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  1. Players are still on holiday so maybe waiting for them to return so they can do the media campaign with them wearing the shirt for the official launch
  2. Hawkinsfootballboots

    New kit

    OMG.....if someone had any knowledge about the kit it would be on here or any other social media site in a second.....seriously bone question and thread....mods....delete my thread if you want, sick of stupid foooooking questions on here
  3. Hawkinsfootballboots

    What’s happening here then?

    You do know that every time he puts his name somewhere the club gets sponsorship money. In the light of the clubs losses the more sponsorship he gives the better!
  4. Hawkinsfootballboots

    #SWFC Summer 2018 Transfer Window Rumours Thread

    Closes same day as premier league but loan window open til 31 August
  5. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Everton to push ahead and sign #SWFC striker

    Well said that man.....regardless of what has gone in he’s off so goodbye and good luck. Can’t wait for 1 Jul and his final departure. Maybe then we can start to concentrate on the players that want to be at the club now and stop going round in circles debating this subject.
  6. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Pubs for QPR

    Picking up nicely in brewdog
  7. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Pubs for QPR

    Brewdog, think I’m the only Wednesday in there
  8. Hawkinsfootballboots

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    First time at Loftus Road for me tonight. 0-1 and I’ve got a feeling it will be a Reach screamer from 30 yrds. Just hope I don’t miss it due to the ‘restricted view’
  9. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Me + 4 kids renewed for another year. Will only be able to go until the end of January though due to another Overseas deployment...best have won the league by then
  10. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    Yet again another load of complete poo ....why do some ‘supporters’ and I use that term loosely, make tosh up. All it does is create situations where there doesn’t need to be any. I dispair at some of our fan base. Should be an IQ test before you are allowed to post on the internet!!
  11. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Any armed forces/sericemen on here?

    20 years in the RAF, 2 to go til I’m a 40yr old pensioner. Deploying early next year for tour number 5 in Afghanistan but still got season tickets for me and the 4 kids. Was deployed during each promotion season and the play off final. We always do something when I’m away so here’s hoping for next season!!
  12. We are awful, simply awful. Played as if this was a pre season friendly. My god, this season needs to end
  13. Look so disinterested in this game....absolute disgrace.
  14. Hawkinsfootballboots

    Clare and Thorniley

    What I loved last night was when we had 4 academy graduates on the pitch. When was the last time we could say that? All the lads that have come in have stepped up to the plate. I hope Penney performs well on loan as he and the rest of the lads could save us millions in the next window. We we have a fantastic set of U23’s, so happy to finally see them getting the opportunity.
  15. If I pulled on my boots and played it would be an improvement on Butterfield! Really hoped he would kick on after Villa but sadly he’s been awful!