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  1. Greg Wallace looks rough but happy or constipated.
  2. He made a Cherry and Ricotta tart to use up some cherries. He had extra cherries, extra effing cherries, such opulence. Extra cherries indeed.
  3. The problem then would have been. Why did he change formation from the one that served us well in the last two games. People would have explained why as you did but then others would still not take it into account. The stick always has to be ebaten.
  4. Gordon Google? Played for Ghent alongside Sandra Berge who the pigs signed.
  5. Hart is a spiller, always has been but when he was younger his recovery skills got him out of the sticky situations. Has he has got older and his reflexes waned it was apparent he had poor handling skills. Also he is crap at any shot hit low down to his left.
  6. Just keep going and see what happens. However last 2 matches show a style and system that has worked Hopefully the recruiters are on board and find players that fit
  7. His yellow card proved how intelligent he is. Remember the 2-2 against WBA? Joey let the player run through. Not today, Lee took the yellow and nullified any potential danger.
  8. It's so Wembley can make money off the fans. Oh.........
  9. Either get his contract extended now or sell. Instead of waiting and him going for free.
  10. To be fair to Rhodes he made a few runs to the front post, taking a defender with him. This created space at the back post. He also manages to get in between defenders before making his slow run. The intelligence is there but the his pace is lacking. The one he missed was unfortunate but I cannot see another player on our books who would make that run. Wickham and Rhodes are who we have, let's hope they have enough to keep us up.
  11. I'd rather have Palmer in midfield than Joey. As for centre of defence, we had the ideal man in Hutch but that ship is way over the horizon. Borner is the next best after but he gets attracted to the ball to easy. Lees distribution is awful and the opposites would allow him time on the ball until he eventually does a Tom Lee's lump. A new centrehalf would probably needed but someone who is good with the ball and an excellent organiser come at a premium. It would either mean gambling on someone in a lower league or getting someone more experienced but the wrong side of 30. We do have to sort the defence out if you don't concede goals you do not lose and it's a foundation you can build on.
  12. Naivety was his biggest downfall. Some thing you can get away with at lower level football which you will get punished at a higher level. As some good attributes but the main ones he needs happen inside his head. If he is willing to learn he could become a decent player. All up to him.
  13. You do realise there are different types of training. Ledley King never trained on the pitch but always trained in the gym. Guess we will never know but it never stops people.
  14. When choosing a back 3 I would not have Lees as the middle man. The middle man of a back three needs to be able to read the game, marshal the defence, be comfortable on the ball and be good at passing. Lees struggles with the last two and I'm not sure on the first two. We had a man who would have been good but that ship has sailed. Could Borner do the job? Possibly but he needs a keeper behind who is quick and good with his feet. If you did go with Borner in the middle then Fox would go left side.
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