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  1. Loovens and Lees

    I don't, it worries me.
  2. Butterfield .....

    Does he have a Sun, Flower?
  3. My Predictions

    After an inconsistent season, we fluke it into the playoffs and win them.
  4. Is Tuesday make or break for this season?

    Villa A Bristol City H Ipswich A Reading A Hull H Norwich A Wolves H Boro H Forest A Brentford A These are the fixture for the rest of this year, after Tuesday. The season is over, we need at least 18 points to stay in contention for the playoffs if results go our way. Where will they come from, could be a struggle to get double figures. We need to hit a serious bit of form, 10 straight wins here we come.
  5. Negative Tactics - a myth?

    Reach has the drive to get inside and run at them. Wallace isn't as good at it now, through age, but should be able to deliver a more natural cross with pace into the box. Due to the added pace those heading it will not have to generate their own power into the ball as much. Makes sense to me but what do we know.
  6. :-(

    Even when it is crap and it has been worse, people go out of habit. Once that habit is lost it is difficult, very difficult to win them back. Good football and the playoff final brought back a few thousand fans, these and a few more will be lost over the next few seasons.
  7. Turning defence into attack so quickly

    Yesterday on their corners Wallace and Bannan stayed up front. When J-Wow came on for Wallace, we pulled him back into the box, even though he may not have had a designated player to mark because Wallace wasn't picking up anybody. Mind you we did manage to see the game out, so it worked.
  8. Atmosphere at Hillsborough

    It's the realisation that with a few quality players we could have really pushed on. 18 months later we need more than a few, even though we have squandered millions and will continually do so on the wage bill.
  9. Millwall up next

    We will battle to the end, it is tough in this division. Well most of us will battle till the end, some will go home early.
  10. Rock,Paper,Scissors

    Are you sure he wasn't giving the crowd the 'Scissors'?
  11. Time For Rhodes

    Hooper and Fletcher does work but only if the midfield has the balls to step 10 yards away from the centre halves and tries to support them but as usual it's keeping it tight that matter most.
  12. Midfield

    Very true but would be good in a midfield 3, 2 wing backs and 2 up front. Alas we are trying to over complicate a 4-4-2 with rotation, bearing in mind these are second tier players, first tier players can struggle. So a 4-4-2 with added complication and no pace. With 5 in the middle the pace doesn't matter as much because you can overload the middle of the park.
  13. It's time for Joao

    The most crucial thing Joao will have an impact on is our midfield. If the opposites are allowed to hold a high line knowing no-one is going to gt in behind then there is no space for Bannan to operate. Therefore we will see him collect the ball 10 yards from his own box and he will pressed straight away. Then he will go long and his long range passing is hit and miss. A 30 yard long pass where the receiving player has to wait or even has to retreat from a run is not a good pass, it slows the game down. Stretch the game and allow Bannan and Lee to operate in the middle and latter third, do this we win.
  14. One match ban for Loovens

    Physical contact with Officials? Although it usually ends up with a longer ban.
  15. Hutchinson/Loovens

    Loovens usually starts slow, around 15 mins before he gets up to speed.