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  1. I’m sure I saw that DC had diluted his shares and sold 21Mil worth last year. This would show in the accounts to be published next month so that may plug a FFP hole.
  2. Love it, fans celebrating on twitter like we won the league, hilarious, how has following this team got that bad 😂
  3. 4-0 loss today, 3-0 half time after 3 early goals, one other start of second half. Hope I’m wrong.
  4. The camera work from the BBC is appalling....missing so much of the match
  5. Not turning up separately in their shiny sports cars but as a team, together...I like it!!
  6. Personally I thinks it’s a great idea. If I could afford it I would definitely go for it. If we go up this season then you’ve got an inflation protected season ticket for the next 10 years, if not, a free season ticket every year until we do get promoted, what’s not to like? To the moaners the question is, would you do it if you could afford it??
  7. Anyone heard if the old Wednesdayite car park will be open Saturday and if it is, any road closures to effect it??
  8. Exactly this......Bannan and Hutch are always way too deep. No point cracking the ball up to the strikers if there’s nobody to pick up the ball from midfield. This means the strikers move deeper and deeper to receive the ball leaving no threat up front. If playing 2 strikers one needs to be consistently playing off the last man to pick up flick ons and the midfield needs to push up. Bannan and Hutch can’t play like this so fan favourite or not, they need replacing or the system needs changing to allow for a more packed midfield.....3 5 2? What has happened to Harris.....he’s been awful recently and his decision making is really poor. Losing the ball time and again by cutting inside and going for the spectacular shot rather than simply crossing the ball in. Love Dave but his time is done. Fed up of the statement ‘and his first touch let him down’ from commentators. Tom Lees......runs 10 yards forward into space with the ball then turns round and passes it back to the keeper. Dawson......for gods sake the coaching team need to focus on his kicking ability. Sort that, great keeper. There’s so much more but it depresses me to type it
  9. Amazing suggestions just one snag.....teams need to want these players to take them off our hands.....not seen anyone queuing up for them....
  10. ohhhhh Sammy Sammy......We are top the league say we are top the league!!! Obviously up to 7 bookings now!!
  11. Gonna get negs for this but Bannan and Reach were just awful today. There’s this huge hole between the forward and defence.....I’m sure there’s supposed to be players there called midfielders....they won everything, were first to everything, we looked uninterested. Reach was a passenger also game. Needed taking off at half time. Love Bully but he’s not the man to move us forward. Need someone fresh who is not afraid to drop crowd favourites when they play rubbish.
  12. Road in both directions is my question too or how the hell do people get in and out of the old wednesdayite car park?
  13. CD, CM, RW wanted.......CD, CM, RW obtained.....pace wanted, pace obtained.....class window, bring on the Dingles....WAWAW
  14. Give over....genuine question. I’m sure this is a forum for all things Wednesday, bad or good.
  15. Has anything come of the FA charge for Forestieri? Apologies if it’s already been posted but will have missed it with the rest of the drama surrounding the club at the minute!
  16. You’ve read an old tweet. Someone commented on it today so it’s appeared again
  17. Would the WAWAW copyright legal case be stopping the shirts going on sale??
  18. On the companies house website. Check the post in the boardroom section too
  19. The same paper that’s linking us with a £3m bid for Turnbull stating we are umbongo’d....... yeahhhh right....pinch of salt taken!!
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