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  1. DobbinTheDonkey

    One thing that REALLY irked me

    To be fair to Thorniley he actually started to organise the defence and get them in straight line. Instead of the zig zag one we had.
  2. DobbinTheDonkey

    There's only one ex boyfriend

    I'm not sure but are you saying Dawson is going to get arrested if he carries on playing between the sticks?
  3. DobbinTheDonkey

    Time for a poll

    Red mist? Should I close my windows and put towels near the base of my doors?
  4. DobbinTheDonkey

    Absolute shadow of what we used to be

    And here we have it. If it was cheaper and the team was trying their best but just were not good enough the fans would back them every inch. However when it is you who hasn't made any mistakes and are taken for granted and then taken advantage due to blind loyalty, then the fans have reason for discontent. It's going to take 3 years to reset this crap, hopefully we can stay in the division
  5. DobbinTheDonkey

    We have no identity!

    We are ponderous in everything we do. There is our I.D
  6. DobbinTheDonkey

    Defence Defence Defence

    Hector needs to do the defensive midfielder job. Stick with a back four which makes Lees and Palmer more comfortable, telling the latter to make sure he defends first. Use some width to at least stretch the opposition and get some runners in behind and not just making straight runs. Our team looks more effective when playing more direct football. The passing into the feet of the forward fails if it isn't Fletch as the other two are too unpredictable when trying to control it. So get the ball further up the pitch where we have more time to react rather than putting ourselves under pressure straight away. I also think Dawson has to come out now, his confidence will be shot and the defence need an organiser behind them.
  7. DobbinTheDonkey

    How you feeling

    My feelings can be seen 11 months ago. Same type of football. Slow, rarely trouble the oppositions shape and instead of passing and moving we like to do the fancy one touch fancy flicks. Which looks good when it comes off but we usually just give the ball away, The optimism of a few seasons has gone. The players appear to not know what to do. The coach appears to pick players out of an hat. The owner appears to have, well I say appear has effed up because he didn't know what he was doing or his advisers knew what they were doing
  8. DobbinTheDonkey

    Young team needs support right now

    Fans are probably willing to wait but they are paying a premium price due to complete naivety at the top.
  9. DobbinTheDonkey

    Difference between the two sides

    They attacked with a purpose, we do not and haven't for most of the season.
  10. DobbinTheDonkey

    How does the club sell next season...?

    Overworked? Underpaid? Family getting on your t1t5? Come down to Hillsborough and watch Wednesday. Playing football is their job. They do it every day and for some reason some of them cannot pass the ball in front of a player. It's either straight at them or behind or even out of touch. Watch them get the ball in a good position look up and see one fellow player in the box. All that negative energy built up during the week and then this lot will allow you that Krakatoa moment. Released, breathe and enjoy the reset. They sometimes play well to, so get yourself down to Hillsborough
  11. We appear to set up like an away team every match. Chances are going to be few and far between.
  12. DobbinTheDonkey

    penney may be off

    If Morgan Fox would have put in a similar performance the mods would have had to merge about 8 threads tonight, possibly more.
  13. DobbinTheDonkey

    Our ‘pressing’ game

    When you press it is always better for the whole team to press. When we do it the forwards might give it a go, joined occasionally by a midfielder , the opposites just pass into the space behind and straight away, there are three players are out of the picture and the can get up to the half way line unchallenged, as the rest of out team are back in our half.