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  1. A scared manager playing scared football. Let's concentrate all our tactics on nullifying them. I really really really hope he has an epiphany and goals fly in left right and centre, from us of course. Then if we do get relegated, then at least we gave it a facking go. Instead of wilting like a summer flower in autumn, before the winter comes and all the colour fades away....... Oops had a moment, eff him tw4t
  2. There's a chance DC doesn't even know the score from tonight's game. In fact he might not even know we've played. What with restrictions and the time zone difference.
  3. They did us with Buttercup and we still went back. SWFC naive since MM effed off.
  4. In the first few matches, we played with high energy and lots of movement. Moved forward as a team and defended as a team. Now we lump it to no-one in particular and they don't even have to have a player near them. Lump it, hit and hope.
  5. Monk's interview will be that stare where he doesn't know what say, apart from. "We'll keep working hard on the training ground and I'm not going to walk away from the challenge." He'll then spend the rest of the week plotting on how to stop Wycombe from scoring.
  6. Reach and Windass on now we have to try and play a bit of football.
  7. Marriot is the forward version of Buttercup. Derby did us there too.
  8. This team would struggle in league 1 We might end up going down to League 2 for the first time
  9. He can't even do that right. That's the worse thing. Long ball is easy, smack it up front and get people close enough to win the second ball. ********
  10. They didn't expect as many fans asking for their money back. Well he fans didn't expect us to pay a player more than what is being asked for being sat on his arse.
  11. He works hard and is strong. If used correctly he could take up two players which should in turn create space for us to exploit. Unfortunately we are nowhere near close to him to receive the second ball or pass the ball quick enough to do so.
  12. GK Dawson. RB Pelupessy CB Odubajo CB Reach CB Flint CB Palmer LB Harris DM Bannan DM Paterson AM Windass CF Rhodes I know some players are out of position like Rhodes but there is potential there.
  13. I agree Berge does look decent always appears to have plenty of time on the ball. He'll be playing in the PL for some time. Who for however is a different matter.
  14. Can't you get Big air-con in? Fixes everything for a few weeks atleast.
  15. If we get Brown back, Bannan will be allowed breathing space as responsibility will be shared. We will see the best of Bannan then.
  16. Only if we can get rid of that decimal point
  17. His tactics are a combination of nullifying the opposition and then trying to get a goal. The emphasis is far too weighted towards the defensive side of things. We played two forwards who had no-one around them. Even if they won the ball the opposition could easily regain it. A very rigid shape that plays slow square balls. The players have to take some blame because they all look to Bannan, so we are fairly easy to play against. Playing the ball through Bannan all the time slows also slows us down at times. This is the first time I'm questioning Monk thi
  18. But they stand in a circle before matches. Cannot beat that sort of team spirit.
  19. I can't even form an identity of how we play. We have got rid of the naughty boys. The horrible fans are not allowed in. The grass is too green?
  20. Red card will be used as an excuse but nothing excuses what came before. Lack of tempo Lack of creativity Lack movement. Lack of a basic idea on how to play. Direct? Win the second ball Passing? Move into space Nothing, absolutely nothing
  21. That last throwing summed up the half. Lethargic and poor quality.
  22. I looked at Hootie's pictures like I look at a baby's ultrasound scan. No idea WTF I'm looking at just nod my head and say, "Oh yeah."
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