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  1. 3 day turn around. He'll be fully rested for Monday and will be one of our key players. He will get the team further up the pitch, meaning Johnson will get further up the pitch. The only issue will be Sunderland will target the area behind him as Storey can be a bit sluggish in movement and decision making.
  2. All a bit rushed at the minute, very little composure. And that was just me eating a sandwich.
  3. I'm guessing, like me, you're thinking he's going to go down this route to defend deep and hit on the counter? Over thinking instead of playing our natural game. I hope not, many teams come unstuck playing to the opposition instead of going with what they do best.
  4. We've got a 100% record in the League 1 playoffs.
  5. I'd rather have the second leg at home because unfortunately I wouldn't trust us to play our normal game if we had a 2 goal advantage. We'll still probably be defensive on Friday but not as much if we were already winning the tie. We would then try to play even more counter attacking, meaning NML up front and our midfield would be congested in our own half and it wouldn't work.
  6. The size of the pitch would suit us very very well. When we get there I don't fear anyone.
  7. If Rotherham win, MK will rest players. So I think if we lose tonight, it's over. Sunderland and Wycombe will win
  8. Trying to play about with it on that pitch? Thick as F\/CK
  9. It was going all so well until the bolded bit. Even though we did rectify in defensive area I still thought we were a forward and midfielder short. Still a job to do but 7 straight wins will do.
  10. Our away from will come down to how brave our wingbacks are and who is upfront. Be defensive, with no strength pace up top and we end up with a back 5 with no outlet congested in our own half with no room for our midfield to get in the game. If we are more aggressive and open up the pitch, we should take any team apart in this division. It's the putting the ball in the back of the net that has been a problem. 8 wins on the spin will do.
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