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  1. DobbinTheDonkey

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    Managers very rarely change their style. Mourinho, Karanka and Bruce set up more defensively. Holloway and Smith's teams are going to concede. Bruce needs his type of players to play his style of football. Hopefully he has been told he can get those type of players and not players brought in by someone else. Unless Bruce and the person doing the buying are on the same page. Otherwise....
  2. DobbinTheDonkey

    Absolutely nothing going forward today.

    The more space Bannan has the better he is. We set up with one upfront and no pace. They can hold an high line and even push their fullbacks on, knowing it will be a rare occasion if we do get in behind them. They could even have a keeper/sweeper patrolling outside the edge of his box. This all condenses play in our own half with little outlet and constant pressure. Bannan has little space to operate and becomes ineffectual.
  3. DobbinTheDonkey

    A new signing

    I'd agree with this, can also whip a ball in. We shall see
  4. DobbinTheDonkey

    A new signing

    As a midfielder you need to know what is happening all over the pitvh. Constantly looking behind you and at the side. Palmer struggles at the former, sometimes he does a good job but more often than not we see him have no idea what is happening behind him and he also ball watches a lot. The reason he gets caught out a lot. Now the constant looking can be learned even later in a career because it is purely mental and once you get into the habit then it becomes second nature. I don't think Palmer could do a job but I do think he could do a better job than Joey, which tells us one of our problems.
  5. 4 games, although really 3, in 9 days. No injuries, no reds not even a yellow. IMPOSTOR!!!
  6. DobbinTheDonkey


    No rush, unless we are really going for it this season. Or the longer he waits something could happens a Stoke and Forest, you never can tell.
  7. DobbinTheDonkey

    That Goal

    You do not wait for any call. You take responsibility until a call is made. If you attack the ball and then the call comes then berate the keeper for calling late. If you attack the ball and the call never comes then you have done your job. If you know the keeper has had a few issues on crosses during the season then protect him and make the decision yourself.
  8. DobbinTheDonkey

    James Gregg on Westwood

    While you're asking him questions, ask which door I should use at the parlour? I've been waiting for an answer for almost an hour,
  9. DobbinTheDonkey

    James Gregg on Westwood

    "They haven't poisoned our dressing room or anything like that. They've been professional "It's not our fault as players so they haven't taken it out on us. "It's nice to be back with the full squad all in unity and going in one direction." He never got his inside scoop from Reach.
  10. DobbinTheDonkey

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Which door do you use? I'm asking for myself
  11. DobbinTheDonkey

    Westwood - 2 Games 2 Clean Sheets

    Dawson has weaknesses to his game that need work. His punching can be poor, so when he does punch the ball and doesn't get a clean hit his confidence goes and he can retreat and stop coming for the ball. His decision making can be poor as well as his starting positions Distribution can be poor. A settled defence should help him but he still has to organise it. The defence didn't help him today, any cross that comes into the box has to be attacked by whoever is defending as you know there is a chance he isn't going to come for the ball. A big problem appears to be a mistrust between the defence and the keeper but again a settled defence should help. Jos didn't help with having him roll the ball out to the defence all the time, due to his poor decision making he sometimes put defenders under pressure which in turn put us under pressure. Dawson is a big unit, he needs to be braver command his 6 yard box and clear everyone in his path as he comes for the ball. If he masters this and keeps praticing his kicking we should have a very good keeper on our hands. But while the mistrust exists between his defence and the crowd then nervousness will naturally creep in.
  12. DobbinTheDonkey


    What Hutch has over Joey, which Joey can learn from is the awareness of what is happening on the pitch. Know when to go with the man or know when to mark the space. When he gets frustrated, that is the moment when he decides to go into the space and make a mark on the man
  13. DobbinTheDonkey

    James Gregg on Westwood

    I feel like I've violated myself now, but he has had the response he wants, evennhis own thread on here, which I've contributed to. Hence the violation. He isn't worth the time or effort and Biggsy you can f\/ck off too, Bland doesn't do you enough justice as far as adjectives go.
  14. DobbinTheDonkey

    Hutch's salute....

    Jos could have been at the match and I still don't think he would have noticed.
  15. DobbinTheDonkey

    Fans forum match day thread

    He hasn't got the words anything and everything mixed up has he? If it's the latter it paines a slightly and I mean slightly better picture.