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  1. Always tries to pinch the ball, which when he misses makes him massively out of position and he doesn't have the pace to recover. When all the defenders are fit, , he could struggle to make the first 11.
  2. Pereira cost the Baggies £9 million apparently, was by far the best player on the pitch. !/2 the value of, Brewsters millions, Sandra Berge and Worzel McBurnie
  3. Wasn't a good watch but we have 2 points more than I thought we would have. I said previously I thought we were in for a rough December until the window opens, then we shall know how much say TP has. We look solid at the back so we need our set pieces to drastically improve, which they should, hopefully, over time. As for Owlstalk the forum. In under a month we've gone from, Team 1. The players are crap. Team 2. Monk is crap. Team 3. Monk and the players are both crap. Team 4. Those in charge have done a crap job, In their opinion
  4. I think Odubajo stuck his head in where the overhead kick was attempted, possible high foot. Agree, green shoots
  5. I half expected him to pull a twenty quid note out of his pocket Going on how he answered it, he is under pressure. There is no guarantee he could take them back up. The basis of the team has been broken. There are high earners an there are not so high earners. If the high earners appear to not be pulling their weight then it causes division, possibly something that happened in our squad.
  6. Encroachment on 2nd pen. VAR didn't pick it up. Keeper off his line again.
  7. The real problem was the transfers in the summer, The current manager and the last one play pragmatic football with the focus being on a good target man. We didn't sign one. You then need runners in midfield to win the second ball. We didn't sign any. Now either Monk wanted to play a different way but didn't Or the transfer approach didn't have a clue how we were going to play. Given that the latest two managers have similar styles, there appears to be a lack of communication between manager and the transfer people. We are in for a r
  8. He wouldn't have been my choice but I really, really hope he is successful.
  9. I've been watching Bird Box over and over again. I've seen how Sandra Bullock does it and attempted to do the same. I reckon when I watch us, I can tie a blindfold tight and yet loose enough not to leave an imprint in my head. If you see anyone walking down the street, although in lockdown you may not, with imprints of blindfolds in the temple area of their heads. Please show a bit of empathy with your fellow Owls. They haven't had experience of tying blindfolds and in fear of TP's football style tied it too tight. Bird Box is currently showing in Netflix, stop p
  10. Good argument but you're suggesting these were Monk's signings. With the style of football Monk supplied I don't think he had any idea what to do with them. So probably not his signings. He was given his own backroom staff and we were still poor.
  11. Hmm, if it doesn't improve I could see Van Winkel taking over transfer policy. Over £100 million in under 18 months? Wilder walks.
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