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  1. bloody hell can see your belief in the team
  2. 08/09 Freezing cold saturday afternoon at the Keepmoat i was in the rovers end live in donny hate donny rovers was absolutely pathetic looked like a poorly organised sunday league team. not one shot on goal to top it all off the fat piggy b*stard scored 09/10 freezing cold tuesday night at hillsbrough v donny rovers (bit of a pattern emerging here) live in donny hate donne rovers lost 2-0 tudgay hit post 3 times sharp scored again
  3. Spurr v Fulham was brilliant i was in line with him, Isaw it leave his foot and swerve in mid air. I reckon Lampard wouldve been proud of it
  4. Carlo Nash is one i didnt think about but to be perfectly honest ive never seen enough of him to know how decent he is
  5. Personally i think Jameson should be in net for at least first 3-5 games then try O'Donnell
  6. yeah. im not making my mind up cause ive only seen them for 45 mins each but what i saw Jameson was better
  7. i thought jameson was better vs drfc if im honest
  8. I'd like to see Nicky Weaver between the sticks
  9. i went to rovers match. saw them both for each half O'Donnell only had one thing to do and it went in Jameson had to make a couple of saves and looked more solid and confident
  10. surely youd prefer to see more fans as a whole at hillsbrough than no1 at all in away end?
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