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  1. More importantly how many will he get for us this season? I'm banking on at least 15.
  2. So you don't believe in stereotypes then!
  3. Amazed if it ends up being anything like 300 mill. Bill Kenwright of Everton is complaining how they can't find a buyer and surely they are a far more attractive proposition than Blackburn.
  4. If you think Charlton is a dump now you should have gone back in the 70's, it really was a hole then! I'd choose Yeovil, we are much more likely to play Charlton again in the future so this could be a one and only chance.
  5. I'll be a lot happier if come April they have stopped taking bets on us!
  6. Afraid so! Was always getting ribbed about it in Jersey, it was either that comment or they sponsored us because we got licked by everyone, so it was great when the sponsor changed.
  7. :Let's make sure we don't flip it up on Sunday!
  8. Never put anyone's name on the shirt except your own, that way you know they won't leave the club! Mine always have 'Leon" (my surname is Polish and is unpronounceable) and no. 7 (I used to play right wing in my younger days).
  9. Yeah, but how many Thursdays have been and gone sine then!
  10. It's a fair comment, but what if we'd done that and then had a serious injury to say Tudgay, Coke or Mellor? Had that happened, Irvine would have been crucified for playing them, it's a no win situation for him.
  11. Sorry mate you're completely bollocksed! P.S. I f you do check out the McNaught site, mine is one of the featured guitars in the Doublecut Gallery.
  12. Think you'll have to get the train into central London (probably Liverpool Street) and then jump onto the tube. You'll be cutting it fine though. Otherwise it's a taxi which will cost a Kings ransom!
  13. Wish it was, cos' it's a bloody long way to Hillsborough from here!
  14. I won't rest easy until the deadline has gone and he is still an Owl!
  15. Surprisingly if we can get to the final there might be a fair bit of money in this for us. Area final at Hillsborough would generate at least 500k (assuming 30,000 plus crowd - gate receipts merchandise etc), plus whatever we get from the final (particularly if against Charlton, Plymouth or Saints which would mean a virtually full Wembley). Should easily put at least a million into the coffers so from a financial standpoint it is worth taking seriously. Downside is any serious injuries accruing to vital first teamer's which would impact on our promotion push and promotion is a must.
  16. You've been watching "Back to the Future" too much! Shame though would probably have brought an extra 250K in cash! Typical Wednesday to balls it up like that!
  17. Nearest Wednesday fan sat next to me is about 300 miles away! Used to sit in the North Stand opposite the tunnel about halfway up. My mates are still there!
  18. No, it is a custom built David Thomas McNaught. Stunning guitar, built very much along the lines of a PRS Private Stock but about half the cost. I do have a couple of PRS's in my collection (1993 Custom 24 and a 513 with a Brazilian Rosewood neck), but this baby absolutely wipes the floor with them. Check them out at www.mcnaughtguitars.com I think you'll be impressed.
  19. I had about 7 or 8 of them which went astray during our recent move to the US. One of our boxes of clothes went astray and it was the one with the majority of my Wednesday gear in! Only shirt I have left at moment is the Yellow away kit from about 8 years back (with the Chuppa Chups logo - when the team really sucked!), so if I an get old replica shirts anywhere (2XL size) it would be welcome.
  20. Just realised BDTBL stands for "Blunts and Deluded lobbers at Bramall Lane"!
  21. Keeping fingers crossed Tudders stays. He seems to be up for it right now and if so he's worth holding onto.
  22. Goalkeeper, only at Hillsborough that season! Didn't go to the Hereford game (not away anyway) but went to numerous other away games and remember well the dire state of coaches in those days. We did a trip around then can't remember exactly where and the coach was in such a bad state mechanically on the way back that for some reason the floorboards were lifted and we were confined to our seats. You could see the drive shaft and the road below all the bloody way home! Imagine that happening these days!
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