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  1. DobbinTheDonkey

    Championship Form Table

    Ipswich, Leeds, QPR and Norwich could be claimed as taking their foot off the gas, although Leeds haven't had their foot on the gas since December? Four teams all the other 20 have had something to play for.
  2. He needs two footing before he thinks he can add himself to the squad next season, a shame Hutch can't sneak on for the fans.
  3. DobbinTheDonkey


    Every midfielder was crap today and even if they were in top form they would have still struggled. Jos, like in most matches so far, gave up winning the midfield from the first minute.
  4. DobbinTheDonkey

    End of season clear out

    Full games or part game does it include sub appearance because without the actual time on the pitch a 1 minute sub appearance = a 90 minute appearance.
  5. DobbinTheDonkey

    End of season clear out

    Yup, relegated PL teams. Convince them that the high earners have only struggled due to playing in a poor team. Once they play with ex PL players quality they will shine. I'll start. I hope we don't lose Abdi, Fletcher and Rhodes, they will be reyt players in the reyt team.
  6. DobbinTheDonkey


    Can we convince West Brom to spend some of their parachute payment on one of our big wage earners?
  7. DobbinTheDonkey


    So awful it got us to the playoff final.
  8. DobbinTheDonkey

    When Jos came to Sheffield Wednesday

    At the moment teams are expecting to beat us, so play more open. The proof will be when teams sit back and how we unlock them. Gerritin mixer for Atdhe and J-Wow is what I say.
  9. DobbinTheDonkey


    He does have very good delivery that corner the other day was the best I've seen at Hillsborough for years, in swinging with pace.
  10. DobbinTheDonkey

    Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Then you need to understand that anything written down is taken at face value or taken depending on the mood of the person reading. Without a tone of a voice or everyone knowing the variables being used when make a statement then people will take it how they see fit. Some will understand, others won't.
  11. DobbinTheDonkey

    Current Strikers - Goals per Minute

    Here is something England managers have failed at for years. Always choose your team on current form. What happened two years ago or even last season has no bearing on this season apart from the first few weeks. So we have. Joao 17/18 8 159 Nuhiu 17/18 5 195 Hooper 17/18 9 214 Rhodes 17/18 3 476 Fletcher 17/18 2 535 We will also add Forestieri 17/18 1 111 Lee 17/18 3 334, hmm better than forwards on £30K plus (missed him big time)
  12. DobbinTheDonkey

    Unbiased Press?

    Maybe he's a big fan of Monster Trucks and the BBC didn't show it. DAMN THAT GRATION TO HELL!!! (shakes fist)
  13. DobbinTheDonkey

    End of the road for Rhodes?

    'The same Sam Winnall who has scored more goals in this division since 2015 than ANY other striker???' Sam Winnall was in League 1 in 2015, so we have at least 2 who have scored more in this division. Unless I have missed something. As for Rhodes he has had more time and excuses made for him than any other of our forwards. Nuhiu has been a bit part player for most of the last two seasons. Yet he has never been afforded the, 'Cannot judge when only playing 5 or 10 minutes here and there as sub.' J-Wow was a waste of time, yet similar to Nuhiu made brief appearances. Both have grabbed the opportunities with both hands, Rhodes will have fallen over trying with one hand. I really hope he comes good but he has to work and work.
  14. DobbinTheDonkey

    Let's judge Jos on these eight games

    We were outnumbered in midfield for the majority of the match because our supposed wingbacks reverted to their fullback position, for a lot of the match, making it a back 5. With no pace upfront, Preston could hold a high line and basically any clearance was coming back. If we passed it out we were generally ok but any clearance, if Atdhe doesn't control we were creating pressure on ourselves. Bannan started on the right. Hutch neagted himself. Joey and Reach did not impose themselves at all in the first half. Introduce J-WoW, a bit of pace, Preston's defence automaticallt drops off 15/20 yards. It created space Bannan started getting on the ball. Two quick goals and then we stopped working and dropped deeper and deeper. Forwards isolated and Bannan tired. Introduction of FF offered more on a counter attacking front. The back 3 were very good yesterday but if we give up midfield as easy as we did yesterday then we will could still struggle.