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  1. First few friendlies are just about minutes on the pitch and increasing sharpness. Builds up to the final friendly usually against superior opposition and should have the players hitting somewhere near peak by Reading.
  2. Us going from Bruce to Zola is the Championship equivalent of Newcastle swapping Rafa for Bruce. That would complete pretty a dismal couple of weeks for both clubs.
  3. It was but it was always going to be doomed due to the way transfer were handled. We need someone who will take over the whole show. The less DC handles of the playing side the better
  4. Don't think anyone is being signed.. it’s a Hughton thread and people are discussing the possible advantages of attracting him to the job.
  5. Arteta? Didn’t he decline the Newcastle job as he’s being lined up as Pep’s understudy? If that’s true there’s no way he’s risking that for a stint at Wednesday.
  6. Is Knockaert still a regular? They did seem to sign replacements for him but not sure any of them pulled up any trees.
  7. Wasn’t it you claiming to be ITK and that they’ll be a swift replacement?
  8. I think threads like this and morons confronting the manager at the stadium are more embarrassing than people singing Bruce’s name at a point where NO FACTS WERE KNOWN.. At a point where our preparation has been completely derailed it’s bizarre to try and pick arguments with fellow fans.
  9. What’s the point of this thread? Until the post match interview no one had any idea what had actually happened. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. The post match interview was shocking and his actions are very disappointing. If he was taking charge tomorrow I’d expect a different reaction. You’ve made he same point a number of times about Saturday and I really can’t understand why.
  10. I appreciate it’s his home town club but why would you want to take your dream job knowing you’ll have your hands tied behind your back and your own fans heckling you. It’s not dissimilar to taking the Wednesday job under Allen whilst he was suing fellow fans. Couldn’t think of anything worse. Still, he’s probably less than 6 months away from a multi million pound payout which will soften the blow I’m sure.
  11. We’ve all seen, from afar, how tight Ashley has been with Newcastle. I’ll be stunned if he’s willing to pay to prize Bruce away. Nothing in Ashley’s time suggests he’ll pay any more than he needs to to fill the vacancy. He is only interested in the club avoiding relegation and protecting their value for the eventual sale. There’s survival experts like Tony Pulis available on a free. Safe hands
  12. I don’t know much about Harris beyond him fitting the rough criteria of what our squad is currently lacking - PACE. I can’t say I was overawed by the Aarons signing but in the games he played it was clear how much we’d missed a player in that mould. If Harris isn’t the one for you who would you be targeting for that position?
  13. IF that was the midfield set up it wouldn’t be a shock to see Reach play narrowly with a marauding full back providing the width. There were also a number of times where Forestieri played more as a 10 anyway which gives another body in there. I’d like to think we won’t go all in on Plan A this time and will build in some versatility so wouldn’t be shocked if four across midfield is one of the options with Reach and new man playing on the wings.
  14. I see where you’re coming from but I think the imbalance actually comes from the fourth position. We need a very attack minded winger to provide the balance. Reach will offer good protection of a full back on one side and Hutch will sit in but we could really do with some flair down the other side. JJ had a lot of limitations but there were games where he’d have sides doubling up on him which created space for others, when they didn’t double up he’d drag the team forwards signlehandledy. Pace and direct running is severely lacking. If we could add in a Wallace type to the squad it’d give us a bit of variation to change things during the game.
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