saved by a top legal team and EFL’s own incompetence. This wouldn’t happen with a proper chairman. Ashley has his faults but we’d not be making these same ridiculous mistakes if he was here. It’s been a car crash with DC.
  3. I honestly can’t see how he could be any worse than DC. Currently we’re a mess with a chairman in denial. Ashley may be too stingy for the Premier League where there’s an expectation that you’ll spend spend spend to keep up. With the EFL rules his hands are tied anyway. Its not a name that fills people with excitement because he’s unpopular but he seems far more in tune with what’s needed than DC.
  4. I promised my kid that we’d go to every round until we’re knocked out, creating memories.. the cup dream died when we drew City but it’s a great chance to show him some top players. I’m as sick of Chansiri as everyone else but he’s not going to stop me from turning my son into an Owl much like me refusing to attend won’t make him clear off any quicker.
  5. Can anyone honestly see a way out of this mess with Chansiri? He doesn’t seem capable of changing his approach nor does he appear to be learning from mistakes. And there’s no way he’s pricing us sensibly for a sale.
  6. It’s a hard one for me. Ultimately me turning up isn’t ‘lining Chansiri’s pockets’ the gate receipts will barely cover the squads wages for two weeks. He’s been a shambolic owner but he’s certainly not making any money out of us at present is he.. I want to go because it’s a game I can make it too and it’s a chance to see some top players live. All for protesting, particularly at Chansiri, just not convinced this is the best way.
  7. That’s simply not true. We sat with good shape in our own half anytime Brighton has possession and then picked them off with the tireless running of Reach, Murphy and Luongo. I can agree that Massimo brings some different to our midfield but suggesting we played higher up the pitch yesterday is utter rubbish. We picked our moments to press, much like any other game, and at times that was done in their defensive third. The biggest impact to our shape/performance was having the extra man in midfield not the absence of Bannan. BB would only have added to an excellent midfield display yesterday.
  8. Both times we’ve met Stoke this season I’ve felt wary despite their league position. I keep feeling like they’re going to click into gear anytime now. Massively underachieving with the squad but rarely blown away in games. Having said that, under Monk we seem more ruthless away from home and are playing with a confidence that Stoke can only dream of currently. If Fletcher plays I’m confident of the win.
  9. I was disappointed with them as a team. The post match interviews on their social media suggested they’d come for a point and that’s the impression their performance gave. I cant understand such a negative mindset. We’re a fairly average side on the whole, much improved under Monk and playing a sensible percentage style football but nothing to be terrified of. Couldnt understand their logic of just sitting back nor am I fan of passing for the sake of passing which they did a lot of. Negative approach coupled with the overplaying at the back, I’d say they got what they deserved. The moaning that Johnson did afterwards looks purely an attempt to divert attention from his own shortcomings. Soft penalty but their approach got exactly what it deserved overall.
  10. Westwood, Iorfa and Bannan in for Dawson, Moses and Murphy for me. Millwall focus on the wide areas so our wide players have to work hard to cover the full backs. I think Reach and Harris are stronger at that. We’ve finally got the players to rotate without a huge drop off in quality. Harris and Lee have been a while without a run of games so both will need rotating at some point in the coming weeks. Fletcher needs to be rotated too but this is where we’ll struggle to match his quality. Rhodes would thrive with Murphy and Harris against a side like Luton but definitely plays the role a little differently.
  11. That’s exactly what I took from Saturday. There were a few times Reach and Lee hit the wingers with a first time ball out wide that really opened things up. Bannan would have had a field day feeding those two against Barnsley.
  12. Bannan has been comfortably our most effective player even when the teams performance has dropped. He’ll benefit as much as anyone with the added pace in the side and the extra space that’ll afford him in the middle. We were very good at times against Barnsley, but adding Bannan back into the fold is a no brainer. We’ll rotate players to suit opposition but unless his form dips drastically he’ll be excluded from that rotation.
  13. Where’s this been said? Thought he felt a niggle was rested as a precaution?
  14. From what I know of Barnsley they’re full of energy and they overran a strong Fulham side last week. I’d keep the same team from last week and enjoy the most impressive array of subs we’ve had in a while.
  15. He’s incredibly inconsistent and not someone we can build around. Selling at a good stage in his contract and if Chansiri has been as stubborn as normal then we’ll have got a good fee. Her one more out and a better version of Joao in on loan and that’ll be perfect.
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