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  1. We are awful, what can he do he has to say it as it is. Theres nothing good to say.
  2. Am i the only one that doesnt get the current lovefest for Joao? He hardly shined a blackburn. Whenever ive seen him he just runs about
  3. One of the kids was on bigging up brooks. Funnily enough his account disappeared soon after.
  4. No because i think fulham have a good chance of pushing for auto. Good quick attaking players. If they can hold on to them and add a couple they'll out perform us next season. (Depending on what we do in the market)
  5. Hes heard the rumours. Obviously after a job.
  6. You cant play him on the left instead of Reach. He wont track back enough and Kachunga will rip Pudil a new one on his own
  7. Would have been funnier to see them do it to bywater
  8. I feel your pain mate. I missed the famous Wycombe game as i was sat on a plane :(
  9. Just read somewhere FFP resets next year. Not sure what that exactly means but loan first seems a genius move
  10. I spoke about reach last night. He seems to be that player that just dissapears in games, but quietly goes about doing everything he should. Good player who just seems to blend in and his hard work and skill goes unnoticed.
  11. im travelling down from a little town called sandy all on me lonesome
  12. If its not found it usually means you either have the wrong postcode or aren't eligible to buy yet. Ring see tickets or the ticket office they will advise
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