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  1. Fully explains his post the other day. With that attitude good riddance!
  2. Nice to see we have the Scoop on both Owlstalk and Owls America over the official club and Macron sites! As if!
  3. That's back to front! Lane end in background FFS!
  4. Suppose it depends on the context in which you take that quote. I may have taken it the wrong way in thinking that he was belittling Wednesday's offer when others say he may have been ridiculing Pogba.
  5. We played 31 since he signed but he played in just 18, so he featured in just over half. Over a whole season including cup competitions that equates to about 27 appearances. I want players who are consistently going to be in the side for 40+ appearances per season. If they can't manage that it's for one of two reasons, either form isn't good enough or physically (injuries) they aren't up to it.
  6. Very happy with this, he's more than capable at this level.
  7. ^^^^ This x 1,000,000,000% Absolutely no call for players to get mardy arsed like this. If I were a manager, any player that tried that with me would be got rid of pronto.
  8. What position does he play and can he do it at Stoke on a cold Tuesday night?
  9. Seems like he has an over inflated opinion of his worth. If he was as good as he thinks he is he wouldn't have spent half his time here on the bench.
  10. Shame it didn't work out for him, best of luck for the future.
  11. Whatever makes the Premier League clubs happy.
  12. Dean worries me though, never been injured in his life and within 10 minutes of arriving at S6 boom!
  13. What worries me is that when I look him up on Wiki on this phone, the "related articles" brings up Francis Jeffers as the next item! Tis a bad omen I tell thee!
  14. You can only be part of this thread if you have a serious wedge!
  15. Best of luck for the season, would love to see you move up the leagues.
  16. RIP Bobby Those were the days when we could field Bob Hope!
  17. Trouble is when Wednesday do it, we usually end up conceding the goal that costs us either a win or a draw!
  18. Absolutely brilliant news. Who the fug is he?
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