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  1. Directors owe a duty of care to the company and the shareholders. If they conceal information or mismanage the company and it runs into difficulties as a result, then they have breached that duty. Even if not necessarily a criminal offence (it would depend on exactly what has been done or left undone), it is negligence and as such would be actionable. If there is a black hole in the company accounts, then either someone can't add up (which is negligence, not to mention incompetence) or if matters have been deliberately concealed it is false accounting which of course is criminal. Either way, this board have presided over this debacle for many years and could and should be held to proper account one way or the other. That could start with an EGM to try and get to the bottom of the mess and establish the true position of the club. If something isn't done, then we are just going to wither and die.
  2. Look on the bright side, if it gets postponed we maintain our 100% record!
  3. I take it by Smyrna TN you mean Tennessee. Can't help you, but it would be nice to have a list of as many US Wednesday fans as possible. I know there are a few that post on here, but not yet come across anyone else in Utah....yet!
  4. If I were a Leicester fan I'd be a teensy bit concerned. This was exactly the same sort of language that Mandaric came out with when he sold his major stake in Portsmouth and look at the mess they are in, still far from being out of the woods despite administration.
  5. I for one would be very happy with a point on Saturday. Colchester normally murder us at Layer Road so this is a genuine test for the team.
  6. With court costs on top, this has probably set the club back about $25k already. The board get an A* for mismanagement in this matter alone.
  7. No, but you might need to take Prozac to calm you down!
  8. What's even worse, is that I'm just as bad at home if it's on telly or if I'm watching England! NEarly gives my wife a heart attack every time we score (come to think of it nearly gives me a heart attack as well!)
  9. They were all taking this attitude in The Star tonight as well, and then abruptly disappeared immediately the score came in. Typical, they love dishing it out, but can't take it when it's their turn! :dry:
  10. Given the diversified nature of the clubs shareholdings, ff the second largest shareholder in the club isn't able to properly take the club to task, make it's voice heard and force some of the issues, then what is the point of it's existence?
  11. Leesen ver cafully a shell say dis unly wonse! Ze griddy bed mens ave tekken ul ze munny frum ze club and ze club no lunger as a put to pass in. Zis mens zat ze griddy bed mens ave left ze club tutally plucked an in a ver bed away. Onless ze fullen Mudanna wiz ze bog bobbies awe ze cowbies frum Chacigo cums to ze riscue we ur up ze crick wizowt ze puddle! Will that do??? :huh:
  12. Since when have we beat them on their own patch, particularly in the Cup? Okay I know there's a first time for everything but it doesn't look good. Wanted a decent run out of this if only for the money which the club desperately needs. This has all the hallmarks of an early exit and sod all going into the coffers! :huh:
  13. Just remember that at Hillsborough BoD stands for Bucket of Doo-doo's. Every single board member should hang their heads in shame over this. In the 143 year history of the Club there has never been such a disgrace. :angry:
  14. It's always sad when cancer strikes someone of any age, but at 31 it's a genuine tragedy. Deepest sympathies to his family and all Grecians. RIP.
  15. Agree that the Kop is best for atmosphere, but all round for view and everything else, I prefer the North Stand around the halfway line. As a young kid the triangle in the Lane end used to be pretty good too!
  16. Sounds like you were a bit unlucky tonight. Been to Gigg Lane a couple of times over the years. High time you moved up a flight so best of luck for the season.
  17. Sorry to hear about your plight YO24 and hope things start to improve for you. I can sympathise with your plight about not getting to matches, it drives me nuts, as for the rest of it well it really puts things into perspective. Nice to see so many Wednesdayites are willing to help out, seems like there is some genuine hope for humanity out there!
  18. Deepest sympathies to all the family. Sounds like a genuinely decent bloke and a true fan. RIP.
  19. Good idea that, this is the only Jody I could find in a Blue & White top!
  20. Great, so I only have to fly 5,000 miles to pick it up then! :angry:
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