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  1. No, we need to start learning instead of yearning. Same with any player going into their last year. If they're in future planes of an extension., If they are not or are unwilling to sign, sell. We need to stop players leaving on a free.
  2. Have they any plans to increase water temperature used in the tea on the North Stand. I've been going for over 50 years and I'm sure it's getting colder. There was a time it used to last for the whole of half time but now I'm getting through it before the raffle. Standard forum question?
  3. A shame because I think it would have won.
  4. At the time it was good news. However it turned to crap. Poor form meant getting dropped. Ego apparently couldn't handle fighting for a place. Nice message but it was really a FU to fans. Wallet > Us and our club.
  5. When were the players paid late? Has it happened since?
  6. We have a midfield that cannot tackle. 16 goals and counting, 19 if you count the times someone wasn't on the pitch. We did concede 2 more when he came on but I'll forgive him because we scored 2 when he came on against top of the league. Mind you he's a trouble causer as mentioned on here only. We better hope teams around the bottom don't start winning.
  7. The one major fault led inadvertently to the goal. Free kick 25 yards out, ideal to put a ball in. FF decides to take it quick with not many forward. Playing like we did you have to make use of any dead ball situations. That one was crap and a minute later they scored.
  8. No one knows what has gone off. All we know is we have concede less and scored more when Hutch is playing, this season. Those facts always five you a better chance at winning. But then cutting out individual mistakes also gives you a better chance at winning. That fact has possibly cost us more since Xmas than anything.
  9. For the third goal Harris gave the ball away but the state of Borner's positioning, seemingly unaware he has a player behnd him. In fact the whole defence is out of shape. Borner was calmed and assured before his injury but is getting sucked in. Teams will have noticed it, the forward only has to drop deep and Borner will follow leaving that space in behind him. It's why he needs Iorfa's pace to cover. Communication needs to improve. I went with Murphy, even when things didn't come off he didn't shirk his responsibility.
  10. Football is a really simple game, you try and score more than the opposition. If you concede less you have a good chance of winning. If you start conceding more against lower opposition then you are in trouble because it means performances are dropping of the scale. If at the same time you have lost your biggest goal threat, although the league shouldn't care about scoring goals, then you are going to close to if not get involved in a relegation fight
  11. I have sympathy for him. No-one at the club he can trust. Possibly no-one at the club to communicate with, maybe he talks to the groundsman. Not being able to choose who he wants to bring in. It's just a case of get on with it. However I came to the conclusion that we like to play direct, I think. We have no ball winners in the middle of the park. for the second ball. Fletch got injured and everything fell apart. no way of addressing it, although that could have been down to nobody upstairs. Sunday morning kids tactics at times, of sticking as many forwards on as possible. He sounds fed up and as though he is just binding his time, due to a complete lack of order at this club. I can imagine the groundsman who Monk has a chat with, locks up on a Saturday then goes on the BBC website to see when he has to open up again.
  12. Our collapse is amongst other things down to a lack of character and leaders. Another being individual mistakes. In our team from what I have seen we have. Bannan, Hutch and Fletch the others I'm not sure about, they might be, possibly Borner but we lost two of these and it greatly affected us.
  13. So in your first statistical analysis it's league games. 'Our league record with Hutchinson in the team this season is W8 D4 L8. Without him, it's W5 D5 L4' I know it's a leap year but I thought was an extra day. Not one less month. No wonder he can't play he's been driving around in a DeLorean
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