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    At the start of the season, it's through the effing roof, no matter the squad. At 3.05pm on Saturday 4th August I shall be able to give you a more realistic opinion. I would like to say to all the other Wednesday fans out there, "We have been kicked in the knackers for three consecutive seasons, time to set sail...."
  2. DobbinTheDonkey

    Would you prefer

    The first World Cup I remember is 1978 as a 6 yearold. We are 40 years on, I may only be around for another 6 or 7 World Cups, maybe less possibly maybe a few more. Call it 10, that's me at 86. 10 opportunities as apposed to 40 opportunities. I was 18 when we last got to the semi final, 28 years it has taken to get there again. World Cup every time, the pinnacle in football achievement.
  3. I watch England qualifiers but not that bothered about the friendlies. I put them on but it's more of a background thing. As for the World Cup, and Euro's for that matter, I watch as many matches as I can. I am a fan of football. I don't understand people who don't watch the PL because of SKY and all the money involved but then that is their choice. As for England I wasn't expecting much and have been pleasantly surprised. It appears we have a system and pick players to fit that system. Instead of the whole routine of picking a system and then trying to shoehorn the supposed best player in to that system whether it suits them or not. Are there bandwagon jumpers? Of course but it's nice. It's a bit like Xmas when, for a small amount of time, most people are nice to each other and get along. Will we win it? Doubt it but as long as we are still in the tournament and just like I do at the start of every season before kick off in our first match I will sit/stand there thinking. This is our year
  4. DobbinTheDonkey

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    If that blue bib was anything to go by, the £60 shirt will look like a pro fit one.
  5. DobbinTheDonkey

    Genuine question for all #swfc fans

    Elev8 mate, that giant brand name
  6. DobbinTheDonkey

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    I have read on here several times DC doesn't like stripes. Price out the fans, sell less kits then say, "See stripes are not that popular." How much money could someone have spent on home/away shirts in the last 5 years? I don't know cause I never buy one but pet shop me talk about exploiting your fan base.
  7. DobbinTheDonkey

    Speaking of birthdays...

    One of my favourite goals of his was when he was running with the ball it was bobbling all over the place and he never really had it control, then boom.
  8. DobbinTheDonkey

    Speaking of birthdays...

    Especially if he smashed one from thirty yards and you were sat thirty rows back.
  9. DobbinTheDonkey

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    If were not as busy and as important you are, you would have seen this has already been posted.
  10. DobbinTheDonkey

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Read this thread the information you require is in it. Unless you are calling Buxton a liar and we don't require another flounce on here.
  11. DobbinTheDonkey

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Maybe the chairman also heard what Hirst had said two years ago at Hillsborough and got the face on. However it appears the decision to move on happened two years ago. We could have continued to develop him in hope of more money from a tribunal or we could have said sod it and did what we did. The club should have sold him but they didn't. For some to say the Hirst's have stayed silent is wrong. Two years ago publicly at Hillsborough. If Buxton has his dates right. Let that sink in, tell the place you work for that if it is down to them their son will not sign another contract.
  12. DobbinTheDonkey

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    No you have to use that to slate SWFC, it's like a game. I'm watching Germany and Sweden and the grass at Sochi looks greener than the one at Hillsborough, do the groundsman or anyone at Hillsborough know what they are doing? And it has proper stripes.
  13. DobbinTheDonkey

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Has this been answered or do we have to wait for next week's episode of Soap?
  14. DobbinTheDonkey

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    I'd just re register, is Costello 75 available?
  15. DobbinTheDonkey

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    We have lost out on compensation but it is eff all compared to how much we have thrown away on senior players. Some who could have been over £100K a game I blame everyone involved apart from the young kid. Most of us at that age would not have known how to handle control the situation when it all started. That is when it should have been sorted out. The longer it went on ,as with a lot of falling outs in life, the harder it is to rebuild relationships. Hopefully all those concerned, learn from it for the better. Life's too short to, move on.