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  1. Herb

    Are we trusting him yet?

    I’d be stunned if the support wasn’t there on the whole. Jos is doing a superb job so far. He’s maintained a decent winning ratio whilst blooding youngsters and coaching/improving players that some has written off. Look at Palmers performances. Look at the work rate and attitude from Matias and Joao. We’ve finished last season strongly and had our best start to this yet Jos still hasn’t worked with Lee or Hooper. We’ve had 3 wins on the bounce without our talisman in FF. The positives are there all over the place. There will always be social media meltdowns when we lose but I wouldn’t read too much into that. If Jos is given time and support we’ll be top 6 this season. And, perhaps most excitingly, we’ll get there with some of our own playing key roles.
  2. I get where you’re coming from and think, eventually, all clubs will replicate this approach as money from fans becomes less and less important. However, at the moment, both these clubs have a model built around selling their best players to stay afloat and ensure fans get these deals. I suspect if Wednesday replicated these prices, or similar, now and sold off FF and Bannan fans would soon be complaining.
  3. Herb

    Rumours of unrest

    Can’t disagree BUT it’s hard creating in that area when so much of his possession is in front of the oppositions midfield. With willing runners, pace around him and more freedom I really think he would be dangerous in the final third.
  4. Herb

    Carlos linked with Swansea

    Wouldn’t touch that job if I was him. They’ve got a terrible squad. Hiding to nothing.
  5. Herb

    Rumours of unrest

    I am surprised people just write off Lees so readily. He’s made a superb improvement with us and we look infinitely stronger with him playing. Would feel more confident in developing Van Aken with Lees alongside him. Bannan is one of the players I’m exicted to see under new management. If we can pair him with Hutch (NOT JONES!) In a much more attack minded side he will be superb for us. Imagine Bannan linking up with FF and another proper winger going for the jugular at Hillsborough. Realse the shackles and watch Bannan go. Classy player in this league.
  6. Herb

    Rumours of unrest

    Anything more specific? I need to know which players to turn my 9 year old against. Cant have him hero worshipping a idiot..
  7. Herb


    You strike me as being one of those 'fans' that's decided on the quality of someone's performance before a ball is kicked. How can anyone watch his performance today and have anything negative to say? Astounding.
  8. Gills have always been my second team and I can safely say that Josh Wright is well below what we currently have. I'd expect him to end up at Charlton or similar now. Steady for for league one but a long way off where we are and what we need.
  9. Herb

    Bannan - Reach - Fletcher

    Adam Reach in midfield is exactly the player we need. He he doesn't play like an out and out winger which frustrates people but his energy is vital, he joins in with Fletch/Hooper's superb hold up play and makes some brilliant forward runs. Is he the complete player, no not by any stretch but him, Bannan, Fletcher and Hooper look superbly balanced together. Throw in Lee to that mix or Boyd with a greater understanding and we look very strong. Reach definitely looked more composed being tucked in a little. No pressure to take someone on directly from a standing start which suits him.
  10. The contrasting views make for interesting reading but it's the tiresome 'campaigning' these posters do to try and bully everyone into agreeing with them that is ridiculous. Hold your view, air your view but don't bombard the site with repetitive, attention seeking nonsense.
  11. Herb


    One of the most intelligent players at the club. Hoping he plays a blinder this week.
  12. Herb

    Hooper and Fletcher

    Two very classy strikers. I could hear people berating Fletcher for drifting to the left to build an attack, 5 seconds later he'd scored at the back post. Hooper always looking to play on the shoulder or drop in for feet where necessary. Perhaps the biggest thing that Mr FF could learn is the selfless play from both of them!
  13. If Tom Lees really is on anywhere near £30k a week is there not a chance he could be too expensive for Burnley? I know, with Premier League money and the Keane sale, obviously they could afford his fee and any wages he wants but will it not interfere with their wage structure. With rumours of Andre Gray being on his way out to seek a pay rise from his £24k a week salary. If their main striker is on such a small amount will they really offer Lees a head turning amount?
  14. Herb

    Sam Winnall ?

    For me, and Carlos it seems, Hooper is the shoe in. He's class and a case can be made for him to partner any of the other strikers. On paper it should be Rhodes but we still seem to struggle with the concept of playing crosses in which is limiting his goalscoring chances.
  15. I would have thought most departures would have been to foreign clubs or lower leagues so being cup tied is less significant.