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  1. Give over....genuine question. I’m sure this is a forum for all things Wednesday, bad or good.
  2. Has anything come of the FA charge for Forestieri? Apologies if it’s already been posted but will have missed it with the rest of the drama surrounding the club at the minute!
  3. You’ve read an old tweet. Someone commented on it today so it’s appeared again
  4. Would the WAWAW copyright legal case be stopping the shirts going on sale??
  5. On the companies house website. Check the post in the boardroom section too
  6. The same paper that’s linking us with a £3m bid for Turnbull stating we are umbongo’d....... yeahhhh right....pinch of salt taken!!
  7. Tried to move seats today due to a season of listening to the 4 girls behind us talking about their love lives etc for the entirety of each home game. Seriously, was like an episode of love island, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore rolled into one! Ticket Office couldn’t find 5 seats together however after telling Ashley why I wanted to move I was informed that the ladies sat behind had not renewed.....GREAT SUCCESS!!
  8. My view is a % salary cap vs turnover ensuring a club never pays out in wages more than come in. Think Super League has this rule. An interesting thing I’ve seen banded about is a ‘bond’ that each owner has to pay prior to taking over a club that can be used to pay players, staff etc in the event of a club doing a Bolton, I.e. 5 mil for Championship, 2 mil for L1. When the owner sells up, if the ‘bond’ hasn’t been used, they get it back. Thoughts?
  9. Said this a few times now but P&S should be scrapped and a salary cap of 80-90% of turnover should be introduced. It’s players wages, 30k per week for a bang average player, that are killing the game.
  10. Watching that back, did alright until the October international break, then went to pot after that. Defining moment.....Fessi 1 on 1 with the West Brom goalie to make it 3-0....
  11. We were under a transfer embargo so we couldn’t sign Fred.....nothing to do with not being able to afford the deal but don’t let facts get in the way of a good story eh
  12. So let’s look at a few conspiracy theories posted on here recently...... 1. DC picks the team not Jos......guess that’s a load of rubbish. 2. Jos is sat with a spreadsheet picking the team due to bonuses....nope, he used a dart board. 3. DC stopped KW, Hutch and Boyd playing due contract issues and a million pound bonus for KW......guess that was ballocks too.... Loving the unity on display by the players and of course the supporters the last 2 games, long may it continue but I can’t wait for the next instalment of NCIS Hillsborough to have another good laugh at the ‘ITK’ brigade
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