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  1. One of my favourite moments in Keith Farnsworth's book about Wednesday is from an AGM c. 1936/7 in which the Chairman in response to criticism from the audience says: "Over the last decade this club has won every major honour in the game" to which some wag in typical Wednesday fashion responds: "Aye and we've lost 'em!"
  2. Surely they could create an escrow account so that any such money is ring fenced for return should it all go t1ts up? That way at least they'd have some idea of the operating capital available.
  3. No problems here. I'll be renewing.
  4. Sorry if you thought that was what I was saying, I wasn't.
  5. Ended up getting done for receiving didn't he?
  6. Why all the fuss and shenanigans anyway? Should just let us all pee on the pitch at HT!
  7. Happened to assorted other clubs so why should Derby get special treatment? There is no chance of the game ever getting it's house in order until there are some big name casualties, you can't have one set of rules for the likes of Hereford, Bury, Darlington etc. but let Derby (or could have been us) get away with it purely because we are bigger and have a relatively prestigious history. Sorry but for the integrity of the game (potential oxymoron there) it needs to happen.
  8. She's a reyt Battlax!! (If you know, you know)
  9. As does practically every football club owner over the last 30 odd years.
  10. Back to the main point hopefully Derby can survive in some form or another but probably punished by being evicted from league and a phoenix club forming.
  11. Bet United's is pinned to their honours board!
  12. He's just one year younger (born Sept 93, Luongo born Sept 92)!
  13. Mine is Zico's away at Oldham in the 83/84 (promotion) season. Low volley from a half cleared corner from about 25 yds out. Goram never even saw it let alone moved! Just stood there and turned to see the ball nestling in the corner of the net with a "WTF was that?" kind of expression!
  14. No, Harkes goal has the edge, but Wallace would dig these out several times a season and usually in the biggest games. As @HOOTIE AND THE poo TU says we've never replaced him.
  15. Went there by mistake in the mid 70's trying to find Valley Parade!
  16. We should always play our midweek games on a Wednesday, it's our heritage.
  17. I'll go there if I'm in Brid for a takeaway, or if it's a sit down job Busy Bees. Both excellent chippies.
  18. Okay I know it's been done before, but it's summer and I'm bored, so I'm asking all our fans who aren't from Sheffield, why Wednesday? In my case although born in Bridlington, Mum was from Sheffield (and an Owl to boot) and we moved back there when I was 2 so all my childhood and teen years were spent in Sheffield (Nether Edge). Courtesy of careful nurturing I grew up Wednesday without even realising! What's your tale of woe?
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