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  1. Caption This

    Cannot believe they replaced you with Robson.
  2. Hooper and Fletcher

    One of the main qualities they bring is they can bully defenders. Both must be a nightmare to play against because they are going to clatter you and if you try and give them some back they fall over and try and win a freekick. It must mess with the ref's head, when they go over when a couple minutes before they have been wrestling with the defenders. Against team that want to sit they are easily the best pairing as there is no wide open space in behind to exploit. When we are up against it they are still good when both fresh, it's when they tire, that's when we struggle a bit. If FF stays after January I can see a super sub role coming on. Although off subject our problem could happen when CC has more options.
  3. Carlos - A question

    Brentford had done their home work. Out front two press if they cannot get near the ball, a third man might join them, usually a wideman. So they played the ball around at the back with three players,waiting for the three man press because the impatient Hillsborough crowd will demand it. Once it came they just played into the wingback and suddenly they have a 2 on 1 situation. Our fullbacks did very well. They targeted Reach and he coped well enough with little support. Second half the whole team move 10/15 yards up the pitch. When we pressed we did it with the threes but because the rest of the team were so close they couldn't find the space and started knocking it long. Our second goal changed the dynamic again as we started retreating, inviting pressure.
  4. Fernando who ??

    All about balance and yesterday's team looked more balanced than one we have seen in a while. Being more balanced naturally affects our tempo for the better.
  5. Twitter/Owlstalk 150 years ago tonight.

    If they start a new sport that's me finish with Wednesday.
  6. Joao - It's Time

    He scored 3 which isn't bad for someone that didn't get a game. Which was the same amount Rhodes scored for us.
  7. Do we order the 200th anniversary kit now? Just in case...
  8. One more goal / One more win

    Are you definitely certain it's 24 goals in the last Championship standard matches. It's 4 in 5 this season. Leeds 0 Norwich 5 Burton 1 Villa 0 Reading 0 Dingles 1 Mini scrubbers 2 Geordies 2 Cardiff 1 QPR 2 Sheepshaggers 2 Ipswich 1 Fulham 1 Hudds 0 Hudds 1 19+4 = 23. Although if you want to include penalties make it 26. Then again I might be missing something which makes the above irrelevant.
  9. One more goal / One more win

    So you choose to omit 4 games with one goal but want to include a game with 5 goals. And which brush am I actually tarring Hooper, Fletch and Rhodes with? Lastly FF isn't even in my top 3 favourite players. Which would be Hooper, Lee and Hutch
  10. One more goal / One more win

    23 goals in the last 20 Championship standard matches, with Rhodes, Fletcher, Hooper, FF and Winnall. 5 came in one match, so without the Norwich match it's even more painful, we also conceded 18 before anyone wonders. That is a lot of attacking talent being criminally wasted or we they are not as good as we believe
  11. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Getting £12 million for FF is very good business. However I wouldn't trust the people currently in charge of our transfer policy with 12 quid.
  12. Starts with Fernando Forestieri

    PHowever no matter what happens if FF is sold and we bring in quality where we are weak. Then the good of team has to come first that's if those in charge of transfers can be trusted. Fletch and Hooper have been our best pairing and it should like until injury and form dictate otherwise. If FF wants to play up front then he has to bide is time and put in performances when given the chance. Same goes for Rhodes and Winnall.
  13. Starts with Fernando Forestieri

    So if the score stays the same he has no influence? Begs the question why Atdhe comes on Unless people are not bothered about what is happening on the pitch at the time and just look at the score
  14. Starts with Fernando Forestieri

    Ff came of the bench when we were struggling and scored the winner against Cardiff and it counts against him. Laughable
  15. Foresteri

    Does this research mean that game where we were struggling and he came off the bench and score the winner count against him?