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  1. Westwood, Iorfa and Bannan in for Dawson, Moses and Murphy for me. Millwall focus on the wide areas so our wide players have to work hard to cover the full backs. I think Reach and Harris are stronger at that. We’ve finally got the players to rotate without a huge drop off in quality. Harris and Lee have been a while without a run of games so both will need rotating at some point in the coming weeks. Fletcher needs to be rotated too but this is where we’ll struggle to match his quality. Rhodes would thrive with Murphy and Harris against a side like Luton but definitely plays the role a little differently.
  2. That’s exactly what I took from Saturday. There were a few times Reach and Lee hit the wingers with a first time ball out wide that really opened things up. Bannan would have had a field day feeding those two against Barnsley.
  3. Bannan has been comfortably our most effective player even when the teams performance has dropped. He’ll benefit as much as anyone with the added pace in the side and the extra space that’ll afford him in the middle. We were very good at times against Barnsley, but adding Bannan back into the fold is a no brainer. We’ll rotate players to suit opposition but unless his form dips drastically he’ll be excluded from that rotation.
  4. Where’s this been said? Thought he felt a niggle was rested as a precaution?
  5. From what I know of Barnsley they’re full of energy and they overran a strong Fulham side last week. I’d keep the same team from last week and enjoy the most impressive array of subs we’ve had in a while.
  6. He’s incredibly inconsistent and not someone we can build around. Selling at a good stage in his contract and if Chansiri has been as stubborn as normal then we’ll have got a good fee. Her one more out and a better version of Joao in on loan and that’ll be perfect.
  7. Don’t buy into us being miles off. We were shocking for half a season last year and were still hovering round the playoffs by the end of the season. We’re only a couple of signings, and sales, away from a very strong squad. Fulham’s front 4 aside it’s a very average league currently.
  8. Would be a bit disappointed to move Rhodes on now having started him so frequently in pre season. Would have been better off getting Joao or Winnall more minutes in ‘the stronger squad’. Also will never understand the obsession with the starting 11. He may start as sub at Reading and still be the key man against Barnsley at home. Very few teams can stick rigidly to 11-14 players. There has to be a squad and some rotation. He can be right for one game and not right for the next. We need balance and we need the depth, only move bodies on if we’ve got someone lined up.
  9. Is this based on the fact that the local journo said he was preparing an article on the embargo..? That seemed to confuse a few on Twitter
  10. Where’s all the ITK people? Very few whispers coming out. Wouldn’t read too much into the odds, I don’t think anyone has a clue what DC is thinking. I hope hes giving the pitch of his life to Hughton, by far the best candidate with Championship experience. We’ve got a very good squad here, just need a strong manager to finish this off.
  11. Have we released this seasons pricing categories?
  12. First few friendlies are just about minutes on the pitch and increasing sharpness. Builds up to the final friendly usually against superior opposition and should have the players hitting somewhere near peak by Reading.
  13. Us going from Bruce to Zola is the Championship equivalent of Newcastle swapping Rafa for Bruce. That would complete pretty a dismal couple of weeks for both clubs.
  14. It was but it was always going to be doomed due to the way transfer were handled. We need someone who will take over the whole show. The less DC handles of the playing side the better
  15. Don't think anyone is being signed.. it’s a Hughton thread and people are discussing the possible advantages of attracting him to the job.
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