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  1. I've got the same flipping illness list 1/2 stone in 3 days been in bed fooked .... Should be better in morning for game
  2. How much wages would we save on if all was released ? About 50k a week ?
  3. http://www.enolagaye.com/produkt/blue-wire-pull-smoke-grenade/
  4. Some of our fans are soft as poo poo ... Sit in the hull end there will be loads of owls if we score go flipping berserk roger em UTO Apparently all owls meeting in block 122 in hull end
  5. Wrdnesdayites buying on hull end and all sitting in block 122
  6. http://www.enolagaye.com/produkt/blue-wire-pull-smoke-grenade/ Decent for the pubs outside get the atmosphere going a bit UTO
  7. Our fans are a bunch of pansies it's a shirt FFS who gives a monkeys what it looks like . Man up Ffs . Like a bunch of women on here .
  8. We've got 3 season tickets on kop first time since 1995 season . Next season is the one to watch . UTO
  9. Ffs let it go we lost we was always guna lose move on
  10. We lost move on . Cardiff Saturday give them a pasting everyone's happy
  11. We lost move on the league is far more important than the cup . Some people need to get a grip on here and start backing the team .
  12. FFS there must be a boozer some where how about fox house at fox hill they usually have foreign games on
  13. As title Wednesday v man city on bein sports any boozers showing it ?
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