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  1. Suuuuper jay bothroyd Suuuuper jay bothroyd Suuuuper jay bothroyd - to the tune of the goal tune in the euros.
  2. Sad really, they want to vote for a different player just so that a Wednesday lad doesn't win, my sons just told me about this, someone posted on his Facebook that they are spreading the news to ensure that Kyle doesn't win! ( well 14 year old blades fans are anyway) Well have to catch them off guard and start voting through the night!
  3. Can we have an extend edition that shows the Playoff penalty shoot out.
  4. Got to be St Simmonsons day surely?
  5. Hopefully not in august........unless you want a teenager moving in with you for 2 weeks, apparently should we get Brighton, Bolton or Forest away in the first 3 games he's not coming to Florida!
  6. Or alternatively they secured this about 2 months ago.......before either team were in the champ therefore getting it a little cheaper............
  7. 40 all together 27 home 13 away Including in league, cup and 2 friendlys.
  8. Can't see this mentioned, apologies if thepopes dead and all that Kids football camp at the training ground, just £15 for the 3 days, next school holidays. My sons been to a few of these sadly at 14 he's just a little to old for this now, he'd rather make me spend a hell of a lot more on cinema etc. He's always enjoyed them and spent almost every school holiday between the ages of 6 and 13 at one, can't recommend them enough and even better for that price.
  9. He floored you then Afterwards you made up, it happens
  10. Come on Cowshed, stick around, we can be your second team
  11. I've left the wine in the fridge and got myself a bottle of moet I'm currently enjoying this whilst waiting for my chicken kebab to be delivered I'm a classy bird
  12. Villa Bit mean, I actually have a soft spot for them but, my son is 14 today was the first time he experienced automatic, he's seen the Villa ground a number of times from a distance when were travelling elsewhere and I always point and say, one day we'll be going to grounds like that again. I just hope that he gets to go to places like anfield and White hart lane in the not to distant future
  13. Wednesday chosen another few fans then? That's a Blackburn fan and shaker that we've adopted. No going back
  14. Mental euphoric moments which include hugging random strangers and wondering were your seat was.
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