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  1. DobbinTheDonkey


    This player was there and suffered for it today. The other player even shows where it hit him.
  2. DobbinTheDonkey

    Hector report

    Everyone has an Achilles heel. Let's hope it isn't the death of him. I know, I know.
  3. DobbinTheDonkey

    Holte End

    They better get it in their heads The Championship's their home. Championship's their home.
  4. DobbinTheDonkey


    The worsepart being, he does show the required discipline when on a yellow but then, he is only one slightly misfired tackle away from a second
  5. DobbinTheDonkey

    Blame for their goals

    The faults of the goals were communication and organisation. They played clever and stood next defenders then slowly drifted away, with the one marking passing him on. It was constant throughout the first half. Get marked drift away. Get marked and drop deep, either the defender will come with you and leave space behind or he will get caught in two minds stop and you can receive the ball with no pressure. We pressed but it was a false press, either the team has to do it or the 1 or 2 players doing it just get the ball passed around them. If JP is to protect the defence then he has to stay more disciplined and not get dragged all over the pitch. However after saying all that the difference in quality stood out a mile and with a better manager Stoke would be in the top two. Rowett looked like he decided to keep what he had and hit us more on the counter attack. The pitch opened up for Bannan and that's the last thing the opposites need to happen.
  6. The whole looking to BB while true, should be utilised in another way. All teams will be looking to close BB down as quick as possible, if BB plays the right game he can create space by getting the opposites to track him. FF has the same ability. Jos is correct in saying the other players need to take more responsibility because if they do they should receive the ball in acres of space. Lastly we are a lot more dangerous when we go direct.
  7. DobbinTheDonkey

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Good luck Sean Clare. Some may see it as a backwards step but sometimes you have to take a backwards step to go forward. Sniping at ex players because they left because they thought they could do better elsewhere is acting similar to teenage girls or boys, when a popular member of any boyband decides to go solo.
  8. DobbinTheDonkey

    'i dont wear red'

    I wear red and I wear it on Match day if I want to. I look good in red but then I look good in anything.
  9. We didn't have a midfield in the World Cup and we still don't have one now.
  10. DobbinTheDonkey

    Noel Whelan on Sheffield Wednesday..

    This is up there with Richard Madeley's posts.
  11. DobbinTheDonkey

    Most Long balls 2018/19?

    Mind numbing? It's effing terrifying at times.
  12. DobbinTheDonkey

    Nuhiu or Fletcher

    I'm not sure you have seen Fletcher play, if you think he cannot ping the ball about and isn't comfortable on the ball. A far superior footballer than you are giving him credit for.
  13. DobbinTheDonkey

    Nuhiu or Fletcher

    After last Saturday I would have said Fletcher but Nuhiu started yesterday and played well, so WTF do I know.
  14. As a post about the selection before the match you should base most opinions on the previous match where we were poor. It wasn't a Nuhiu/FF argument for me it was a Nuhiu/Fletcher argument. This week it panned out mostly how I mentioned before the match. If the ball sticks we will see the benefit, if it doesn't we will struggle, the latter part of the first half proved it. The tactics were based on him performing well, we won he must have played his part. Well done Atdhe
  15. Millwall was excellent, last 20 mins apart probably a confidence thing, today was very good, Ipswich was nowhere near brilliant. Unfortunately for Jos whether FF starts or not if we lose against Stoke he will be the second coming of the anti-christ on here. The swing rarely settles in the middle.