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  1. Hutch delivers a better long range pass than Bannan. Usually driven and in front of the player, rather than the high arcing ones at the man Bannan delivers at times. Would have made a good sweeper back in the days when they were used
  2. I don't think his kicking is ever going to get better, it is what it is you just have to adapt as a team.
  3. Won 2nd balls, closed men down, passed the ball quickly. Complete opposite of the midfield Saturday. Why Monk thought Bannan could play the deeper of the 3 midfielders I will never know, he lacks the defensive side of positional awareness, excellent when going forward but very poor when there is space. In congested areas, ie under the cosh, it doesn't get noticed as much as there are other players close.
  4. It could be negative but Monk will know teams will press Bannan so space should be created in the hole he leaves, he could be a tactic to force teams to come on to us. However the target man was poor and the other central midfielders were shocking.
  5. Until the advisers go nothing will change. If someone cannot understand that he is being badly advised then... The plan was to get in the PL as fast as possible then think of the possibilities with all that cash. Not possibilities for the fans just the leeches and hangers-on that appear.
  6. The game plan is to use a target man. Fletcher excellent at it but is injured. The wide forwards were getting better and the advanced midfield two were the preferential choice. So Fletcher is injured which leaves us to choose from 3. Nuhiu decent at holding it up, technically dceent as well, works hard but is slow and when having an off game control passing are poor. Winnall, weak as p1$$, can work hard, technically poor, cannot pass. Rhodes painful to watch him used as a target man, in fact painful ti think about him being used as a target man. So up front with Fletch out we are shafted. Luongo and Lee were poor never won a second or third ball. Wide men, Reach is better on the left, Murphy is better back at Newcastle
  7. We have and still are paying millions and millions a year. Nuhiu is our go to guy. Know disrespect to Atdhe, I like him, but after spending millions and millions and millions, well... It appears we are all getting rinsed.
  8. That was a yellow card every day of the week. But he didn't give one. Why? Because he will have looked at the red card incident at half time and been embarrassed.
  9. Every player in a squad is a replacement for someone, if they are not then they need to f\/ck off. If Palmer wants to get back in the team he either earns it or Big O loses form. Same with Westwood, Lees, Hutch, Harris, FF and all the others not in the first team. Come on as a sub, takes those minutes and do everything you can to get in the first 11. For instance take TAA, was back up to Clyne. Injury meant he got an opportunity, he took it with both hands and has never looked back since.
  10. He's got the physical aspects, strength and pace. Now it's time for him to learn and learn but from his interviews he looks like he wants to. He could learn a lot about positioning from Borner and Hutch, new swfc cop duo. But the ingredients are there. All about the mental aspects of the game now, which can make poor players average, average players good and very good players world class.
  11. It's the way of the world. No matter what the subject is a lot of people have become so bigoted that they believe that you have to be either really really for some something, or really really against it. No middle ground, it's like dealing with children.
  12. Bannan can play well in a three, it's his positional discipline that can let him down. It will happen whether he's in a 2, a 3, a 4 or a 5. If the opposition crowd him out he drops deeper and deeper looking for the ball, instead of looking for the space in and around him but it's easier to drop off.
  13. My back 3 would have been. Iorfa Borner Fox Iorfa has pace and can bring the ball forward if needed Borner reads the fame well can pass and is a very good organiser best suited for middle. Fox next best option on left after Borner. I'd then use wingbacks, Moses on the right pace and energy and with being a wb would spend less time in our box. Left hand side at the minute would be Palmer Middle 3 Bannan Luongo ??? Top two would be Fletch and Harris, however Harris would be the one playing down the channels/ Start in the middle but constantly running space in between defenders. This gives us the option of knocking diagonal balls or playing it shorter for Fletch to keep then bring others in. It's the third midfielder, ideally would have been Lee from two years ago, a player able to get beyond the forwards. Trouble is you can work on this pre season so everyone knows their roles, mid season is harder as while you have a chance with the playoffs you don't really want to change what works. Although no matter what formation we use we need to move the ball a lot lot faster.
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