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  1. If I was a player I'd be getting my agent to get my next move ready. It might be less money but at least there is a good chance I'll get paid on time. Honestly, only a player trying to get back in the game will ever sign for us.. Any competent player or one with some intelligence, will avoid us. I can see the latest managerial team walking before the season starts because if I was them I would be getting my agent to find my next move.
  2. As I saw, and agree with, on the internet, there is no problem with 4 RB's. All winners Trippier La Liga winner James CL winner Walker PL winner. Trent MotM winner against Villa at home.
  3. This is by far the worse song suggestion yet
  4. A lot of pain for a big screen, about the only thing he got right. With the money invested excellent foundations could have been laid. We, after becoming established in the Championship properly now, could be a team that is always challenging for the playoffs. Able to build on the squad yer after year with a sensible approach. However we have a house of cards. Built on the beach. The wind is picking up The tide is coming in.
  5. DC is consistent in allowing players to walk for free.
  6. Hmm, I bought ifollow using my Paypal. Knowing how we operate, they will possibly look at my purchase history then decide that is the value that gets deducted off the price of my ST. Hopefully not but knowing this club I might have to start providing my own proof of purchase
  7. Well one Lincoln, just shows you do not have to spend millions and millions and millions and millions. One game away from the Championship.
  8. Goalkeeping has evolved and they need to be good with their feet. Dawson is the better of the two. But if we are to play it around at the back, we need a keeper who is good with his feet and plays at the edge of his area. Look how it affected the pigs, they lost a keeper with said attributes and his replacement automatically meant they dropped back 10/15 yards so had to go long more often.
  9. Hillsborough is to be auctioned off. Last week while Dion Dublin was filming 'Homes Under the Hammer' for said auction, he was offered a 3 year contract by the club.
  10. Seeing Donny Belles mentioned reminded me of the absolute hypocrisy of the governing bodies when they were outraged over the creation of the ESL. Nobody cares about the integrity of the game unless they're not getting their share of the pot.
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