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  1. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Champ keepers - Dawson

    Exactly, no player should get in the side on reputation but on the hard work they show in training, taking the opportunity in games and ultimately holding onto the shirt that we as supporters hold so dear to our hearts
  2. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Bristol City - 2 years ago....

    Brought a city supporting mate up for that game, he didn’t talk to me for the entire 4 hour journey home!! Tammy Abraham bossed our defence first half, remember thinking that he’s got a great future
  3. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Errrmm, wtf....

    Well I hope this is a load of balls as we only just signed him
  4. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Free loans!!

    Crystal Palace have become the first Premier League club to offer loan players to lower league sides for free - but only if they play. Mark Bright, the club's director of U23 development has written to all teams in Sky Bet League One, League Two and the National League, amid growing concerns over the fees that the country's top clubs are demanding for loan players, according to The Times. A club source has told Sky Sports News that the policy was the best way to guarantee as many of their young talents as possible bridged that gap between U23s and senior football - by enjoying first-team football at another club. Got to play for it to be free but have Palace got anyone who could be of interest us??
  5. Park at the multitude of secure car parks around the ground....yeah it’s a fiver but better than your car being robbed! before you all jump down my throat I’m not condoning the thieving barstewards but if the coppers ain’t doing owt have a bit of common sense and remove yourself from the situation
  6. Hawkinsfootballboots

    If they scrap parachute payments

    Wage cap is required. No more than 80% of turnover can go on wages. Will bring down the stupid transfer fees and reduce players out of control wages to a manageable level.
  7. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Cardiff in for FF

    Can’t replace them if we are under an embargo....
  8. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Is football becoming uninvestable?

    Simple answer.....players wages. when one player gets 400k a week that trickles down to other players to the extent that average lower league players demand 30-50k a week. The prize for promotion is so great that clubs do anything to get there. Players agents know that and ask stupid money as one club will pay it eventually. salary cap is what’s needed like in super league. Clubs should only be able to spend 80% of turnover on wages. That would sort out the Mess in my opinion
  9. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Where are the MODERATE #SWFC fans?

    Been on a while, not posted much but a season ticket holder for over 20 years. i think we have a great squad this year. The injuries coming back are like new signings. I’m optimistic for the new season and can’t wait to go especially after a full pre season where Jos has been able to stamp his style of play on the team. I do not agree with pricing at the moment. Whilst season tickets aren’t too bad, U11 23 quid is amazing, membership is appalling. POTD is too high including for away fans. We charge stupid prices so they do too for us, drop prices and introduce a beer tent for away fans at the back of the Lep and rince them that way. Shirts are stupid prices too but looking at other clubs prices it’s about the same. Radio Sheffield, I live south of Oxford so doesn’t effect me. What kills me at the moment is the small % of supporters (and pigs in blankets) that moan at everything the club does and make complete random poo up trying to distablise the club. The Chairman does not deserve the abuse he gets on some social media sites. At the end of the day he’s put his money where his mouth is and has backed the club 100%. Yes he’s made mistakes but every person does. Now we are cutting our cloth accordingly. Players...Abdi....regular for Watford, amazing signing, not worked out due injury...Matias....3rd top scorer in Portugal playing from the wing, not worked out due injury......Jones, fantastic promotion record.....Palmer, one of our own.... All do not deserve the poo they get on social media There’s no need for the crap and let’s be honest, any player that sees this poo on social media will be effected by it. New season, fresh tactics, a squad of fully prepared players, surely can’t be like Preston last year.....come on you blue and white wizards.....WAWAW
  10. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Saturday 4:55pm

    And here we go again...where in my post have a said I agree with any decision made by the club...go on answer me.... all ive stated is that the negative rubbish I’m seeing is killing my buzz for the season. I see conspiracy post after conspiracy post creating rumours and total rubbish about the club. yes I can afford tickets, I’ve spread the payments out so not to take a huge financial hit. Ive given stuff up and so have my kids to allow this to happen. Our choices and it not for everyone so don’t throw that one back at me. Oh yeah, I’ll also only get to use my ticket until feb as I’m off for tour number 6 in Afghanistan...will the club refund me, no, but I ain’t whinging about it! roll on 3 points on Saturday and a positive vibe returning to the club cos after the Norwich game, it was there, i for one want it to continue so it lift our squad and enables a good run of form
  11. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Saturday 4:55pm

    Christ on a bike if this club ever needed a win, and a convincing one at that, it’s this Saturday. The negitivity surrounding this club at the moment is awful. The Chairman has some balls calling a fans forum. If we lose Saturday all he’ll will break loose. I’ve for the first time bought season tickets for all 4 of my kids as I truly believe we can have a great season but all the rubbish im seeing about the club on social media is killing my hope however, I will be there with the kids next Saturday supporting the team. WAWAW
  12. Hawkinsfootballboots

    To summarise #SWFC at the moment then..

    Because some Wednesday fans are still living in the early 90’s when we were a force in English football. My god, how didn’t we stuff one of the best teams in Spain.....we are massive....We love a drama and never happy unless there’s something to complain about.
  13. Hawkinsfootballboots

    FFP News that affects all Championship Clubs

    What needs bringing down are players wages. As the money in the premiership has gone up so have wages. Now the average player sorry, players agent, looks at those wages and say ‘I’ll have some of that’ so clubs are held to ransom. Look at the Vydra deal to L**ds. Rumour is it’s stalling cos he was 50k a week. A second division player wants 50k a week....crazy money. For football to survive wages need to come under control like in Super League where a club can only spend a max % of turnover on wages. That would work better than FFP.
  14. Hawkinsfootballboots

    new shirt

    Picked up 3 away shirts and 2 home shirts for the kids. All in adult sizes now so just cost me a fortune. Kids get shirts, I don’t bother!
  15. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Kean - released wallace - out of contract loovens as above hirst as above clare (if gone) as above butterfield - end of loan venancio as above rhodes loaned out Hunt......SOLD so our ‘fire SALE’ has consisted of 1 player....get a grip man