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  1. RBarnes68

    Next season kit

    It definitely says energy drinks, looks like the logo has been photo-shopped on to me, the shirt is creased but the logo is flat
  2. RBarnes68

    Next season kit

    Not upset fella, just concerned that the new kit, which was being hyped as a part of the celebrations towards the clubs 150th anniversary could be a bit crap, but lets wait and see.
  3. RBarnes68

    Next season kit

    Because I would want the kit to be made to a certain quality which you would expect from one of the known brands. Not personally bothered which brand it is but i would be concerned if they were made by an unknown.
  4. RBarnes68

    Next season kit

    S6Clothing are a brand of Silver Oak Marketing Ltd, and according to the Silver Oak website they make licensed non-branded football shirts, hats, scarves etc for Man Utd, Chelsea, Tottenham plus a few other domestic clubs, also official International Merchandise for Wales and Northern Ireland. Nothing on the site for us but could possibly have found our kit manufacturers for this season. Very underwhelmed if correct. http://silveroakmarketing.yourwebshop.com/shop/category/licensed-product?cid=2008#saveFilters=true
  5. RBarnes68

    Next season kit

    Has anybody heard of a company called S6Clothing. Came across them on Tw@tter yesterday. I recall DC stating before the end of last season that he is exploring all avenues regarding kit supplier, even local firms or making the kits ourselves. Could this S6Clothing be linked somehow?
  6. I'll watch it with your mum then
  7. As per title according to official site, its gonna be carnage. CLICK HERE for specific Wembley ground regulations, which include clear instructions that balloons, inflatable toys and the like are not permitted inside the stadium. Read more at http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/supporters-wembley-reminder-3127836.aspx#DjohgHu5RdGUYSTM.99
  8. Had to phone see tickets customer services today to change two of my tickets from concession to adult. I asked if new tickets were required and were told there's no need as all tickets are identical and all the information is in the barcode.
  9. By reading the other threads about the same thing that I've now seen
  10. Sorry if this is already posted on some of the larger Wembley ticket threads but not got time to trawl through them all. I have today purchased tickets on a foundation ID number that has already been used to buy a ticket in the season ticket phase of purchasing. Although the ID number is the same it can be used twice if you are a season ticket holder and a foundation member. Not long left now until general sale but I'm sure this will give somebody a slight advantage, hope this helps.
  11. Totally confusederised