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  1. As I have previously mentioned Negatives -Teams cannot defend Positives -He's never had Westwood between the sticks.
  2. I thought Tonto's mummy said he wasn't allowed on the internet any more because he had been a naughty boy.
  3. Holloway is your man. No idea how to defend but Westwood would negate this.
  4. Ashley will wait and wait. He isn't that bothered, he wants to sell. We on the other hand need to plan, so waiting basically brings the compo down. Bruce could resign and then try to move but by doing that he ends his contract, if we agree a deal with him still employed he will be paid up, fat c\/.nt
  5. Lee Bowyer to Newcastle. I heard. In my own head, got a quid on it
  6. The team needs leaders now Hector has gone. With the exception of Hutch I don't think we have any others, Bannan does his bit but we need more.
  7. Then surely it would be Moland Nilsson
  8. An excellent all round player, excellent technique, vision and passing ability, strong as an ox. However he never finished top goal scorer, which was a surprise. Last hit over 15 goals 6 years ago and his best season for us was 3 years ago, the only one where he played more than half the matches. Although before he got that everlasting thigh strain he could have been on to an excellent season last year, 10 goals in 22. He should be good for another club, if he can stay fit but in the end was not worth what we believe he was paid. Don't get me wrong I liked him but value for money he wasn't. But then a lot of footballers aren't.
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