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  1. Plan A will work if we move the ball quicker and have runners. Having a centre half who can pass helps with the above. Plenty of movement off the ball helps with the above. The ability to pass the ball in front of a player helps with the above. We need to cut that extra pass, touch, flicks down. Pass it easy, then move into space to become an option for the receiving player. The players need to realise that it is more physical in this division. We had more ability than Shrewsbury, they had more heart and won a lot of the second balls in the second half. We should have really been out of sight after 25 minutes. It felt as though the players found it easy and took their foot of the gas, then could not re-apply it. I'll accept yesterday's performance this early on, however if it is still happening by the time December then some questions will really need answering. Yesterday's team selection would have been fine for an away fixture, strong and decent counterattacking options. However at home when we need to force the issue we need more creativity Lastly most people's idea of a plan B is, "Gerrit in Mixer"
  2. Agree but until we use Kane differently , then the point still stands.
  3. He did mention the sort the front 3 out, unfortunately you failed to see the importance of that point and how that could affect the whole team. Don't worry though context is hard to understand in written form.
  4. For how England use Kane, Bamford is the perfect replacement.
  5. More red cards than goals in the PL this season
  6. Who will be first Arteta or Hughton?
  7. Let's just hope he pays the players on time because that's my biggest fear for this season turning into poo .
  8. McBurnie who has a run about a lot head and erm a poo head and he looks l I’lle a scarecrow, scruffy tw4t. Scruftyball
  9. I'll have you know it's Sharpey and Dizzy or is it Didzy? As in Didzy score? Didzy he f4ck. No more Tufty ball, it's going to be Joksy ball. However if Joksy can get Brewey and Wurzely firing they might reach the playoffsy.
  10. Both of his goals have been something we haven't had for ages, a forward following the ball in, just in case.
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