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  1. A very strange method. You claim to be ITK and say Tyson is having a medical. You then state that it proves that this site is full of bullshitters and idiots for claiming to be ITK, something you originally did. Do you see the irony, you bullshitting idiot.
  2. srklgj dklfji aiwn sm asfioaskj That's what happens when getting laid in bed. Oo look a new record 2 seconds before I shot my load.
  3. It's Bougherra not wood. Unless you have got your sayings mixed up.
  4. Mr Bach has already stated he has no problem with people lying to keep things confidential. It doesn't matter if at a later date the lie is discovered, although he would then be questioning the integrity of Megson for lying in the first place. Infact by condoning lying he has shown he has no integrity himself, which is funny as in other threads he loves to mount the high horse. 20K posts but how many were you truthful on? Megson was asked a direct question and he answered. Not once did I hear him say well we lost because of a clause in Miller's contract would kick in.
  5. Lets sack Megson cause he has lost the dressing room. So what we are saying is professional players are deliberately playing poor so they can get the current manager the sack. Well **** the lot of them. Is Megson the right man? Hopefully but for fvcks sake give him a chance. The players have played at a higher standard and all their old teams are in our around the bottom of the Championship and we got them for free. Yes, what a fantastic set of players. If Megson does go and we appoint someone and results do get better then we should thank the players for pulling our pants down and shafting us for the last 2 months, ruining further our ruined season. Accepting our payment and in return not giving one **** about us and people want us to feel sorry for them. Like I said I am not sure if Megson is the man but if the players win what happens if they don't like the next man. Do we put up with the crap until they leave, still taking our money. The question that needs answering is do these players have an ounce of integrity, because at the minute I do not believe they do and it is no wonder they were bombed out of their previous clubs.
  6. When I watch you Wednesday, all I can do is boo. and I just want to flipping boo and I just want to flipping boo. When I watch you Wednesday, all I can do is boo. and I just want to flipping boo and I just want to flipping boo. It's getting harder to watch any more. Cause the ball hasn't even been on the flipping floor. I just want to flipping boo and I just want to flipping boo. and I just want to flipping boo.
  7. I keep seeing the better squad for Megson. Grant>Weaver Purse> Our current defence, loan signings excluded cannot judge after 2 matches. Tudgay> Our current strikers. Of the ones that stayed from last year all have probablt gotten worse. Teale surplus to requirements at Derby struggling in the Championship Yorkshire Express and Mellor surplus to requirements at Preston who are bottom of the Championship Clinton surplus to requirements at Coventry currently imploding in the Championship Otsemobor surplus to requirements at a fellow league one team. Jones surplus to requirements at Wolves spnet the majority of his career on loan to league 1 and league 2 sides. Coke is the probable exception. In you go by the reports on this forum all the defender signed in January are not worth a flipping w4nk. Osbourne looks decent at this level. Madine is better then the forwards brought in last summer If I have missed anyone out of the stronger squad we currently have please tell us.
  8. Since going even we have attacked and looked good, sorry Mr Megson but this one is down to you.
  9. In an MJ voice.. We sit on the sides We are the Wednesday We are the ones in a better place to let's start giving. It's a sh1thole on there. It's about time we started to care. For all the people on the Kop, it's time to give.
  10. If we go on the basis of the human body. North is where the brains are and to the south c0cks and puss1es. The South Stand epitomises Dave Richard's reign at Hillsborough, both were costly and only now we are recovering. These are the people that supported the board no matter what, they must have done as they never gave any of the old board any grief, unless there was smudges on their Champagne glasses. Everytime I see the South it reminds of the pain we have suffered. As for racism, it is hypocritical to call the rest of the ground when on the South it is a well known fact that little Indian boys are employed to server tea and cucumber sandwiches to the colonial horde on there. The people on the North probably have more money as most of us spend time in the boozer before the game with our friends. The prentious mob on the South do not have any friends and basically have nothing to spend their money on apart from Wednesday, a sad existance I am sure you will agree but hey ho. So a quick summary North Stand - Neanderthals? Maybe. Real Men Definitely Kop - True Fans anyone willing to pay money on there with the crap view is hardcore Wednesday. It is all some can afford and yet they still make it. South Stand - Most upsarts, a few too old to remember that there are other places to view our beloved club . The upstarts call it the Grandstand. The real fans call it the Old Man's as it always was and always will be. A mate once told me he had to leave the Kop as some big bloke in some Terry Towelling Pyjamas kept looking at him funny. He said he was going to kick him in his bandana and my mate know Tae Karate Yie Ar Kung Fu, he's reyt hard. I sit on the North to the people on the Kop I doff my cap, to those on the South if I say hello it doesn't mean we are friends and I am inviting you around for Sunday dinner.
  11. Did nothing but score means exactly that, added nothing but a goal. Take you own advice
  12. The statement of Morrison did nothing but score shows you do not know how to play football. Kid.
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