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  1. I've been very lucky this last year. Worked all the way through with a wee paid job. My disposable income atm is through the roof. So it will be an automatic roll over, as the money went last year so it's gone. It also allows something else to moan at, at the match, to get that release. However I will not be willing to pay the same for the following year for League 1.
  2. Above average and that's only due to the fan base which could be decimated by the time the owner is finished.
  3. The problem with that is my eye was automatically drawn to the 'A' first. Arscarf
  4. It would not surprise me if by the end of this month Moore is on to his agent for a way out. I remember when it was inexperience and naivety now it's become inept and farcical, but mostly the former
  5. FFP 3 year rolling accounts.This years budget has to take in the wage bill from 2 years ago when we were paying well over £100K a week on forwards alone. So less budget for later managers. The clubs that know there is no endless pot realise know you have to sometimes sell players to help balance the books or help finance new players. We pay them a lot of money and then allow them to go for free while offering and young potential players crappy one year deals. However whilst it has cost me thousands over the years supporting this club, it has cost and still costs DC millions
  6. Anyone who thought that, Long but not that long throw Paterson, cast off Kachunga, cast off Windass, cast off Marriot, cast off Rhodes, sought of cast off was enough for anything more than a struggle in scoring goals, is deluded. Unfortunate;y those making the decision clearly did think the above players were enough. Route of the problem is the shower behind the scenes. I sympathy goes to Moore because I don't think he realised what he was walking in to.
  7. This is where DC messed up, a simple statement would have done. I tried to get us to the PL but failed. We have to drastically cut our cloth accordingly. We will try our best to stay in this division this season. However Darren has been brought in for the long term. We are planning to put together a team that will hopefully challenge for the playoffs in League 1 if we get relegated. I as the owner accept responsibility for this but we now have to build the foundations to be successful. It may take a few years but we are putting in plans to accomplish this. I hope
  8. I'd rather have an average player with good mental strength, rather than a good player with average mental strength. Unfortunately for us we have poor players with no mental strength
  9. Welcome to Wednesday Mr Moore those players are what the transfer committee think was adequate. Getting a new committee appears to be very high on the things to do list.
  10. I remember driving up in my dad's AMC Javelin to look at how big the crowds were for Star Wars, went round the block. We lived on the Wicker then, why he drove up I'm not sure, probably to show off. Back when I was a kid the main cinemas I went to were Gaumont All 3 Star Wars, Ghostbusters, was always happy when the film we wanted to watch was at the Gaumont ABC. appeared to be massive, I remember seeing Back to the Future, going into toilets when it finished, staying there and coming back out to watch it again. Had a lot of free showings with vouchers from The Sun etc.
  11. Needs a plan to rebuild from League 1. could take up to 3/3 years I hope us as a fan base have the patience. We”re in the doodoo so everyone needs to back the manager and hope behind the scenes infrastructure is placed to help the rebuild Good Luck Darren Moore
  12. I've change my mind, I don't think they're going to West Brom.
  13. Time to make a chicken stuffing an owl fancy dress. I'm sure if a few thousand go to the match dressed as a chicken stuffing an owl it might get noticed
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