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  1. I've never really liked him and Hutch as a partnership. They both want to be QB and as a result drop further and further back to secure that space, ending up with one as a third CB and the other as a deep DM and no real support further forward. It let Reading off the hook so often today, particularly in the first half. I think Bannan had been instructed to push forward more in the second.
  2. All ignoring the fact that he didn't even hit the target from a very good Boyd cross, right in the middle of the goal and hoofed another cut back (although a much trickier chance) straight out of play.
  3. Everyone in our bit was complaining that we couldn't understand a word he said apart from repeating 'ONTHEPITCHATHILLSBOROUGH' again and again and that the usual guy had mastered the art of the old crappy PA system!
  4. A highlights video would be a nice touch but might be tricky for some of the older players with less footage available. I will say that at the back of the Kop I can barely ever hear who they are.
  5. This is spot on, shameful how badly he's been managed in his time here. In the first season it was almost like he was punished for his success (stealing the limelight from Carlos?). Great to see him turning in a consistent run under a manager that knows what to do with players who aren't 30+ years old.
  6. He had three chances laid on a platter for him on Saturday - neshed one all-together, headed the best straight at the keeper and drew a half-decent save with the third. I've come to the conclusion he's our worst striker, any of the others would have at least grabbed one.
  7. Great idea this... Carlos how's Fernando? He's got a bad knee injury on his right leg, a partial ACL tear, we're hoping he might make it through without surgery but it's certainly a worry. Opposition manager rubbing his hands together knowing the specific injury a player has suffered and can mark them out for specific treatment from kick off.
  8. It's obviously not their main job but one thing our defence doesn't do enough is score. We aren't a threat from set pieces despite having good deliveries into the box more often than not. Most teams can rely on their centre backs getting a few goals each every season and a smattering from the full back positions too - Pudil is really the only one who comes close to pulling his weight in this regard - Loovens has only scored one goal in all his years at the club, Lees tends to get one a season (two if we are lucky) and neither Hunt nor Palmer seem to have any killer instinct in this area despite getting in good positions.
  9. That was one of the most frustrating moments in the game - we had 2 on 2 after a failed Brum set piece - he took the ball down from the clouds beautifully then wasted a golden opportunity to make it 2-2.
  10. I watched the game in the stadium and didn't see him having a huff - I just thought he was time wasting. I was glad to see him go off. He had a very ineffective outing on the left, took uniformly poor set pieces and wasted good possession on several occasions. I don't know the rhyme and reason behind it but, that video is all from last season and apart from Wolves away, FF hasn't played like that at all this year. Despite all the money we've spent this season FF has the ability to be star of the show, but he seems to have gone into a shell. Reach did more in his brief stint on the pitch than FF did in 65 minutes, so for me he's earned a start in this new line-up. FF will have his chances and needs to grab them with both hands.
  11. He kept kicking it straight out of play towards the end, just giving them possession again and again.
  12. Sorry if I'm walking into an in joke here but you know it is a joke news site right? We decided to launch The Rotherham Bugle after identifying a fundamental problem with other news based media covering the South Yorkshire area – they are restricted by a requirement that they stick to reporting on things that actually happened. And here’s the problem with that – what actually happened tends to be boring. And so from the very start, we made an editorial decision to give facts a back seat. Yes, you may find a grain of truth hidden away somewhere, but it’s more by accident than design. If you do find something that’s true, don’t judge us too harshly. Anyone can make mistakes.
  13. Straight red is not automatically 3 matches out - dangerous or violent conduct is though. Most straight red offences would be 1 match ban like professional fouls.
  14. Be nice to have somebody who can score headers - all 3 of our CBs are desperately deficient in this area. We miss out on so many easy goals as a result.
  15. Went to park there that day - there were signs which is why I parked elsewhere.
  16. He's not good enough, doesn't work hard enough and by all accounts has a bad attitude.
  17. Played much better than Lees and Loovens yesterday - unfortunately
  18. Too many of them act like there's been a surprisingly large attendance for their one-man show!
  19. With the form from large parts of last season and the start of this season, sadly I think without something significant changing we'll end up in the top 10 but not troubling the promotion places. We might sneak into 6th if we are lucky and get going as soon as possible.
  20. I think you'll find that most of those fees are still undisclosed on the whole but maybe one team is happy to name a fee for PR purposes - Spurs don't say £30m anywhere on their official channels but Ashley might want to play up the fee so the Geordies don't give him too much stick for selling their best player. Even on the Newcastle site they say the fee is undisclosed Sissoko sold to Spurs
  21. That's the whole point of parachute payments - to have a few years running where the same 3/6 teams yo-yo and then... get rid of relegation altogether. There's always a push to make it a closed club - it gets voted down at the moment but in time that could well change, especially in the 'stagnation scenario' they are engineering.
  22. Take the Reach deal as an example - undisclosed lets us intimate we are big spenders, if we want by telling the local press 'the deal could cost £7m' in other circumstances we could imply we got a bargain 'only £3m upfront' etc. It also lets Boro do the same in their local press - 'we didn't want to sell him but we got a great offer' Then there are the onward transfer implications - if you sell a player then plan to buy his replacement you don't want the selling club to know exactly how much money is in your wallet do you?
  23. Last season was unquestionably great - one of the very best in my time of supporting Wednesday (I missed '91 and wasn't experienced enough to appreciate how special '93 was) but the publicly stated aim is to do better this time around. Last season we won the first game at S6 then didn't win another until 19th September - 15 points dropped. Then we picked up, a great run of form we beat Newcastle and Arsenal in this spell (Sept-Oct) then hit another slump in November. 1 win from 7 same as the start of the season and 14 points dropped. We had two more periods in 2016 with one win in 6. I don't expect us to win every game but I know that leagues aren't won by teams who suffer in these slumps for too long. We kept all the best players from last season so repeating the same sequence is disappointing - the continuity should see us through August but hasn't. I think the echoes of the bad periods last season are what people are reacting to in the main - we needed an extra 15 to go 2nd last season and 19 to win it. In some respects that is a lot of points but if the slumps can be rectified much quicker this season we're not far off. But those gaps need to be 2 or 3 games rather than 6 or 7. Win 2 or 3 between now and the Forrest game and we are well on track and all these histrionics are for nothing - fail to win in that time and all the downsides to last season seem to still be there. TL:DR Carlos needs to prove he's learnt from the mistakes made last season and so far hasn't.
  24. I think it was his man who scored both times - I love Tom Lees but he's not a captain - plays so much better with an older head at his side. I'm fine with signing Sasso back but the news that we won't be looking for another CB is disappointing - I think we needed to sign a long term partner for Lees who is also the captain.
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