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  1. On a separate note is there any chance we can get the OMDT and the MoM in a separate area and locked after an allotted time. It would be easier to review a season without having to search for them come May.
  2. Helan wouldn't have followed the ball. He would have stood and watched, then reacted
  3. Went for Harris purely because he ran and ran, then the mopping up he did. Some players switch off and ball watch but he followed the ball making vital clearances.
  4. He gets a fresh start this season. Last season was too disruptive to base a proper analysis. However if you did, he was very average and always appeared to be blowing out of his arse after 30 minutes. His red card while harsh happened because he was off the pace. Hopefully his fitness issues are over and we can see the proper player.
  5. Edna is having a nightmare, they need to bring Sandra on for more protection.
  6. 2nd - A tale of the 2nd season, of everyone's 2nd favourite team. 2nd hand nickname, 2nd hand ground, 2nd hand theme song, 2nd hand TV. From the 2nd team of Sheffield. But 2nd should definitely be in the title.
  7. Rhodes to bang in 25 this season and then leave on a free.
  8. Southgate got a lucky route in the World Cup and failed to beat any decent team in open play. Sweden are crap before anyone mewntions them. He will live off it for the next 4 years. All that attacking talent and we're playing scared football. He';; probably mention possession and how we kept the ball but didn't do enough with it. Well we won't do Gareth if the majority of out team like to play around the halfway line.
  9. At least we have allowed other clubs and agents to know how desperate we are for a couple of forwards, so that they can rinse us on fees and wages. Or loan fee and wage contribution.
  10. 2nd - A tale of the 2nd season, of everyone's 2nd team. 2nd hand nickname, 2nd hand ground, 2nd hand theme song. From the 2nd team of Sheffield.
  11. Tom Lees is more of a blocker than a tackler. With blocking you give less fouls away and don't leave yourself stranded but you are more likely to concede a higher position as you back track. It can also give you a bit more time for other players to get back and help. With a vocal keeper it is a better way of defending as players want you to commit to the tackle so they can draw a foul. He's also solid in the air, even if he cannot win the ball he will do enough to put the players off. Loovens was more of a blocker to, the defensive line kept it's shape mostly and it showed. However Iorfa and especially Borner get drawn to the ball to try and pinch it. Giving fouls away or getting caught out of position. Iorfa has the pace to recover, Borner doesn't. Given that both can be caught out, the defensive line stops being a line and is easy to exploit. Playing against us last season any ball just had to go Borners side for the majority of the time because he will come and leave a massive gap behind him. Iorfa had to cover a lot and had the pace to do so. Lees not so much then depending if Palmer was ambling back a huge are would appear on our right hand side. Pass up near Borner, a quick return, through ball in behind.
  12. 2nd season of everyone's 2nd favourite team from Sheffield's 2nd team
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