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  1. We were under a transfer embargo so we couldn’t sign Fred.....nothing to do with not being able to afford the deal but don’t let facts get in the way of a good story eh
  2. So let’s look at a few conspiracy theories posted on here recently...... 1. DC picks the team not Jos......guess that’s a load of rubbish. 2. Jos is sat with a spreadsheet picking the team due to bonuses....nope, he used a dart board. 3. DC stopped KW, Hutch and Boyd playing due contract issues and a million pound bonus for KW......guess that was ballocks too.... Loving the unity on display by the players and of course the supporters the last 2 games, long may it continue but I can’t wait for the next instalment of NCIS Hillsborough to have another good laugh at the ‘ITK’ brigade
  3. The two choices DC stated at the forum is that he fixes FFP in January and he spends or he forgets FFP and he spends anyway to ensure he has players for next season before the embargo hits. The only players leaving will be those not rated by Bruce.
  4. I was there Wednesday night and he said (numerous times as the same question was asked constantly) he wouldn’t sack him as there wasn’t better out there...YET. I read between the lines and said to the other guys sat around me that I thought he was waiting for a green light from the next manager before pulling the trigger. I got the feeling from DC that Jos was on borrowed time. Hes now gone, rumours are (from the media) that Bruce is agreed but after Xmas with backroom staff in before that and DC (apparently) is selling up. The fans got what they wanted, (I don’t want DC gone) give it a rest and let’s stop picking holes in everything else. Concentrate on backing the team, it’s needed now more than ever WAWAW
  5. So, got what the majority wanted and asked for 96 flipping times on Wednesday, time to move on......fans need to give it everything tomorrow for the team, ‘Barmy Army’ for the first 20 mins, constant. Show them what Hillsbrough is about and lift the boys......time to rebuild WAWAW
  6. Hate to say it but gonna get hammered. They use the wings well, we are too narrow and can’t defend out wide...could end up being their version of the Boxing Day massacre really hope I’m wrong
  7. Anyone know of good parking spots for saturdays game?
  8. I saw the formation and selection last night and knew that there would be zero width in the team. Low and behold, zero width! Too congested in the middle of the park with no outlets out wide. Tip, tap, tip, tap, run forward 10 yards, turn round in a circle and pass back to hector/pudil/Dawson....this happened all night long. Fox and Baker constantly having to deal with 2 attacking QPR players as there was minimal tracking back by the midfield. That was awful last night, I’m going to vent about it but it’s now the next day and it’s time to move onto Birmingham. I just hope lessons are learnt, passion from the team is required and some bloody movement up front. I really really fear we are going to get hammered at the Sty and the pigs are going to be able to sing about their own massacre.
  9. Run forward 10 yards, stop, turn, play it back to hector/pudil. There’s the first half Wednesday highlights.....
  10. Tip tap tip tap tip tap, no end product. Midfield too static, playing too deep. Dawson needs to open his gob and command the area, speak to his defenders. Hector is having a good game, that’s the only positive this half
  11. Standard owlstalk..... gonna be bedwetting everywhere. Not bothering with this site after this post until tomorrow. Calmer more rational posters will be on then
  12. Exactly, no player should get in the side on reputation but on the hard work they show in training, taking the opportunity in games and ultimately holding onto the shirt that we as supporters hold so dear to our hearts
  13. Brought a city supporting mate up for that game, he didn’t talk to me for the entire 4 hour journey home!! Tammy Abraham bossed our defence first half, remember thinking that he’s got a great future
  14. Well I hope this is a load of balls as we only just signed him
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