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  1. What I want to know is which one's going to be sly and smuggle the egg this time round?
  2. Sometimes? Only "sometimes" you say? Bloody hell mate It's been a sodding circus at Hillsborough for most of my time following them (55 years)! If it isn't on the pitch, it's the shenanigans going on in the boardroom or the courtroom. Beginning to think our nickname should be "The Clowns" because one way or another we've always had them at Hillsborough!
  3. If the players we now have had Tony's drive and work ethic we would absolutely walk this league. Hopefully DM sees it and acts accordingly.
  4. This!!!! He may never have played a game for us, but he was so important to the way the team developed from 1976 onwards. You can serve the club in many ways (not just as a player) to become a legend and he was one of the biggest legends of my Wednesday lifetime. A giant of a man in so many ways. Thanks for all the great memories and for being a huge part of turning the club around. We need a clone or two of you right now.
  5. It could still be a good season for us but it needs to come together quickly. As far as promotion is concerned, I really don't want to go up via the playoffs. I'm 62 years old and before I was born we used to be champions regularly (either the old Div 1 (4 times) or 2 (5 times)). We haven't been champions at any level since the year I was born (1959) and I would dearly love to see that happen during my lifetime regardless of the League we are in. To be honest I'd settle for another year or two at this level if it meant we went up as Champions.
  6. I'm far from happy, but the officials set the tone for the day. I watched on iPlayer and apparently the Shrewsbury commentators thought that the handball and the rugby tackle on Iorfa were both penalties. As for Shodipos goal being ruled out that was an absolute shocker and easy to see why players (and fans) at that point start to believe it's not going to be our day.
  7. Go on then, I'll give you full house! Be careful what you wish for, plan B may be even worse!
  8. If it weren't for the officials extremely poor decisions we probably would have been 4-1 up FFS!
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