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  1. JP has to learn when to mark the man and when to mark the space. It can be learned, comes with experience and confidence. The latter is probably the biggest complaint because he doesn't trust himself he would rather play a short ball to Bannan rather than taking it on himself, which he has done. Is he a straight replacement for Hutch? No Can he do a job? Yes but he will need help from those behind him telling him when to stick or twist, until he grows more into the role.
  2. Our set pieces gave also seen a massive up turn, well from my point of view. We look dangerous and even when we haven't scored the ball has dropped in a dangerous area.
  3. I think it will end up as an 'If only' end to the season.
  4. Bannan and Hutch as a pairing isn't bad but the wide men have to do their job for 90 minutes. You can make up the lack of creativity in the middle if the wide men do their job. If they do their job, then the pitch opens up, and you would see a lot more of Bannan doing the things he is good at,
  5. His level of awareness of what is happening around him has come on leaps and bounds. Westwood? Hutch? Bruce himself? But somehow he has learnt to look over his shoulder constantly and as Bruce said in the interview his players have to put a shift in. Fitness shouldn't be a problem. Keep it up Liam lad.
  6. Most consistent long range passer we have and usually in front of the man
  7. Wallace had a good latter half of the season the last time we reached the playoffs. Before the turn of the year that season he was poor. Last season he was like that for most of the season. Our problem was we did not replace Wallace soon enough along with quite a few others.
  8. 3 points behind Villa and that's about all I can offer.
  9. Happened twice before hasn't it, 3 years ago? Where one was a definite foul on him.
  10. And that's why I f\/cking love this game. Up yours you Toy Town Tw4t5.
  11. Problem is we have no delivery. They are still f\/cking about with it. Reach poor again then we wasted a sub on Boyd. Far far too reserved IMO
  12. We have started creating chances, we are not anticipating where the ball is going to go. Not a surprise for me, players were making runs before and we dicked about with our slow ponderous play. Now the ball is arriving quicker into the box out forwards need to start making their runs again. With quicker play, we need quicker reactions. Ball goes up to Fletch but at times there was no one within 10 yards of him. It will/should come but the players have to get used to thinking, reacting, playing quicker.
  13. Maybe other teams get the ball into the box quicker. Rhodes isn't the quickest off the mark but he has/had good anticipation those few seconds to get away from a defender make a massive difference. We would pass, pass, pass and then pass, so any space created for an instant is quickly lost and then he is marked up. The goal away at Norwich is a typical Rhodes goal.
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