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  1. Must have missed that. Didn’t see many touches from him but the ones I did see showed his quality again. Class player.
  2. Feels like you’re reviewing a Fox performance from 6 months ago. That’s not a review of how he played tonight at all.
  3. He’s a top striker at this level. Would love us to keep him if the deal suits us.
  4. Thought it was a typically Joao performance. Does some things superbly well but also a number of times doesn’t retain easy possession. A number of times first half midfielders or Fletcher tried to bounce the ball off him to get round their marker and he allowed his defender just to get in front. Second half much more impactive, allowed Reach, Boyd and Matias to link up with him. He is our pace option but rarely do we see real benefit from it. Good performance overall tonight but very inconsistent. Our other options are ahead of him and he’s well off the quality of striker that Bruce could look to attract on loan.
  5. For me it’s simply a case of do we wait a month for the best manager that’s available and realistic option or do we rush and go for second best because they’re available now. I think DC picked the right option.
  6. Soz. It wasnt a real song suggestion, as a big fan of alliteration I’ll make it clearer next time when I’m being jovial.
  7. Millwall away is a fairly unique experience but I’ve never seen any bother there at all. If you travel in by train it’s safer than the average away day. Its probably helped by being a Tuesday night each time.
  8. There’s only one Stevie Bruce One Stevie Bruce his start was delayed but that’s OK Walking in a Brucie wonderland You’re welcome. Get the ol’ lady rocking.
  9. There’s were few games more infuriating than Millwall away last season for the overplaying at the back. I lost count of how many times we played two or three very uncomfortable passes out from the back before, under pressure, clipping a ball aimlessly towards Stobbs and this surrendering possession. We just kept doing it and doing it until we were giving the ball away continuously in our own half. Was of no surprise to lose that game. I’ll take the long passes for now. Get the ball down in the final third and bodies up in support of Fletcher.
  10. While I agree to a point SJ plays an entirely different brand of football to the dull stuff Wagner had them playing. That would likely mean a fairly big overhaul of the squad and time. With the time limit on the parachute payments it’s imperative to bounce back. For me they need someone who’s style isn’t wildly different to Wagner, that’s the best chance of going straight back up without needing 10 in and 10 out in the Summer.
  11. I think Premier League recruitment nowadays involves a little more than being caught up in the hype of a couple of classy goals.
  12. I’d go slight rotation to protect some players and give minutes to others. Dawson, Thorniley, Joey and Winnall in. Protect Westwood, Hutch, Fletcher and one other. Keep momentum going ideally against tough opposition.
  13. Steve Bruce is exactly what we need right now. Our current squad has plenty of experience. Also, if Bruce is agreeing to come here there must be some money knocking around for January. I’m not sure how but there’s no way he’d come here just to oversee a clearout with no investment.
  14. I’d be stunned if the support wasn’t there on the whole. Jos is doing a superb job so far. He’s maintained a decent winning ratio whilst blooding youngsters and coaching/improving players that some has written off. Look at Palmers performances. Look at the work rate and attitude from Matias and Joao. We’ve finished last season strongly and had our best start to this yet Jos still hasn’t worked with Lee or Hooper. We’ve had 3 wins on the bounce without our talisman in FF. The positives are there all over the place. There will always be social media meltdowns when we lose but I wouldn’t read too much into that. If Jos is given time and support we’ll be top 6 this season. And, perhaps most excitingly, we’ll get there with some of our own playing key roles.
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