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  1. JohnTerry

    John Terry doing what all top players do. Get in the refs ear all match. Fergie loved his players to do the same. We just accept decisions and move on.
  2. Head Injuries

    No negs needed. Some people thrive on the negs. It is just better to ignore them, do not reply. It's the easiest way.
  3. Few things we learnt tonight

    We learnt No. 5 a while a go.
  4. I'd keep him. Mobile Grafter Goal scorer
  5. Young George

    BQ have spent time making you a good trainee now there could be several reasons why you were a better trainee than the others. You have a natural talent for slab paving You physically matured quicker than the other trainees which allowed for larger slabs being used and speed at which they were laid. Now Homebase have let you know that they are willing to take a risk on you becoming a very good senior slab paver , they can afford it and if you don't make the grade, like the aforementioned Jordan Slew, they can take the hit. You now go into BQ management and tell them the above scenario, while BQ possibly want to match Homebase they simply cannot take the risk as there have been plenty of YTS's up and down the country for multiple DIY stores that simply never got anywhere near their supposed potential. So either you take a hit and BQ win. Or you can win, homebase can win and BQ get shafted. BQ could be pretty annoyed if it's the latter, all that training that has gone on before wasted, although they might get some Homebase vouchers.
  6. Sean Clare first league start

    When Wallace's contract runs out, part of it can pay towards Clare's and Thorniley's contract.
  7. Lucas Joao

    One of the most important things about his game today was when a decision went against him or when he was constantly getting fouled. He didn't start sulking and standing on the halfway line complaining. He got on with the game and got stuck in. If he keeps this attitude we could have a very good player on our hands.
  8. Conspiracy theory

    All the big earners have automatic relegation release clauses in their contracts. With relegation all the players have to leave then we start again. Sheard, Disco Bobby, Cloud 9 and Mammadov all put to and buy a new shirt. Only one mind, discount has gone, now cost £350
  9. IF we were relegated ...

  10. Sean Clare

    Prospect could get better and we could make money off of him. However it's better to get in players with no saleable return and massively overpay them. Well done those in charge, doing a cracking job.
  11. We will be relegated

    No-one looking at Reading?
  12. Not Good Enough

    At Hillsborough, in the league, Halloween.
  13. Barnsley 1 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Last week we played with a back 5, and a central midfield 3. We got over run in midfield. This notion of wingbacks is wishful thinking, they are playing as fullbacks. The opposition fullbacks could get forward, offering even more width. Are we getting overrun today because if we are, we have learnt nothing from last week, which in my opinion is very poor.
  14. Greatest shop ever. It was like owning every toy that ever came out. Get it out of the box and use it there and then.