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  1. An excellent all round player, excellent technique, vision and passing ability, strong as an ox. However he never finished top goal scorer, which was a surprise. Last hit over 15 goals 6 years ago and his best season for us was 3 years ago, the only one where he played more than half the matches. Although before he got that everlasting thigh strain he could have been on to an excellent season last year, 10 goals in 22. He should be good for another club, if he can stay fit but in the end was not worth what we believe he was paid. Don't get me wrong I liked him but value for money he wasn't. But then a lot of footballers aren't.
  2. I think both were great but we are not in a position to possibly waste any more money. Now if deals can be agreed based on a low basic with a better bonus for playing then I would possibly be tempted. However both are probably coming to the twilight of their respective careers and if I was them I'd go for the longest, highest offer.
  3. Dawson's biggest issues are His distribution let's him down at times, can be worked on. Communication. Either he isn't saying anything or the defence isn't listening. What he needs to do is go into work tomorrow and smash and hammer all the defenders. After that the defence will listen. He's a big unit, he needs to be taking everyone out when coming for a cross, if he masters that then it will be a non issue in future as no-one will go near him. Seriously though if he doesn't sort out the communication issues, we may as well get shut.
  4. I expected to end as an 'if only season.' However they went from looking like they could go down to a chance of the playoffs with 2 games left. A good manager and the only solace we might get from the pigs going up is you don't have to spaff loads of cash to get promoted. Get an effective system, get plays to fit that system and with some graft you will not be far away.
  5. Rhodes and Sharp both excel in anticipation. They may not be the quickest but react quick and get into a position to score. We take 4 or 5 passes to do the job 1 or 2 passes might do. We get the ball out wide and then wait. Not so much now as we have started to deliver the ball quicker but we also have a tendency to revert back to CC's style of pass, pass and pass again. Move a team about and then deliver the ball quicker, both players get that yard of space which can make all the difference.
  6. FFP will be an issue for for at least 2 years possibly 3. If we lost 20 million last season and the same this season, we are over the margin already for the next 2 seasons.
  7. I do in a way, however Bruce makes the decision of picking who he thinks will win us the game.One thing Bruce has achieved so far is making FF not appear as indispensable as a lot of us once thought.
  8. He reminds me of Wayne Rooney.at times, lower standard obviously, everything seems so simple and at his own pace.
  9. Played ok tonight but I'll base him on his four years not four games, unfortunately not produced enough in that time frame.
  10. Playoffs everyday. If the pigs go up then they have deserved it. If we have a 1% chance then I'd take that
  11. I want us to win every game. If the pigs go up then so be it. I'm not insecure enough to let it bother me.
  12. Why would the judge think he said it? Did the judge do a bit racial profiling himself. After all FF is a Latin American? New headline. Judge thinks because Forestieri is from Latin America he probably said, after all they have form.
  13. JP has to learn when to mark the man and when to mark the space. It can be learned, comes with experience and confidence. The latter is probably the biggest complaint because he doesn't trust himself he would rather play a short ball to Bannan rather than taking it on himself, which he has done. Is he a straight replacement for Hutch? No Can he do a job? Yes but he will need help from those behind him telling him when to stick or twist, until he grows more into the role.
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