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  1. Good documentary on the Xbox origins. Six chapters in total.
  2. Imagine Sainz being in 2nd and Max being in third. Which cars would have been allowed to unlap then.
  3. Improbable but if Max and Lewis were scrapping and going off the racing line. Sainz may have got the win or second place. Unfortunately the cars between him and Max were not allowed to unlap.
  4. Perez is a master with tyres though, he'll stay out as long as possible. Might not make a difference but you never know. Unless Plan B is stick your car in a wall and get a red flag.
  5. Can't believe they've stuck Hamilton behind Perez
  6. Keep Paterson, a player that can fill in in just about any position. He's looked decent in a back 3, the push that resulted in a wonder goal apart.
  7. His first game at wingback wasn't great, it was as though he was still in defensive mode in his head and was a bit cautious. However the player, management must have looked at it and then worked at it because he looks fairly natural at it a few games later. Just a simple adjustment in his mindset and he is looking very good.
  8. Some will be gutted he didn't score. They will have been ready to go, waiting to paste their pre written post but he didn't and we should all do what young Hirst has done. Move on. The pre written posts, ready to paste also happens every match. When we don't lose the vitriolic Moore posts have to wait. However as I said last night, they will be ready to pounce on Saturday.
  9. Unlucky lads, you'll have to wait for Saturday to see if you can post what you've had ready to go for quite a few weeks now.
  10. Shopida hasn't learnt from last time when he got away with a similar two handed push.
  11. A shame that shambles of the Belgian GP went ahead. it would have had both on equal wins and Max would have to chase the win.
  12. I thought this thread was going to be about Jordan Rhodes.
  13. Still sounds like they told RB first. Masi needs relieving if that's true, terrible planning
  14. Come on Bottas and Ocon start pumping it in
  15. Damaged wing? Still putting in fastest laps. G.O.A.T
  16. Max needs 5 seconds now, time for him to burn those tyres up.
  17. Should have told Merc first, I wonder if they did it the other way around?
  18. Should never ever hold a race on this same track again.
  19. Will they will change the gearbox? Look what happened to Leclerc at Monaco. Ferrari thought it was ok but it failed. A DNF would be a catastrophe for Max
  20. They're surrendering possession for counter attacking. Could work but their defence/team usually ends up all over the place. If they manage to get a point I think De Gea will have been MotM.
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