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  1. A good away performance. For the most part we only looked threatened when we were out of shape. Either Borner getting sucked into the forward dropping off and them making a run in behind or the fullbacks being behind the centrebacks defensive line. Odubajo did well, massive mistakes against Preston but today coped well with no-one in front of him till Reach went there. Bannan showed what a different player he can be by just being further 15 yards further up the pitch.
  2. To be honest you sound a bit needy, I don't blame them.
  3. That clip summed most of his time here. Flash of quality followed by mediocrity.
  4. 'Great servant' Bullen has done very well out of us, unless of course he does it all for free.,
  5. QPR got their game plan spot on. Appeared to know our weaknesses and exploited them. Run through the middle or knock it to the big man, wait for the CB to follow then play a diagonal ball in behind. We appeared to pick a team and hope for the best. We then change a few players and appeared to believe more attacking players means more goals, even if they are playing out of position. QPR have two big lads at the back let's knock long balls, instead of trying to turn them. Reach has the beating of their RB with pace but their LB can keep up with Harris, let's keep them in the same position because it's not working but it might do. Ratings Westwood, Borner Fletch 6 Most a 5 A few 4. 1st goal Fox was out of position and did lose the ball but it was about 35 yards from their area and they still had a lot to do. 2nd goal Palmer had no idea what was happening behind him, a trait he had lost but it came back and cost us.
  6. To be fair to Rowett I bet Stoke wished they were 14th at the moment.
  7. Even the young kids that play at half time had more of an idea.
  8. Bannan has done nowhere near enough this season to be an automatic choice.
  9. Made a decent living out of Wednesday, no sympathy at all. As I said previously he was here under CC and Jos when it all went wrong. He either didn't say anything or didn't see it. Maybe even saw it, said something but wasn't listened to. Today's match was like one of those kids Sunday league matches where the manager just tried things without any logical thought.
  10. This definitely, about the coach. Awaits the response of Stuart Gray
  11. Bullen's trouble is he is in limbo. A manager has to sometimes make hard decisions and upset players. He could do it now but if he does have to step back then it will make his old job harder. He either get's the given the job or we appoint someone else but the decision has to be made.
  12. Reach can play left, right and central. Fletcher can play up front on his own. Until we sort out the other two asking Lees what he watched on TV last night neither will happen. Fletcher will get no support because the player in behind him has to cover so much space. If Bannan and Hutch insist on playing so deep, then one needs dropping. I prefer the one who can hit a long driven pass in front of the player instead of the one that hits an arcing ball at the player.
  13. The problem is support. Bannan and Hutch play far too deep. Hutch is the better at playing deep because he can hit a driven long pass in front of the receiving player, Bannan hits an arcing ball, usually straight at the man, good in some situations but crap on the counter. Bannan needs to get further up the pitch, the opposition will still pick him up, so gaps should appear if he moves about. Lee and Reach can get beyond Fletch but if they do and the ball goes in the other direction because the other two are so far back we lose the ball. Reach was poor in the first half against Luton, yet in the second half when the other two pushed up he was a lot better, hmm was it Reach or was it the massive gaps around him because Less was showing Hutch and Bannan his tan.
  14. Bannan is an excellent player but needs to be in the oppositions half or have an open pitch. If he is put under pressure he drops deeper and deeper. We need to utilise the opposition leaving space behind, when they close BB down.
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