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  1. Looked like keeper coming back down the peak. Some excellent stuff but some woeful stuff, it's time, but we need a new keeper. However scorer of the second goal does not get marked at all and basically gets a free run on the ball
  2. I'd rather see Palmer as a DM with Moses at RB rather than Joey P.
  3. Fox's improvement could possibly have a lot to do with whom is alongside as far as positioning goes. Borner and Hutch are both good communicators, is it a coincidence since Palmer reverted back to right back his form has dipped slightly?
  4. This thread reads to me as though it's the player making the decision yet it happens time and time again. So they either don't listen or..,.
  5. He hasn't had a transfer window yet. Hopefully he will be allowed to bring some players in the areas we need.
  6. With Luongo and Bannan available we would have got a result today. Pelupotter and Reach are giving us a disadvantage. Eff knows what has happened to the latter.
  7. We were 7 minutes away from a 'Good teams grind out a win, even when playing poorly' post from someone.
  8. Well at least we have turned some second half performances in to 90 minutes.
  9. Poor from Monk this, I thought we'd go more direct but atm we are playing percentage football.
  10. Bewildering how no one on the pitch or on the bench has told Pelapotter to fizz off from taking corners. In fact it's a f\/cking disgrace.
  11. Just like when we played Cardiff, Prutton and Morrison were throwing the massive tag about.
  12. I am now confident that if we score 2 we win. That's how far we have come. Yes we invite pressure but we have dealt with it, mostly.
  13. He's got a chance to be Lewis Buxton MK2
  14. He probably got told in his ear that Palmer pulled Flint back, so did his best to even it up.
  15. The problem is he stepped left to see, then Flint covered again so he stepped left again and every time it happened he went left.
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